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Need recommendations for business trip

Good places to Try..even for the folks who don't like "food adventures" but like a lil local color

John's Roast Pork
Any of the Cheesesteak places
Reading Terminal Markeplace....let them get what they want

about 11 hours ago
FriedClamFanatic in Philadelphia

Doing the North Shore drive with wife and kids tomorrow. Best clam shack !!!

Grins..not to worry, SC...there are other choices!

While I do have my own personal preference for the type of oil used, I can tell those talking about an "off-taste" that 90% of the time it is either in the Age of the Oil being used or the type of breading. Also, the heat level of the oil, but that is more about sogginess

The choices for me (in order) are:

1. The choice of Clam (way out in Front!)
2. The age of the oil
3. The type and amount of breading
4. The heat of the oil..A bit on Clams.....deadly on Onion rings!
5. The type of oil

about 12 hours ago
FriedClamFanatic in Greater Boston Area

Food mythbusters . What's your belief or not ?

Booze......more booze..........low lights....a nearby toilet! Ah...romance

Food mythbusters . What's your belief or not ?

GAWD...........I'm seriously hoping there's a Tiki bar on that island.preferably with cute ppl to wait on me......and under all the rubble of an earthquake, maybe Momma nature lets loose with a spring that doesn't drown me (preferably at least 35 proof spring, Momma

Other than that......good to know info for when calamity strikes!......After 65 yrs....still not yet! Tom Hanks and those guys on the soccer team whose plane crashed in the andes....take note!

What Is America's Worst Restaurant Chain?

They survive because only one in maybe 100? 200? 2000? 20,000????read a blog like this and actually care

Oct 15, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Features

Personal experience with harvesting black walnuts?

oh...and Gloves.......like the latex kind.that Walnut stain will NOT wash off!

Oct 15, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Austin

Need ideas for cooking meals without a kitchen

Sandwiches and salads....for BLT's you can do the bacon in the microwave

No grill? A lot can be done on those. maybe by a small one? (and use the garden hose for washing up!) The grill gets disgusting?....so be it..toss it afterwards

A night of Chinese.....and at least one day of re-heats! Pizza delivered.

A heavy Fruit salad......your doctor(s) will love you!

Getting ready to eat the floor tiles, many of those TV dinners can be nuked!

And about week 4 you won't believe how good McDonalds and/or KFC can be!

Signs of a NOT Authentic Chinese Restaurant

Thank you Chuck....for at least 2 outta the 3

Winter Emergency Stock-Up

Isn't that the best fun! Years ago, when living in NH, we got a Massive snowstorm over Thanksgiving. Had just enough time to run down in my 4X4 to stock up on booze before getting snowed in with an ex-nun to be, her priest to be friend, a computer whiz, his Snooty but nice wife and my wife and 2 very young kids.

Not sure if we lost power......NH is pretty good on that. But their "lower states" cars weren't going anywhere fast. We ended up having a ball!

what is HP Sauce and what does it taste like?

Sighs...next time, Eat in a Restaurant beyond security!

Signs of a NOT Authentic Chinese Restaurant

One thing is for sure....with Chuck Norris now entering the ring.......I'd think about taking him out..then shake my head and RUN!

KFC recipe

Fagor is the brand most mentioned for cookers..............have not yet tried it, but it comes with a pamphlet on Pressure frying.

My Chinese supermarket items to get

I think I read somewhere here that World spice was a family spin-off from Penzeys. Possibly, I am wrong. As such, I expect the spices to be similar.

Liquid Cocaine

I am surprised that the Chowhound mods who are quick to remove offending (to them) posts would allow such a post, let alone create it!

The name alone is repulsive. To condone it is a surprise!

Oct 12, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Recipes

Breakfast at Schipol

Not sure of the name..........nor what you mean by a great breakfast.........but on the upper level is a nice place for breakfast or lunch with a smoking room in the back of the restaurant (no food in there!). I often get the American breakfast there when I'm travelling back.less so when I arrive. Not gonna make gourmet101 but it's decent, quiet and a few spots to "plug-in" if your stuff needs charging.

Also a nice bar if you are traveling at a different time

Oct 12, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Europe

Food mythbusters . What's your belief or not ?

Of course, the reverse......has a Forked Potato EVER exploded? I have never heard of it......irst hand "exploders' (only.....no...."I had a friend who.........."). Takes all of 5 secs to fork it twice

Edit..reading further, I saw several "My potato exploded and I did prick it"...Care to elaborate why you think it happened?.the "science" be damned

Signs of a NOT Authentic Chinese Restaurant

About the only things I truly KNOW about Chinese food and Reese Witherspoon is:

One I'd like for take-out; the other I'd like to take out!

And.I am not saying WHICH I'd prefer as the main course and which for dessert

Winter Emergency Stock-Up

Me too..and alas, most of that booze is no longer in bottles

Your first-ever Boston T restaurant map

rofl.My typos stand corrected........And there really is only one GREAT Kelly's Roast Beef

Our 1st time in Paris!! Want to do it right!!

Ah Good point! After several hundred posts..anything more is more likely to confuse than to help

Oct 10, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in France

Our 1st time in Paris!! Want to do it right!!

