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Saigon in Williamstown MA

I went with friends last night and really enjoyed it. We shared the fresh spring rolls and I had a dish with pork and cruchy noodles for my entree. Loved it. Everything was fresh and well prepared. I typically go right for the pho in a Vietnamese place, but for some reason was in the mood for something different. I look forward to going back to try their pho soon.

Feb 18, 2011
visink in Southern New England

Dinner and New Year's in the Berkshires

The Gateways Inn is amazing and reasonably priced. I recently went to a 5-course scotch tasting dinner and it was $70/per person including the flight of scotches. All food is homemade on the premisis by the owner's wife. Her pasta is incredible.

Gateways Inn & Restaurant
51 Walker St, Lenox, MA 01240

Dec 30, 2010
visink in Southern New England

Anyone tried DBGB Kitchen & Bar yet?

The BF loves his sausage, wondering if it's worth a visit. It certainly sounds delicious!

Oct 15, 2009
visink in Manhattan

What's a good breakfast place near 33rd St PATH?

Josie's Juice Bar at 3rd Ave and 37th. I like the original upper west side location better, but this is still a fab spot and the banana macadamia nut pancakes are heaven.

Jul 13, 2009
visink in Manhattan

Hotdogs in western MA

Head to North Adams, check out Kid's Space at MASS MoCA and hit Jack's Hot Dogs on Eagle St. It's a north county establishment.

Jul 02, 2009
visink in Southern New England

Revisiting Rouge

I had my first meal at Rouge a couple of weeks ago and loved it. We sat in the bar too, and while it was crowded, I was so happy to see that business was booming there. My steak was cooked to perfection and I am looking forward to going back again soon. A friend of mine eats there at least once a week.

Drove by Dragon the other day and wondered why there weren't any lights on on a Saturday night. What's up? I have yet to try it and have been itching to get there.

Sweetbreads in Western MA

Gramercy Bistro in North Adams has sweetbreads on the menu. I have never tried them but I have never been disappointed by a meal there.

Jae's Spice in Pittsfield...has anyone been?

Fin in Lenox is great, and Moshi Moshi in North Hampton is my favorite in the area. Worth the drive or great if you are going out that way for a show or something.

Mazzeo's to move to former Aster's site

Just heard that Mazzeo's plans to move into the old Aster's building! Yay! Finally they will have a space and location worthy of their food!

Berkshires New Year's Day & Friday too?

I am a big fan of Sabor in Pitt for dinner.

You can't sit down in Hot Tomatoes, only take out, so I would opt for Helen's Place on Spring St. in WMST for a salad or sandwich. Jae's also has a cafe at the Clark. I've never eaten there but his other spots are reliable. If you are heading to Jiminy you can hit the Store at 5 Corners on route 43 for a good sandwich.

I second Cafe Reva. They have this incredible polenta with eggs over easy, portobello mushroom, spinach and roasted red peppers and parm that's SOO good. YUM!

2 nights in North Adams

Gramercy is still wonderful - always tops on my list - and, in my opinion, cozier and friendlier than Mezze, which can be quite uppity at times. But I have had several good meals at Mezze.

You can get a good meal at Gala too, which is in the Orchards Hotel. I perfer to sit in the bar area by the fireplace where you can order from the dining room menu or the lighter fare bar menu.

Finally, Jae's in North Adams is great for sushi or other asian entrees. The service there is a bit spotty but the meal is always good.

Jae's Spice in Pittsfield...has anyone been?

Typically I like Jae's food but I have also had terrible service at the Jae's Spice and think it would be refreshing if they changed things up a bit. Yes, the menu is a bit different there, with some old Spice items like flatbread (which is a fave of mine but totally random when considered among the selection of asian entrees) but the sushi menu is identical to the former Williamstown and current North Adams locations, as are many of the entrees. What's the point in having two (or three) nearly identical menus within a 30 mile radius? And, as an asside, they pour SKIMPY glasses of wine at Jae's Spice compared to WMST and NA.

Heading to Pho Saigon in Lee tonight

I am looking forward to trying this place. I had my first taste of Vietnamese while visiting a friend in Seattle last month and am hoping this will satisfy my craving. Does anyone have any recommendations on what to order there? I am probably going to have a hard time NOT ordering Pho, but I will try to branch out...

