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Rachel's is the best restaurant in Freeport on Nautical mile. All of the selections we have ordered there have been great. The Japanese Nachos are really good. The nachos are homemade and it is topped with fresh tuna and black sesame seeds. The steamers are great, as well as the mussels. We had the sauteed calamari. It was very good and different. I wasn't crazy about the baked oysters. The soups are homemade. They are very good. The salmon, tuna, and steaks are great. They are very accomodating. They will cook the fish any way you like. If they have the tuna satay; definitely order it. I went with a friend who hates fish. He could not believe that he was eating fish. It tasted like steak. If you go in the summer, order the Sangria by the carafe. It is homemade. It gets crowded on the weekends in the summer, but we have never waited longer than 25 minutes. Rachel's accepts reservations. Call ahead on Friday and Saturday night


Rachel;s is definitely my favorite restaurant. We have not had anything bad. The Japanese nachos are really good. The soup is homemade. All of the entrees come with either soup or salad. The salmon was very good. The steak is good. Rachel's makes homemade Sangria in the summer. Order a carafe of it. You can have the fish cooked any way you like. I think it is the best restaurant on the nautical mile.