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Des Moines brunch and party time?

Excellent choice!

Jan 08, 2010
DrWine in Great Plains

Des Moines brunch and party time?

Dos Rios made the Register's Top Ten List. Here is a link.

If you have lunch time you might try the Tasty Taco on E. Grand. As the Register report states:

"Tasty Tacos is one of those places that resonates — almost to a strange level — with central Iowans. The restaurants’ signature puffy fried taco shells have achieved a near cult-like status among area diners. Same goes for the homemade hot sauce. It’s the only fast-like food option to crack our top 10, and for many people in town is the first answer to the daily question: “So, what should we do for lunch?”

Will we see another article in the paper this year? Have a great time!

Jan 07, 2010
DrWine in Great Plains

DSM Register Readers' Top 100 Poll

Nice poll taken by the local paper. I was pleasantly surprised by the results. It is a good place to start for recs for visitors.

It's great that Tasty Tacos made the Top Ten! What do you think Bob?

Dec 31, 2009
DrWine in Great Plains

Sushi-Grade Tuna in Seattle

I agree, Mutual Fish!

Oct 15, 2009
DrWine in Greater Seattle

Best Breakfast within a half hour of Seattle Bellevue

May 06, 2009
DrWine in Greater Seattle

Portland cheap and delicious, plus a splurge or two (and a wine bar)

My best advice having visited a college son in Portland . .

Feb 28, 2009
DrWine in Pacific Northwest

Want the best fresh salmon in Seattle?

As a fellow Midwesterner, I can report that I have had excellent service and crabs on numerous occasions from City Fish. Good price, arrive on time and deliver what they promise.

I would second the salmon recommendation on Fisherman's Terminal in Ballard.

Feb 11, 2009
DrWine in Pacific Northwest

Great Deli in Des Moines, Iowa

Bob: I can't believe that you had not been there. Do return and try a "Betty's", my favorite, or a "Zach" special, named after Iowa's most famous pro golfer. Zach frequented the place while at Drake.

PS: The cheese soup is killer.

Great Deli in Des Moines, Iowa

Ever tried Maccabee's on Polk Blvd. in Des Moines?

dinner in West Des Moines?

Lisa: If you stick to West Des Moines, you may miss some of Des Moines best. Take a look at these post from the past two years.

Depending where you are to the west, I would have at least three suggestions, all of them local. First, Sage in Windsor Heights makes everyone's top ten list.

Second, in Clive is Cosi Cucina, which clearly bests the Biaggi chain.

Finally, You might try Sam and Gabe's.

Hope your trip is a good one and report back on your experience. PS, bring a warm coat!

Des Moines brunch and party time?

Wow, do you guys have your own publicity agent?

Sounds like you have a fun group and we would welcome all, even Minnesotans, back! How was The Steer? Haven't been there in years.

Jan 12, 2009
DrWine in Great Plains

Help in Iowa City!!

Linn Street is a good alternative. You will find the prices in the range you mentioned, although not all on the menu. I am not from IC but always enjoy Linn Street and Melrose. The owner and chef at Melrose is a small town Iowa boy. You would enjoy the "Iowa" experience at that place. I have found that at both spots just ask for something off the menu and they will accommodate your family within your price points.

Des Moines brunch and party time?


I recently tried a new lunch spot in Downtown which might serve the vegetarian issue on Friday night. It is only open for lunch except on Friday nights when they also include music. Nice location, and the owner is recently from Lucca's also in the city center. Lunch veggie items were excellent. It might be a solution to your request. Enjoy!

Dec 20, 2008
DrWine in Great Plains

Private Dinning in West Des Moines

You might try either of the private clubs, Des Moines Golf and Glen Oaks. Bothe will serve private non member parties. Des Moines Golf seems to have consistently better food.

Also, FireCreek Grill has a nice private room (Fireside Room) with a bar just of the main room. That would be a good alternative.

Des Moines brunch and party time?

Made with Templeton I would hope! And Chad make sure while in Iowa try Templeton. Even a gin guy like me loves this rye.

Dec 16, 2008
DrWine in Great Plains

Des Moines brunch and party time?

Bob and Chad: I've been to Jethro's on several occasions. The "Q" is fine by Des Moines standards. Chad, Jethro's is next to Drake University and staffed by students from Drake. It is a cross between a sports bar (screens all around) and restaurant and very informal.

On to Django with full disclosure. I think that it is among my top five favorites in Des Moines these days. It is in the Fort Des Moines hotel but is a great space. The service is as good as there is in the city. Food, likewise. The menu is "rustic" French with some surprises. I have been on three occasions. First time the manager suggested the braised ribs which were outstanding. On the last visit I had a strip steak and it was at the top of any beef I've tasted and I'm a lifelong native Iowan and beefeater.

Now the disclosure, the current manager grew up in my neighborhood and we have remained friends with him. He was the former manager of Centro which was mentioned here last year. You will always find him on the floor which results in their fine service.

Last thing about Django. They have a private room that could accommodate your nineteen friends. I have also dined there with a large group, 30+, and neither the food nor the service suffered in any way.

Finally, you might consider Alba. Just dined there last week for the umpteenth time and they are hitting their peak. I know that they could also accommodate your group with some notice. Please report again this year on your selections.

PS: The food critic in the Des Moines Register has reviewed all three of these spots within the last six months. You might want to check out the paper's web site for these reviews. Have fun!

