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Pizza Hut Buffet

yeah its there and its disgusting

What the XXXX....'Big Mouth Kee' - Richmond Hill's top-Ranked Chinese Eatery!!!! [moved from Ontario]

Admittedly, I havent read enough of her reviews to suggest segregated write ups.

What the XXXX....'Big Mouth Kee' - Richmond Hill's top-Ranked Chinese Eatery!!!! [moved from Ontario]

What does "stick to reviewing Jewish restaurants" mean? Is she known for repeatedly reviewing the same 5 restaurants that fit that description?

Other than Lobster Trap, any other place to have good (simple) lobster?

Ill 4th Starfish. love that place too!

Other than Lobster Trap, any other place to have good (simple) lobster?

the wife and I love Rodney's on King. Great atmosphere, great oysters, very helpful staff...and the fries! yum!

Best Butcher for Steaks?

thirded. Ive been buying from Sanagan's consistently and its always great. Right now they have some grass fed beef that is unusually deep red in its colour. havent tried it, but it looks outstanding.

Owl of Minerva Korean restaurant

That place is great. I had some sizzling mackerel that was delicious. My dad got the beef tendon soup which was just disgusting. No flavour whatsoever. Not even any salt. I have since been informed that it is a traditional preparation, so I dont hold it against the joint, especially since the rest of the meal was really good.

Owl of Minerva Korean restaurant

Not spectacular. I had the kalbi which was decent. My brother had the soon tofu which was lacking heat and flavour. I can't speak for the rest of the menu, but with better options, who knows if I ever will.

CNE is coming....what to eat?

Im dreaming about corn dogs. dont tell my wife or my doctor.

El Barrio?

I thought the food was pretty good, but yeah, bring a magazine and maybe some shaving equipment.

Cafe The Belleuve - new Kensington Market spot

I read about that sandwich and wondered who spied on me as a teenager coming home at 3am.

I need to try that sandwich.

Caplansky's - You have got to be kidding me!

Bingo. As a champion of this joint since the Monarch days, I've lately been disappointed too often. Last night, I ate the last Caplansky's smoked meat sandwich I will eat for a long time.

Tough and with muted flavours. This is the consistent product I've been reading about?This is what a couple of years of tweaking and testing and new smokers and new techniques has led to?

oh well.

356 College Street, Toronto, ON M6J, CA

Which bakery makes the best burger buns?

Cobb's has excellent buns.

Mandarin Garden Restaurant - delicious northern Chinese with an unfortunately familiar name

The lamb is indeed a little bit fatty. It didnt bother me.

As for there being better places elsewhere- Im sure there are. Like I said, my experience w/ northern food is limited (chinese trad. buns- like it, mothers - blechhh, asian legend - passable) and rarely do we get to Markham/RH - so that's where I'm coming from. Also, my family dining experience generally gravitates to cheerful, unpretentious eateries. We really value low-cost, family run establishments and often 8 is a small number (3 siblings, their S/Os, etc...) - this joint fit the bill nicely.

Mandarin Garden Restaurant - delicious northern Chinese with an unfortunately familiar name

Unable to get a table at Buk Chang Soon Tofu, my folks hit Mandarin Garden a few doors north. The next day, they insisted that I join them for another round.

We were lucky to get a table for 8 (and a half!) as it was getting busy. The dishes we ordered were -

Ma Po tofu, with no meat for my veg. mom. It was outstanding. The flavours were unlike any other recipe I had ever had. I think I detected caraway, szechuan peppercorn, and coriander seed. Very complex, sweet, spicy, and salty.

Lamb skewers - pretty standard northern stuff (at least judging by the 2 or 3 other northern joints I've been to). The meat was very tender and highly seasoned with cumin. Delicious.

Sauteed potato, eggplant, and green pepper - this was the star of the meal. The potato was fried crispy, the green pepper was firm and crunchy, and the eggplant was melt-in-your-mouth. So so good.

Golden Lily Mushroom Salad - Cucmbers and enokis is vinegary sesame oil dressing. A light and tasty app that everyone enjoyed.

Pork leg bone - basically a bowl of knuckles that came with plastic gloves, removing any questions about the right way to eat it. Pretty good. i probably wouldnt order it again, but i didnt hate it either.

