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Pre-matinee Sunday lunch brunch

Hi fellow chowhounders,

I'm planning on having brunch/lunch with a couple of friends before a matinee this Sunday. I'd like to eat close to/in the Theater District, but I'm just not familiar with the options there. Any suggestions?

Jan 11, 2012
EmilyNY in Manhattan

North Fork

Legends is a good spot in New Suffolk.

Help with Restaurant Choice for Dinner with Mom

My mom's coming into town tomorrow night, but she doesn't know I know ("surprise" bridal shower). I'm going to turn the supriser into the surprisee, so I can't ask her what she wants to do for dinner. Any suggestions? Here are the details:

Mom grew up going to places like 21 Club, so she likes fine cuisine, but A) she's a semi-reformed hippie who retired to Colorado, and B) she doesn't know I'm going to take her out to dinner, so she might not have much but jeans with her.

I'd like somewhere memorable that won't make Mom uncomfortable given her state of mind and likely casual attire. I was thinking Balthazar, but... I don't know... Any suggestions? Thank you!

Feb 18, 2010
EmilyNY in Manhattan

Good eats on Eastern Long Island

Legend's is a nice place for lunch or dinner. You can sit on the more casual bar side or the for formal dining room side for either, and you can get anything from good burgers to some surprising fare (like elk) at dinner. There's also Love Lane Kitchen, which is a great little find in Mattituck for lunch or dinner. Sort of an upscale diner atmosphere. Limited wine and beer menu. Also on Love Lane, try the Village Cheese Shop. You can do a tasting of cheeses, cured meats, olives, etc, and you can also do fondue...

Authentic Baltimore Dining Experience

We're staying at the Doubletree Inn on W. University Parkway, so I think we'd have to drive to whichever establishment wins out. Where do you go outside of the city limits?

Authentic Baltimore Dining Experience

I'm coming to Baltimore for a conference and would really like to enjoy a true Baltimore dinner. We only have a Tuesday night to give and there will be 12 in our group. Where do locals go for their crabs? We're not so concerned with ambiance or service (although we don't object to either): We just want the best crab dinner.