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Arthur Avenue Experience — Huge Disappointment

I've been to Arthur Ave. quite a few times, and I didn't get it fully until yesterday. Previously, I've gone to Tino's and Ann and Tony's, and breezed through the market. All of these places are wonderful, of course, but they weren't what I consider extraordinary.

BUT! If you want to taste extraordinary, get some bocconcini at Casa del Mozzarella. Get the "egg noodles" at Borgatti's (where I come from, it's called tagliatelle fatta a mano). Haven't been to Roberto's or Dominick's yet, but I was genuinely delighted by Mario's, where I felt like I'd been transported back in time 50 years to a time when red sauce Italian was fresh and inspiring.

Mostly, go to Cosenza's, my favorite place to slurp down a bivalve, and enjoy their raw bar oysters on the street.

Apr 28, 2013
trasteverina12 in Outer Boroughs

Pok Pok NY...good, not great

Hey, MissMasala. All you have to do to avoid the line at PokPok is go in the warm weather when you can sit in the back, which is lovely, and get there near opening time, on a weekday.

I personally found this restaurant revelatory. It's the herbs. I found the pork salad with the herb plate, the Laap Meuang, revelatory--because of the unfamiliar herbs that come with it. I truly recommend the mussels, Hoi Thawt, which had a remarkable texture balance, and the Cha Ca "La Vong", catfish and vermicelli, which left me still craving more turmeric.
The diversity and surprise of the flavors I ate here more than made up for the trendiness of the place itself. I do live within walking distance, and don't mind waiting, though I have yet to do so. MissMasala--I took my mom there (and if you don't know who I am, the two of you have worked together for years)--and she agreed with me, that this is the most delightful restaurant experience either of us have had since I discovered Sripraphai over 8 years ago. I may not be the Chowhound I used to be, but I am a hardcore, authentic, hole-in-the-wall devotee. Trendy or not, PokPokNy blew my mind with the clarity--and rarity--of its flavors.

Sep 23, 2012
trasteverina12 in Outer Boroughs

Interesting Eats Near I-80

Okay....weirdest google search for food "inn pennsylvania food taxidermy."

I recommend the Iron Bridge Inn in Mercer, PA.

1438 Perry Hwy
Mercer, PA 16137
(724) 748-3626

About 8 miles from Rte. 80, I found it last Memorial Day weekend headed back to NYC after being in Ohio.

Decent bar type food, admirably good burgers that will get you through your road trip. The homemade potato chips are delicious--this is exactly where you want to eat for real, not fast food.

Unforgettable part? The taxidermy. The owner collects stuffed game animals, like a huge stuffed polar bear (presumably from back in the days when you could make a trophy out of such things. As I ate, I stared back at a wildcat. The huge moose heads and deer heads--not to mention the charming collection of antique Americana--rounds this place out.

Good food, unforgettable decor.

Highly recommended.

Aug 01, 2009
trasteverina12 in Pennsylvania

How to use Dried Oysters?

I see these all the time in Chinatown. My one question: what do you do w/ dried oysters? Rehydrate them? Use them how?

Aug 01, 2009
trasteverina12 in Home Cooking

Boar Excites Me

Any tips on where to buy boar?

Boar salami in New York? (anyone ever eaten the boar salami in Tuscany, Siena?)

Boar is also very exciting to me.

Jun 29, 2009
trasteverina12 in Manhattan

Rosemary-Infused Vodka

I'm a believer in Svedka. Horrible ad campaign, fantastically neutral spirit. It takes flavors very well, from ginger to pomegranate.

I just got a large tarragon plant. Anyone experiment with tarragon infused vodka?

Jun 11, 2009
trasteverina12 in Spirits

French/European-Style Yogurt [split from Manhattan board]

Question though...Ever tried Trader Joe's European Style Thick and Creamy Yogurt? It's nothing like the special strained Greek Yogurt (also amazing). In Italy, the plain yogurt (or another flavor, simply called "bianca" and slightly sweetened) was sweet and thick.

What's going on there? Is it half strained? It sure tastes creamier.

Apr 27, 2009
trasteverina12 in Home Cooking

What can I get in Dayton, OH I can't find in LA?

Three Cheers for the K-VILLE INN! I can' believe I just saw this. I'm a hardened NYC foodie-- and Turtle Soup at the K-Ville makes my mouth water. I love it so much I keep the restaurant's number in my cell phone here in Brooklyn, so I can think of the soup and dream. They also have good fried gizzards/mushrooms. This is definitely the place to eat in Shelby County.

Apr 02, 2009
trasteverina12 in Great Lakes

Indian Chef in International Food Warehouse-Lodi?

I love it! The naan is amazing, made before your eyes in a tandor, coming out all fresh and buttery. The cocunut chicken is also great. The only problem I see is that you'll eat too much. Personally, I think this is one of the best Indian lunch counters I've been to in and around New York. I go there with my mother, who lives in Ridgewood. I can tell you it beats the heck out of the super-expensive Indian restaurants there in terms of food quality.