And by now, you have a Huge list from which to choose!

My advice.......cut them all up and put them in a hat. While it is true you can get a bad meal in Paris, you will at least get Good or Great with almost any one of these

Don't kill yourself over where to eat....enjoy the city its people and the many sights as well as the food. Relax and enjoy

Oct 10, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in France

Your first-ever Boston T restaurant map

BTW.I checked the orig website.they ask for comments...maybe rather than just complaining here you might offer suggestions there.......so far only 2 folks have. Help to make it better...been way too long since I lived in Boston, but I still remember Kelley's Boast Beef and the Warren Tavern!

Your first-ever Boston T restaurant map

In all humility.........I actually think it's a nice "start"! Sure, some of the choices suck and some of us have our favs, but the idea of using public transport to reach a few new places to eat has an appeal that should be adopted by other cities. How they establish the criteria for selection....well, that will be a toughie

And.a downloadable map like above with the ability for Chows to add their own favs would be a winner

Winter Emergency Stock-Up

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention water (and more water if you are on a well!) and batteries. A bit of liquor also helps.

We are on a well, so I keep a gallon jug of water in the fridge and then as time gets nearer, another gallon in the freezer. I also have 2 5 gallon jugs in the back hall for flushing and washing plates, etc. To these I add a bit of bleach.
Big jugs of fruit juice that are shelf stable are also a plus! In a pinch, you can always put them outside after they have been opened.

To your list of foodstuff, I'd add Winter squash, especially butternut and acorn..easy to prepare in a variety of ways.

For a 10 day stretch,garlic, onions and apples should keep by themselves on the counter in a basket(separate)...no need to take up valuable freezer space, just remember to rotate thru them as the season goes along, replenishing as needed

Canary Islands: Lanzarote where to eat and what to drink

It's been many years since I've been back to Fuerteventura and/or Lanzarote, but I'm glad to hear that are still some outstanding places left. We always had the best luck at lunchtime, usually in or near the major towns, hence the need for a car.

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - October 2014

Snuck in there early today

Definitely Pumpkin overkill..........about the only thing they didn't have was Pumpkin toilet paper! Since I like winter squash, but not crazy about pumpkin, I refrained from trying all the goodies(?).

Still no Argentine Shrimp, but the sign is still out........guess there's hope.

Creamy Garlic Sauce was Back......YAY

Same thing with Bacon Ends...back!....at $2.99/lb it's a huge bargain if you don't need strips, just flavor.

Bought some of those Salted caramel Chocolate cookies........YAY on taste, but not cheap considering how many in the pkg.

The Belgian style cookies.....both the waffle ones and the almond thins were in stock and a lot better deal than the ones I find in the supermarket.

Tried the Apple/Cinnamon Chevre Goat cheese. More like a "cheese log". Nice creamy texture to the cheese but sort of too sweet and looked like it might be ersatz apple......MEH.although it tasted ok.

Still one of the few places that carry Grade B Maple syrup (I know..they are in the process of changing the grading!), which I...and the gal at the check-out counter much prefer. YAY! Cheaper than Grade A, more flavor, and bolder. Forget that crud about "it's only good for baking". This is what GOOD Maple Syrup used to be!

Thanksgiving and Christmas in the US

I forgot to mention........when we lived in the UK, it was great fun to have a big "American style" Thanksgiving. Of course, the neighbors all had to work that day, so they could only come for evening sandwiches....or we'd let it spill over to Friday and the weekend. I think my special drink of rotgut champagne, cranberry juice, Cointreau and frozen cranberries helped sell the deal!

They DID adore our 4th of July (yes.some Brits do celebrate the 4th of July...just not Independence Day- of course that group celebrates EVERY day!) I think they even forgave us our hotdogs, coleslaw and chips(crisps!).The beer WAS British!

Of course, they got me back with the niceties of Boxing Day and the fun of Guy Fawkes Day (never did figure that out......we throw the Guy on the bonfire, but we blow up every hill and dale with fireworks......huh?)

Really bad food from a restaurant.... What would you do?

I would not DARE to comment on the probability of GOOD Indian food in Plano Texas, only once having been in the city, but knowing Caroline through her posts, I can only assume that this stuff was really,really bad.

That said....you did what you do best. (note the extensive punctuation!!!!). Told it like it is here and on urbanspoon, at least your viewpoint. Others are allowed opposite views.

In the long - or perhaps in this case short - run.they will either go under or fix it. We hope the latter. Too bad if it is some old couple struggling to make a life; that by itself does NOT warrant Bad food.


Yes.mostly gluten and some acidic addition to help the rise. I suppose a splash of lemon juice and some gluten might also do the trick

Oct 06, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Home Cooking


I use some "whole grain bread improver" from Bakers Catalogue with many of my recipes and it seems to help.

More and more.I find I use the machine to mix and then after a single rise.move it to my bake pansfor the 2nd rise

I'm told if you use the Whole Wheat setting (if you have one), even on regular bread, it rises a bit longer and less dense. Also...letting it go thru the first knead cycle, then shutting off and restarting is supposed to work

Oct 05, 2014
FriedClamFanatic in Home Cooking