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KC Burnt Ends Smackdown

you might like the burnt ends from Gates, theyre open late and have many locations.

Bourdain in KC

you just lost all credability when you said busch

Jul 17, 2008
kcRhyno in Great Plains

Bourdain in KC

well if hes gonna hit that up, id say he needs to hit D'Bronx before hand and get the Bell Street Bomb and a reuben. Love that place so much, i take everyone from outta town there, and of course he has to go to Oklahoma Joes. However, if its burgers he craves, theres none better than the Westport Flea Market with some tasty boulevard wheats and fried pickels as an appetizer

Jul 15, 2008
kcRhyno in Great Plains

Black Hills dining

its been a LONG time since being in Rapid. I use to live there tho, and the one place that always sticks out is the Firehouse Brewery. ALso I wanna say Hot Springs has the Elks Lodge that was pretty tasty.... However, our best meal where home prepared from all the fish and animals that live in the BH. wonderful wild trout, walleye, deer, pheasent, grouse and turkey.

Bizzare foods in KC

thanks for all the advice guys, keep em coming. i live right near SWST Blvd and havent found any of that yet, but ill keep lookn.

Bizzare foods in KC

well ive been in KC for a few years now, and know where to get the best burgers and ribs and even coffee. however im having a hard time finding the odder parts of animals, such as tongues and testicles and what not. Ive found one really good mexican joint in Blue Springs that had a wonderful salsa verde beef tongue, but thats all my luck so far. can anyone help me out? I know I could go to a butcher and get those things, but i wouldnt know how to properly cook any of it.

Go, Chicken, Go - Kansas City

i can pretty much agree with the above.. get an order of gizzards and liver and get the hot sauce that goes with it.

Last bbq post before our KC trip--help me over the hump

i eat at the Gates on Main, i live only a few blocks from there. theres 2 things id suggest to order there. either the Mixed Meat plate, which is a nice sample of alot of tasty BBQ, or the Combo and a Half, its a sandwhich with different meats PILED on some bread to hold onto, they have a sauce bar with all their different sauces, try em all, my fav is the spicy. hope this helps..... HI MAY I HELP YOU!
one more thing, if possible, id say skip Jack Stack and go to Oklahoma Joes, you wont be sorry, i think its the best bbq joint in kc

sushi ordering question

Id have to say no. I can eat tons of sushi and what you described would be a nice lunch, but wouldnt fill me up. by the way im only 5 10 165, so keep shoveling that delicous fish down your gullet.

Jun 30, 2008
kcRhyno in General Topics