Chili Chicken - after reading a few posts in other threads regarding the quality of an establishment's chili chicken as it relates to the overall skill of the chef, I threw this dish in as my choice. I had never had this dish before, and it was delicious. The dish was pushing out a very pungent, peppery aroma that had our mouths watering. The chicken was extremely flavourful and the heat was strong, but didn't linger. Loved it.

Shanghai noodles - this was the closest thing to a requested ho fun (I know its not close, but this was the closest) dish, the orderer was not disappointed in the least. The beef was very ender and the flavours were fresh and right.

Seafood fried noodle - very close in flavour and composition to the shanghai noodles, and therefore, well recieved.

Shrimp Fried Rice - very light tasting, which we all appreciated next to the very flavourful rest of the meal.

We all left stuffed, glowing, and raring to go back.

Highly recommended, by a kid who grew up near Spadina Avenue!

Mandarin Garden Retaurant
5463 Yonge Street (south of Finch)
647 349 7588

Debu's Indian Take out Kensington.....

I checked out this place and getting my food was like something out of Fawlty Towers- one person was grabbing my money, the next person was grabbing my change, another was grabbing the take away bag, and a fourth was grabbing the food. I though, "this had better be worth it."

And it was freakin' delicious. I damn near ate the styrofoam it was packed in. In fact, Im gonna go have it for dinner tonight.

Gross lunch at Laterna on Yonge St.

Yeah it used to be great. The neptune salad was to die for. Last time I was there, everything was terrible.

Willow - Don't go!


Thin and watery? Maybe. Flavourless? Not acceptable.

Willow - Don't go!

"I have never seen salsa like that..thin, watery soup looking - it was bad. Not a chunk of tomato or onion anywhere. "

I have. Its not uncommon. The visit sounds pretty horrendous, though.

Which restaurant serves the best meatloaf in the GTA?

Gretzky's supposedly has a "great one" *chuckle*

Wayne Gretzky's Restaurant
99 Blue Jays Way, Toronto, ON M5V9G9, CA

Enduring restaurants

also not fine dining, but Ive been eating at Kom Jug Yuen with my family for over 30 years. The current owner was the cook when we started going. I still see many of the same faces from way back then. the staff is largely charmless, but the food is extremely reliable.

Caplansky's - You have got to be kidding me!

Last time I was there, I couldnt get through my over salty sandwich, but had eaten half already. I told the server and made sure he knew that my comment was in the interest of the rest of their stock, not getting a refund or voucher. They still took it off the bill, which I appreciate. I remain a huge fan of this joint.

But that, oh man, it was waaaay too salty.

Recommendations for 20 ppl party "western food"


La Palette Opening on Queen West

I know how you feel. I went for some dessert with the in-laws, got some unacceptable 'tude from the owner, and left before ordering. Maybe that's part of their "charm" but its not what I look for when I pay money for food or drinks.

Salsa's: new Mexican Restaurant in Kensington

If the carnita is the reddish stewed pork, I too thought it was outstanding. I had 3 tacos there and the pork was out of this world, while the others were pretty good. And the prices are great also.

Bagel frustration

Gotcha. I figured that whatever ended up in bins across supermarkets wasn't made at Gryfe's on Bathurst- "authentic" or not, the ones fresh out of the oven are pretty amazing.

Bagel frustration

"Gryfe's are bagels for people who don't like bagels" - I love bagles and I love Gryfe's. Could you elaborate on this quote?

Looking for food shops in Kensington Market

Oh man, I need to stop reading for time trials. You are correct! (I was thinking about the Augusta/Baldwin corner, where there is also a coffee shop and a surly store owner)

Looking for food shops in Kensington Market

Essence of Life is the health food store. Great selection and very helpful and knowledgable staff.

And VP, its the SE (not SW) corner of Augusta and Baldwin with the surly folks, and the veggie place that you shop at is at Nassau and Augusta, oddly called Oxford Fruit (odd because Oxford is a block north!)

Looking for food shops in Kensington Market

I'll add to Wahooty's list- check out Segovia meats on Augusta (best sausages Ive ever had), Sanagan's Meat Locker on Baldwin, Global Cheese on Kensington (careful, they will try to sell you expiring brie and cream cheese cut with herbs by calling it a fancy name and offering samples), and something about the chaos of European Meats' peak hours makes it a claustrophobic circus. By that I mean a load of fun. And get an Ideal Coffee (Nassau street) latte to go while you're at it.

All that said, its a pretty small hood and the best course of action is to go and get right lost in it. Happy hunting!