Dec 15, 2008
DrWine in Great Plains

Quick Iowa Question for Jwag

Looks like he answered a question for you last year!

SEA - Wedding Gift Dinner

Matt's, and they will be in Seattle. If not Matt's consider Place Pigalle in the market.

Jun 03, 2008
DrWine in Pacific Northwest

Des Moines Advice Needed

Although I have not yet been to Django, I would be surprised if it wasn't top notch.
Holderness was the manager at Centro and was picked for the new place due to his experience and expertise. Just understand that it is in the early days and getting up to speed.

If you decide to not take that risk, Bistro Montage is well above Luccas, especially with your taste in French preparation. And I'm sure the Fort's "limo" would give you a lift to and from Montage. It really isn't far from the hotel.

If you are going to the market try the breakfast burritos prepared by The Farm Boys, at least I think they call themselves. You won't have any trouble finding them, there will be a line but it passes quickly.

I think you will enjoy the Fort Des Moines. It is still locally owned, the owners have a stake in Django and although it is "aged" it is well managed and stately. Have a great time while you are in town!

What to do in Des Moines

In my opinion the store with the widest selection is Ingersoll Wine at the corner of 35th and Ingersoll Ave. Tou will be very surprised by their cross section of everything you have listed. For certain try the Panther Creek Pinot Noir. They are south of Portland and for some time were owned and operated from a husband and wife from Des Moines. Ingersoll is the only spot in the city that carries this fine wine.

On Sunday make sure you have breakfast at the Waveland Cafe on University. Hash browns with everything are a revisit to your childhood days. Tasty is still going strong but you might want to try one of the Mexican cafes on East Grand just east of the capitol building. You would be surprised at what has happened in that part of the city and will be surprised. Another good "local" spot to try would be A Dong for the pho. Or you might want to try Dos Rios, a new spot on Court Ave. with an interesting take on Southwest. Welcome home and have a great Memorial Day weekend.

Clive, Iowa

If it's local they get the benefit of my doubt.

Clive, Iowa

Bob, I think you are missing a couple of local spots. First, Cosi Cucina, a local "new" Italian wood fired joint. Although I have never carried out from there, I would expect that they would do a nice job. I seem to get my "usual," the ziti made with Graziano sausage.

I would pass on the Machine Shed. It is a poor attempt at "Midwestern" food that relies more on quantity than quality.

How about the Urban Grill, also on 86th north of Cosi. I have enjoyed their soups and appetizers, and the bar is a good place for a single to eat.

Des Moines Update

"We're in our 30's and like kinda funky, authentic places --"

If breakfast is on your list, don't miss the Waveland Cafe on University. I think it will meet your wish.

By the way Di Scala and Latin King are completely different styles of food. The King is owned by long time family owners and has more of a home style feel to its food. When Bobby Tursi meets you at the door tell him you're out of towners which will assure a good table and great service from long time staff.

Di Scala is fun not only for the food but also for the neighborhood, old Victorians under restoration. If you have time take a walk or drive around Sherman Hill where it is located.

Hope you have a good time and let us know what you think of your dining!

Mar 27, 2008
DrWine in Great Plains

Des Moines: Restaurants that don't ever seem to close

And the Star Bar was open at lunch.

Des Moines: Restaurants that don't ever seem to close

Try Dos Rios on Court Avenue.

Outstanding seattle caterers? (for a wedding)

PS to below, I would welcome wedding cake suggestions!

Jan 15, 2008
DrWine in Pacific Northwest

Outstanding seattle caterers? (for a wedding)

I have a daughter with a wedding a year from now and she is considering Ravishing Radish at their location on Lake Union. I would appreciate any further thoughts or experiences anyone has had with them as we are from out of state and she has only lived in Seattle less than a couple of years. Thanks.

Jan 14, 2008
DrWine in Pacific Northwest

Christmas Dinner near Iowa City

Tough day to find a place, but, you might check Ruthies at the Riverside Casino. Ruthies is a steak house a little on the pricey side. Not sure that it will be open on the holiday, but you might check. It is secluded from the casino and a very nice room. If all else fails, the casino has the traditional buffet, but . . .

You also might call Cafe Dodici in Washington, although I would expect that she will not open on the holiday. Still worth a call.

If all else fails you could have the local grocer (Hy-Vee) prepare and deliver the entire dinner on Christmas Eve. A few nice disposable utensils and gifts would probably work out.

The hounds around Iowa City might have more possibles up that way. You also might consider Fairfield as I expect that a significant number of residents there might be open on the holiday. Good Luck!

Des Moines brunch and party time?

The Latin King, an east side old Italian eatery, run by a younger Des Moines Italian family. An Italian place your parents where your parents would feel at home. Bobby Tursi and his wife., Amy, acquired the King about 25 years ago. Although they added an addition and updated, they have remained with takes on the menu that have been there for years. If you liked Noahs, I have no doubt you will like the Latin King. Their traditional item is the Chicken Spiedini, an item that I have never seen anywhere else. Also a unique Des Moines preparation is the Steak duBurgo, and Tursi's competes with all of the duBurgos served in the city. Their website,, will give you a feel for the place.

Nov 16, 2007
DrWine in Great Plains

Des Moines brunch and party time?

You might ask them due to the size of your party if they would seat you on the mezzanine. Although it is up 1/2 floor, it is still open to the main dining room. BTW, music on their web site makes a visit there enjoyable,

Nov 16, 2007
DrWine in Great Plains