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Authentic Greek Gyro in Maryland/DC/NOVA?

Another vote for YAMAS, although I admit I have never tried it there because I keep going back for the other yummy things on the menu (lamb chops, chicken, sides) But I have seen it, and it looks amazing, authentic, and next menu item on my list to try.

Museums with good food.

Steve H,

The salads were the only thing I tried. Everything else looked like typical cafeteria food. I love a good salad for lunch, which is what the museum is open for. Try it and let me know what you think!

Museums with good food.

Museum of American History has a GREAT salad bar downstairs. I loved their jicama w/ orange segments. Interesting selections.

Best Mac and Cheese in DC?

Lbbster mac & cheese at Coco Sala also comes with a piece of chocolate covered bacon on top....

Ideas for Gallery Place or Mall early lunch w/kids? (tomorrow!)

The American History Museum (downstairs) has an incredible salad bar (jicama w/ orange slices, and other really interesting, fresh items.)

Wedding Cupcakes

I am a big fan of "Crumbs."

Freddys Lobster and Clams coming to Bethesda soon

Unfortuantely, my 2nd visit was not nearly as good as my first. I ordered the same thing (lobster roll and fries.) I also ordered the cole slaw for the first time (good) and the woopie pie (loved it.)
I will be back, however, I was disappointed on this visit because my first one was so much better.

Bethesda: Pizzaria de Marco open

Thanks! By the way, you should also try Geste Wine for their pizza (next to Chipolte on that little street that leads to Bethesda Metro.) The Caprese pizza (white w/ fresh tomato, basil and porsciutto-sp?) is really excellent.

Bethesda: Pizzaria de Marco open

Do they have eggplant as a topping?

Freddys Lobster and Clams coming to Bethesda soon

LOVED the hot buttered lobster roll, and excellent fries.

Restaurant in Bethesda for business dinner?

Also, "Fine Food and Wine" in Bethesda is good.

Restaurant in Bethesda for business dinner?

I loved Freddy's Lobster. Also, I highly recommend Assagi Mozerella for upscale Italian. Newton's Table wad good food, too- but decor bad was bad, imo.

What places do you love in Montgomery County that appear to be in danger of closing?

I absolutely 5th Fresh Grill. DELICIOUS. And the owners are super-nice, and really aim to please. I want them to succeed.

Favorite restos in Bethesda

.....And, Geste WIne beside the Bethesda Metro.

Great pizza (especially the Caprese) and selection of wines

Favorite restos in Bethesda

Freddy's Lobster And Clams. Just got back from lunch there. First day opened. It is off Cordell Street. in Bethesda. I was impressed. Excellent hot lobster roll (buttered) but mayo option, too. Good fries.

Assagi Mozerella (Italian)
Moby DIck (kabob place-local chain-really good)
Rice Paddies Grill (Vietnamese)
Raku (Asian fusion- trendy.)
Fresh Grill (burgers)

3 days in DC with 2 kids-how is this plan? (a few holes remain)

technically not G'Town, but I have walked there from G'Town on a nice day.

3 days in DC with 2 kids-how is this plan? (a few holes remain)


Founding Farmers in G'Town

Founding Farmers
1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20006

Stores that stock Italian craft beer

Have u tried Geste Wine on the corner of that same little street going to. Betesda Metro? Also, excellent pizza is sold there. It is a brand new place.

DC Food Blitz Starting this Sunday! Am I doing it right?

I like founding farmers, too. I love their grilled cheese, tomato soup, carrot cake, bacon lollipops.

DC Food Blitz Starting this Sunday! Am I doing it right?

Eastern Market does not have their awesome pancakes on Sundays-only Saturdays-and it closes at noon-there are lines, but they go fast, and worth the wait.

Coming to D.C. in April...We know nothing!! Need some good recs.

I was shocked last weekend when I tried the awesome salad bar in the basement of the American History Museum. Everything was fresh. The variety was excellent. Everything from standard items to very interesting, such as, pumpkin w/ cranberries, jicama w/ orange segments.

Dining in Bethesda. Maryland

Raku (Asian fusion)

Fast/casual favorites of mine-Rice Paddies Grill (Vietnamese, closed Mon) and Moby Dick House Of Kabob (Persian.)

Moby Dick's
721 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231

Dining in Bethesda. Maryland

Just had a GREAT meal at Assagi Mozzerella last weekend.

Ping Pong Dim Sum?

I thought the food was borderline inedible! And over-priced. Yuck. Agreed w/ katecm about "difficult to distinguish between the items."

Best Cupcakes DC/NoVa

I love Crumbs, too. Esp. the LARGE vanilla cake/vanilla icing.

Hip place to bring parents Friday night?


New Job In Chinatown-Where do I eat?

Matchbox .

the mini burgers are under $10 (w/out tip) and to-go would be even less expensive.

HELP!?! New to Silver Spring/Aspen Hill/Rockville/Wheaton with nothing to eat!

The new Matchbox on Rockville Pike.

Two college students looking to celebrate 19th birthday in DC

Granville Moore's is also known for their mussels & frites. Bobby Flay had a showdown there.

I really dislike Ping Pong Dim Sum. I thought the food was terrible.

dessert in dupont circle?

Not Dupont, but how about "Coco Sala."