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What did you/would you eat the morning of your wedding?

A beer, then another beer.....maybe then I had a beer. But....still married to same gal 35 yrs later ( and never drink beer anymore!)

Being "put to work" at a Christmas Party

I am sure "roz" is just a bait to raise ire.otherwise, someone would have shot her and roasted her a long time ago

about 10 hours ago
FriedClamFanatic in Not About Food

A holiday "gift" to supermarket shoppers

Thanks Cindy!......saw this elsewhere and sent it to family and friends! Very Cute!.....Like the Canadian Airlines that had the special Santa a few years back, it's nice to see a sense of humor and fun and giving in all ways.

Happy holidays all!

Being "put to work" at a Christmas Party

oh.for Gawd's sake!.suck it up and be helpful. If she was bitch about it, don't ever go again. If you had a decent time other than that.who cares?????????

Need easy showstopper dessert

Simple yet divine.....make a topping of caramel or something else only if you wish:

1.5 cups Heavy cream
18 oz chocolate morsels
1 prepared pie crust(eg.graham)

Heat cream until boiling. remove from heat and add chocolate, stirring until fully dissolved. Pour in crust and refridge for a min of 2 hours

some whipped cream around the edge is nice. add a topping or sprinkles or not. Serve a "skinny slice" (it's rich!) with a few raspberries on the side, and maybe even a dollop of whipped cream

Dec 17, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Home Cooking

au jus mix

I didn't know Penzey had a special Au Jus, but he broth/sauce bases I have tried and loved. I suspect that most beef broth you buy is a bit too watery. You could try cooking it down or maybe using one of the brands of "stock" instead of broth. Finally, I often do a mirepoix (onions carrots celery chopped very fine, especially in a processor) Sauteed in butter maybe with some garlic added to enhance my sauces

Ma(i)son in Lancaster -- another outstanding experience

Glad to hear it, Cindy! Admittedly, we seldom get out that far, but will definitely keep it on the radar

Dec 14, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Pennsylvania

Recommendations please for Comcast Center area

Rittenhouse area is always good. Tinto's is a wonderful Tapas bar near there as well, but a bit noisy and might be a tough choice for a single diner. I have always been there as part of a small group, but the menu is superb if you can find a hi-top for 2 or something like that.

Further afield but still within walking distance, the Sansome St Oyster House is THE place for seafood in that area. They are (sometimes, when they have them) my go-to place for great clams and the oysters and lobster roll, I'm told, are not too shabby either (grins)

Dec 13, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Philadelphia

Is it just me, or is this really utterly ridiculous?

as well he should!

Is it just me, or is this really utterly ridiculous?

An Asshole seeking his 15 mins of fame which took him several hours to write

Thank Gawd I went to Wharton

Critique my cocktail party menu!

Sounds fantastic to me.there's even a few alternatives for vegetarian folks, although a vegan might have trouble

Dec 07, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Home Cooking

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - December 2014

I have in addition to TJ's the following places to frequent: Giants,Acme,Fresh Market, Whole Foods. in the same driving distance as to my TJ's I could add Super Fresh, Pathmark and Shop-rite (but never frequent them). Soon to have a Wegmans.

I find Giants the best buy overall in produce on a price/quality trade-off. They to have cut up melons as well as whole melons. Significantly less expensive than TJ's

I agree with the "hit or miss" comment on wholes, but as you said, halves and quarters allow you to judge the apparent quality.Acme a 2nd and Fresh Market and TJ's about equivalent. WF I have not been impressed with.

As to prepared foods.yes. convenience and/or unusual taste is the major selling point. I make 90% of my meals "from scratch" and have the time. But some spices and sauces I can't afford to keep. Hence the beauty of TJ's.

Dec 07, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Chains

Efficiency of Eating

LOL.true! Of course, I assume you used your hand to bring the bowl to your mouth. In Japan and Taiwan I have used both hand and spoon to help with the "slurping"

Efficiency of Eating

efficient doesn't mean fast.but just so you can have an enjoyable eating the food and not fighting it

Efficiency of Eating

and then we will just pop a pill, maybe soylent green

I'm nervous! Keeping oven on over night to make pulled pork

Lower the better 300 is about max. If you are worried about safety, don't You leave lights on all night; burners and heaters come on and off all night. Check the pork with thermometer when you awake refreshed

Dec 06, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Home Cooking

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - December 2014

About the watermelon spears.you gotta be paying a fortune for them!

1. It's TJ's
2. Someone else cut them up

Do you find them that much better than buying a melon at local supermarket and cutting them up yourself?

Dec 05, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Chains

Efficiency of Eating

please PLEASE don't turn this into a discussion of ethnicity or nationality. but I have been thinking about the way different cultures eat food. Our world is diverse, but we become more and more globalized. Is there an "effective" way of eating?

I see several major themes
1. The hand....probably the most efficient but sometimes messy
2. the hand with a "scoop" of some sort (think pita bread).fine if the food is precut
3. Chopsticks..great if the technique is perfected, I suppose, but so hard to learn and still very small portions at once.
4. Fork.European style (left hand always) Faster and especially good for meats, but does it work for veggies and soft foods?
5. Fork. American style(shifting from left to right hand). Slower, perhaps cumbersome to learn, but good for scooping up foods.

Not sure which is "best" or even preferred, except by upbringing.


Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - December 2014

I was corralled into getting some avocados for my wife who loves the (mexico) ones at TJ.....decided to grab a bag of Clementines while I was there and was pleasantly surprised. Juicy, semi-sweet and none of that "papery" texture you sometimes find.

I am not a fan of TJ produce, but these 2 were a hit.

Now..pls bring back my/your dried Mandarins!

Is a hot dog a sandwich?

yeah...but how did they feel about pastrami?

Favorite Online Bacon Assortment?

Broadbent and Burgers Smokehouse are my favs.....especially the latter if you want Hog Jowl.a very nice change. They also have Breakfast Ham that beats the pants (trotters?) off of Canadian Bacon

Holiday Gift Baskets

good ideas!

Holiday Gift Baskets

I have done them for immediate family......one year, all PA local things(including amish), one year all homemade stuff. They seem to be appreciated and commented on, although they may have been trashed for all I know.

My brother who lives in FL always sends citrus. Invariably, one in the box is going bad when we open it. The rest is ok but nothing great.

Have used Swiss Colony small packs for stocking stuffers.............half the fun is the laughs

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - December 2014

Yep.a great use for them!.and pretty reasonable compared to that Jules Van de Stroop or whatever it is you find in markets.

butter and peanut butter on them is good as is any type of jam

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - December 2014

Ho ho ho..let's hear about he Christmas goodies too

Nov 30, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Chains

if you could live anywhere at any income level, what would you choose?

With enough money and no worries about local food, but hopefully some fun places around

Spring in England.preferably the Northwest(maybe with a chef)
Summer in New England (Lobsters, clams, scallops)
Fall in the South of France (damn near anything!)
Winter on an island in the Caribbean maybe on a large Catamaran (drinks jerk chicken warm water lobster)

Best New Thanksgiving Dish

that sounds delightful.were you able to snag the recipe?

Nov 28, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Home Cooking

Turkey Defrosting Disagreement

personal opinion...........probably no problem

Nov 27, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Home Cooking

What can I take to the Netherlands

He was British.............very polite but Very Thorough. And apologized as we went along. No humor....well maybe a bit.

Nov 25, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Europe

What can I take to the Netherlands

Well after a VERY THOROUGH pat-down, I guess they considered me harmless..and hopefully not inadequate

Nov 25, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Europe