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Kaffir Lime Leaves - where to buy north of Finch & south of King Road, preferably West of Yonge

I've always bought kaffir lime leaves at the T&T on Bathurst and Centre and have gone there particularly for that. The last few times they didnt have it. Does anybody know where I can buy them please?

Greve in Chianti - restaurants?

We just got back from Italy and I have to say the best meal we had overall (food, service, ambiance) was at Ristoro di Lamole in Greve. The owners and staff are extremely friendly. They use only the best ingredients. The view is fantastic. We ate there several times during our stay it was so good. Their number is 055 854 7050 in case you want to call make reservations.

Jun 27, 2008
janeknop in Italy