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Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - August 2014

Well, that would do it for me. Too many other places for my $$. Maybe they will add a buzzer or Whoopee cushion to that damn good Service Bell for balance

about 22 hours ago
FriedClamFanatic in Chains

Best tasting broth sold in a store?

I often make my own....leftover whole chicken carcasses and bone-in breasts go into the freezer. the "peeled" bits of veggies into another (skin and all). All sorts of veggies.....tomato that is getting soft but not yet showing spots, onions with the skin, winter and summer squash, "grey" carrots from the fridge, etc.

The chicken gets simmered in water for a cple of hours and then the bones picked over for meat to use in sauces, soups and restored in the freezer if not being used right away. The Broth ( I just "almost"cover the frozen bits figuring as they simmer I can mash them down) gets put in the fridge or freezer to cool well and allow the fat to rise and congeal to be removed.

The veggies get dropped into a roasting pan. Still frozen, they get covered with olive oil and roasted at 450 for 1-2 hours. Then added to a stockpot with some water and maybe a lil sage or thyme. Not a lot of water but enough to cover. Simmered for 2 hours and strained.........well!

Depending on what I'm gonna do, the broths may be mixed or separate. Often some minced garlic and/or tomato paste may get added. Tasted at least warm to adjust seasonings and diluted if necessary. Unused portions get frozen for use, hopefuly within a month.

Purists may scream that all this freezing/unfreezing/freezing may be unhygienic and disaster in the making, but been doing it for over 40 years as well as having two adult children who have done well for themselves academically and in careers.

If I happen to be out (rarely), I tend to buy the "stocks" vs the "broths". Much more expensive but it seems worth it to me. So far, brands have been about equal to my palate.

Leftover Roast Beef Ribs and steak bones get a similar treatment, but they are a lot less frequent in this house


Must be terribly amusing when you ask if leftovers should be wrapped in Aluminium foil!

For the record..I'm USA, but lived in the UK for 5 years ( My standard opening: "I'm from the West Country....the one 3500 miles West")

Folks in the UK would giggle as I mumbled something closely resembling what they might say...we all get used to it.

And the best of all times.............my local Korean Dry Cleaner who is also so good at alterations that my wife sends all of her clothing store customers to them, always gives us a nice (if Gaudy) calendar at Christmas. One year it had the tag line:

"All tailoring done on Promises!"

As for Mussels/Muscles.........not sure how the words can sound different. Not a deal breaker if they can cook them. I'll even allow for spelling/word choice mistakes.

Two unrelated questions -- grammar and photos

1.u r outdated! Like me! Use one or 2 who cares anymore? There's those great posts of crappily spelled posts that people (ppl) can read.
2. Has to do with original size in pixels


Have you ever lived overseas?

LOL.it's amazing what gets resurrected on here! I'm curious..what is "married man pork"? and do they make a "single man's pork"?

Attention all Trader Joe Shoppers!

I hesitate to ask.....but what the hell is a Two hole Chicken? Did you mean Whole?

Aug 23, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Chains

Where oh where did all the Baggies go?

2 things..they used to be decided cheaper, so I used them to separate foods before throwing them into a Hefty Bag (the kind with zippers...I HATE zip-locks!) before throwing the stuff in the freezer. We are down to a household of 2 and most supermarket buys of meats are way too large. They are also good for holding my home-made bread

2. Twist Ties..I'll be damned if I'm gonna buy them...but bread/roll/frozen veg all need them when the original plastic thingy breaks

Aug 23, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Cookware

Where oh where did all the Baggies go?

I got mine off of amazon.......check again

Aug 23, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Cookware

Attention all Trader Joe Shoppers!

You got it in one!

Aug 22, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Chains

First Time in Amsterdam

Don't forget to get a cone of Fries with Mayo from one of the many street vendors/kiosks.they are divine!

Aug 22, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Europe

Mashed potatoes, heated milk question

I usually melt the butter since it comes from the fridge immediately before I need it...but milk?......nah.I only use a little and I suspect that 999 ppl out of 1000 would not be any the wiser

Aug 21, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Home Cooking

What "typical American Foods" would you serve to foreigners?

Sounds like the typical British "Christmas dinner" that I was treated to ad nauseum by vendors in the UK. Not sure the same is true in other parts

What "typical American Foods" would you serve to foreigners?

,I guess I'm a bit more plebian......"typical" America to me, at least in August, would be outside. BBQ going if necessary. Foods, depending on where you live, might include Hot Dogs, Brats, maybe Burgers.....regionally....Fried clams take out (w/Bellies!!!!!) Lobster Roll, Crab Cakes, Cheesesteaks, Ribs (might hold that on the Chinese) Fried chicken, Hush puppies,,,,and yes......definitely! Corn on the Cob, Fresh Farmers Mkt Tomatoes with Basil and maybe oil and vinegar, Coleslaw....stun them with Tater-tots. Beer wine soft drinks from a cooler.

