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Where's the best Margarita in the Tampa Bay area?

Top shelf Patron Margarita at Thirsty Marlins in Palm Harbor

Jul 20, 2006
coastalclearwater in Florida

What are your personal faves in the Tampa/St Pete/Clearwater area?

Seafood-Mystic Fish in Palm Harbor-Recommend Lobster Escargot, Grouper Piccata, Snapper

Martinis-Blue Heron in Palm Harbor-Recommend Chocolate Martini

New Tropical Steak, Ribs, Seafood-Catch 23 Clearwater-Coconut Banana Bread, Coconut Rice, Creole Green Beans, Very Fresh Fish, Great Sangrias

Italian-Angellino's in Palm Harbor-Large portions! Big enough to share

Jul 20, 2006
coastalclearwater in Florida