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Four days in Boston

Toraya is very legit -Japanese chef, I believe he is the owner as well. Outstanding sushi and sashimi, some of the best I have had outside of Japan. He does a wonderful sashimi bento box - makes for a very satisfying lunch at a ridiculously reasonable price. Try to get there early, it's a small place and there can be a wait for lunch (and dinner). The majority of diners at Toraya are Japanese.

Stroopwafels at Wal-Mart! (Or, World Table line of products)

So back to the original question - stroopwafels
As mentioned before Trader Joes has decent mini stroopwafels. Have also found them on and off at Dave's Pasta. Too my great surprise found good mini stroopwafels at Marshalls around Camberville. Have seen them at Cardullos on and off over the years, but never bought them there (too expensive). About half a year ago bought larger size stroopwafels at Whole Foods - they were horrible and I returned them.

I was raised in the Netherlands and can assure you stroopwafel stands are not common and certainly not your typical street food. You sometimes see stroopwafel stands at outdoor food markets (e.g. Albert Cuyp in A'dam - delicious btw) or fairs (kermis). We would buy them at stores like Albert Heijn, Hema (alongside our drop) or a good local bakery.

Fresh pita bread - where to get in Somerville / Cambridge?

Thank you for pointing me to Eastern Lamejun. Somehow never made it over there, even though we frequent the Watertown shops. It truly sounds like a treasure trove, can't wait to get their lamejun, borek, pita, lavash ... all of it! Will make a great stop on the weekly yoghurt and taramosalata run to Sophia's Greek Pantry.

Fresh pita bread - where to get in Somerville / Cambridge?

Update on pita bread in Somerville: just spoke to Amsterdam Falafel shop in Davis Square - they will sell their pita bread for $1 a pop.

Have only had it with falafel and thought it was pretty tasty, Will pick some up tonight to have with our kofta experiment, as it's much closer for me than the outstanding recommendations in Watertown/Belmont.

Thanks for all the great tips, hounds!

Fresh pita bread - where to get in Somerville / Cambridge?

Am looking for great fresh pita bread to accompany middle eastern dishes.

Any recommendations for where to get this in Somerville or Cambridge?

Amora Mustard - where to get ?

Help! We just finished our last jar of Amora mustard (Dijon Fine et Forte). Has anyone seen this for sale in the Somerville, Cambridge, Boston area?

We have not been able to find it around here, so have been dependant on our travels to / or guests from Europe or Canada.

Thank you !

Out-of-towners looking for Boston bistro for Valentine's dinner

Friends from London (married couple) will be staying in a Back Bay hotel around Valentine's day. They asked for a recommendation for a nice, cozy place, not too chi-chi or upscale, to have a Valentine's day dinner. Preferably in Back Bay, South End or Beacon Hill.

Something like Highland Kitchen, Green Street Grill or Central Kitchen would suit them well. I would appreciate recommendations for any places in Boston that are comparable. Thanks!

Green Street
280 Green St, Cambridge, MA 02139

Central Kitchen
567 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139

Highland Kitchen
150 Highland Ave, Somerville, MA 02143

Schweppes Bitter Lemon?

Meisje must be Dutch. In addition to Bitter Lemon, I wonder: has anyone seen other Dutch soda classics for sale in the area such as Hero Cassis (not the french syrup but the soda), Spa Citroen or Spa Cactus?

Best Steak Tartare and Best Steak Frites?

Reporting back: Decided to go to Central Kitchen last night. Used to frequent it when it first opened, but I had not been there much in recent years. To my delight both steak tartare and steak frites were on the menu. We shared these after a dozen oysters. Good quantity of food for two.
- Mignonette was too spicy, would have overwhelmed the oysters. Prefer oyster as is anyway, so had it on bread. CK used to do a blood orange/champagne (iirc?) mignonette in their early days. It was amazing, would like to see that back.
- Steak tartare was hand-cut. Agree with MC Slim JB on that point. Had a quail egg on top, cute, but should have been yolk only, no egg white please. We thought tartare was too cold and that the flavors would have come out much better if less chilled. I liked it though.
- Steak frites. Frites were average, steak was good cut of meat, nicely grilled. Liked the garlic butter and watercress salad.
Not the best steak tartare and steak frites I have had, but both were quite tasty. Will go back to CK, if not to try their Foie Gras Toad-in-a-hole. That sounded very intruiging!

Best Steak Tartare and Best Steak Frites?

Thanks for the search tips and welcome words. :) I appreciate all the fresh news, esp on steak tartare - have an insane craving for that right now.

Best Steak Tartare and Best Steak Frites?

I searched all over the board before I posted and did not get any results for the topic you just posted. Thanks for that, and more importantly how did you retrieve it? Is there an archive you need to search separately, seeing this topic is over a year old? Thanks.

Best Steak Tartare and Best Steak Frites?

Where to have the best steak tartare and best steak frites in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville or Arlington?