For dessert..eschew the apple pie, unless served NE style with Cheddar Cheese(ok for the Chinese I guess, the French and Italians..........??????). Go for what is local....Shoo fly, oreo cream, I/C sundae or banana split.....etc

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - August 2014

Not sure why a GMO is a showstopper from something yummy......but you are entitled

Aug 19, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Chains

Legal Sea Foods: You've come a long way baby!

maybe a bad location and/or choice..or night. For those of us in the Philly area, especially flyers (airport kind, not hockey), craving a fried clam dinner is only one place.........Legal at the airport. Are they as good as Ipswich, Maine, or Cape Cod?...no....but they are pretty good and the fries are great. The King of Prussia location is ok too, based on a single time. Sansome St Oyster House is my go-to, but nothing will compare to that once I'm over the CT/NY line............ choice upon choice

Crazy Janes Mixed up Salt.

if you slow down and peruse, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pull your cart to one side. I get so tired of being stuck behind old folks (my age or better) checking prices on 30 different cans of beans or some would be "good-mommy" reading contents labels on 15 types of organic hummus

I'm not grim....but I make a list and wanna do it fast

Accidentally refrigerated tomatoes 24 hours. Now what?

one day............forget about it..........they were prob refriged on their way to the store!

The breaking down is more likely the age of the tomato than the fridge

Crazy Janes Mixed up Salt.

Never tried it. To be honest.i try and use as little salt as possible. Have many containers now of finishing salts and sea salts folks have given me........will probably last several lifetimes......lol

Crazy Janes Mixed up Salt.

My local Giants Supermarket(PA) used to have it..assume they still do.

I like it, but prefer Lawry's....use that whenever salt is called for, including breads and cookies ( I seldom cook with salt). The big exception is fresh corn on the cob..that just cries out for sea salt

Is it right for restaurants to stop seating people before closing time?

well said.........to a 7 year old orig post

Attention all Trader Joe Shoppers!

Laughs.........you do know how to stir up a hornets nest of righteous citizens! Attacking TJ is like ...well not the Pope.but certainly Mom's apple pie. Br prepared to be pelted with overripe organically grown tomatoes

Do I shop there......yes...infrequently.........some things are ok buys, some cheap, some not. Some interesting stuff that is hard to find elsewhere.......sort of like your oranges, I guess, although I seldom buy produce there.

Their sauces are often good, some frozen stuff interesting. Cheeses that you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else and that taste really good.

Is it the altar of "all good things"? To some perhaps; not to me.

I also will indulge in a Mickey's $1 special.......but I like a decent meal out as well, preferably not too frou-frou.

Aug 15, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Chains


I don't mind the bacon thing so much, but pork belly must now be the most over-used menu item.

What I Learned After Taking a Homeless Mother Grocery Shopping

Yes..it was a pretentious post. You are not homeless nor I suspect poor. The point that many go hungry is valid..but this was a vapid post

What I Learned After Taking a Homeless Mother Grocery Shopping

Well,,,,wadda know? A Homeless person with a fancy computer and a liking for crap other than the blueberries not much there maybe those apples hiding. Tax dollars going down the tube.or the grocery aisle

Buzzards Bay dinner

The Inn at Olde silver Beach I think it is the Sea Crest) in N. Falmouth might be a better bet. Nice location.

For Dinners/lunches the Chartroom in pocassett is one water with nice views.and on rte 28A in N. Falmouth there is a great place, the Silver Lounge

Novice traveling to Belgium, want to learn ahead of trip

All of the above.......in both Belgium and the Netherlands, there are often street vendor and/or hole-in-the-wall places that specialize in just that.....Fries...period. I just got back from 2 weeks in Rotterdam and we went to a market day in Delft. There were 2 stalls selling just fries and drinks! They serve them n a paper cone and squirt mayo or catsup on them if you want. They give you a lil wooden "fork" (sort of like the spoons that used to come with Dixiecups I/C). You stroll and munch

Aug 05, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Beer

Is this tacky?

of course they make their cheese from scratch.from the cows they raised since calves

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - August 2014

yeah..........I have had some bad ersatz lemonades and this is right up there

Aug 02, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Chains

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - July 2014 [OLD]

And the new August thread is..................where?

Aug 01, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Chains

Famous Regional Food you find embarrassing or disgusting?

having grown up on Cape Cod, I do give in to the occaisional lobster, but 2 that will never pass my lips:

Herring Roe (or any herring for that matter)

Closer to home today, while I like the redbugs, a crab whatever leaves me cold