Ogunquit, Maine

I love the Stolen Menu Cafe for breakfast. The have a LONG list of changing specials that take advantage of local, in-season produce. I once had a truffled lobster and fried egg sandwich on a croissant. Best breakfast I've ever eaten hands down.

Also, if you want to take a short trip to Cape Porpoise, there's a great restaurant on the pier, aptly named Pier 77. It is a upscale place with incredible views, but if you are looking for more casual dining, go around back to the Ramp for a great experience - we actually always eat here over the restaurant upstairs.

Truffle Oil in Berkshire County?

Good thinking. I went to Green River Farms in search of it, and Wild Oats and 5 corners didn't even dawn on me. Thanks, Harp!

New fish & chip shop in Bennington, VT

Can't wait to try it out - thanks for sharing dukegirl!

Truffle Oil in Berkshire County?

Thanks for the tips, Dual and mjoyous. I didn't realize that most truffle oil was made with flavoring. Will check out the site and will also check out Cook Shop in Noho. I am there often and need to trek to get some yarn so I will kill two birds with one stone!

Truffle Oil in Berkshire County?

Does anyone know where I can buy some good truffle oil in Berkshire County and what to look for when buying it? Thanks.

cold soba noodles?

Aug 13, 2008
visink in Manhattan

what's missing from my list of must-try pizzas in nyc?

Thanks for that tip - now I will have to try Gruppo. I wonder if they serve the same salad dressing. If Vezzo bottled it I would buy it by the case and gift it frequently.

Aug 13, 2008
visink in Manhattan

what's missing from my list of must-try pizzas in nyc?

Vezzo on Lex and 31st...

Aug 12, 2008
visink in Manhattan

NYC Best of Brunch

I love Josie's Juice Bar - there's one on the upper west side - at 72nd and Amsterdam and one on the east side, but I'm not sure of the exact location of that one. The only thing is if your family are traditionalists, they might not dig's dairy free.

Aug 12, 2008
visink in Manhattan

Looking for Saturday night seafood REQ - Roy's?

I second the Roy's nod. I love the place. I lived in Brooklyn for several years pre-9/11 and it was one of my favorite spots. I go back every time I visit Manhattan. Blue Water Grill does have some creative sushi but you can grab a roll there any time. I also think there is something to be said for supporting those businesses in the financial district that don't get the same kind of traffic they use to because of 9/11. Roy's all the way. Try a big apple martini. YUM!

Aug 12, 2008
visink in Manhattan

Lobster roll in the Berkshires?

There's also good lobster rolls at the 1896 house in Williamstown, but sounds like that might be too far afield for you...

Breakfast at the Stolen Menu Cafe in York, ME

Thanks for the tip!

Aug 12, 2008
visink in Northern New England

Breakfast at the Stolen Menu Cafe in York, ME

I think we spend $28 including tip for two people. Certainly more expensive than a diner but the quality of the food is better and to me it was worth it.

Aug 12, 2008
visink in Northern New England

Breakfast at the Stolen Menu Cafe in York, ME

My boyfriend and I went to Kennebunkport last Labor Day weekend and discovered a little place in York, ME that we just love. It has a very creative, very extensive breakfast menu with a very long list of specials that are ever changing that take advantage of the abundant fresh, local produce.

Yesterday morning we both woke up incredibly early for some reason and decided that rather than toss and turn for a few more hours we should jump in the car and head to Maine (we live in western, MA) for a stop at the Stolen Menu Cafe and a day at the beach.

When I go to Maine, I make an effort to incorporate lobster into each meal, and there were serveral menu options that allowed me to do this both times we've been. The first time I had a lobster and fried egg sandwich served on a croissant with local greens, tomato and truffle oil. The sandwich was overflowing with sweet, succlent lobster meat. The best breakfast I've ever had until yesterday when I got the "Fall in Love with Maine" special, which was equally as good and equally abundant on the lobster. This time, however, the lobster was served eggs benedict-style, with the lobster in place of the canadian bacon and the addition of heirloom grape tomatoes, shitake mushrooms and corn. Pure heaven.

If you're ever in the area check it out!

Aug 11, 2008
visink in Northern New England

Thurston's Lobster Pound--Bernard (MDI), Maine

Thanks for this recommendation. I will definitely check it out, especially since we share a name. I need to get some sort of souvenir from the place - like a full belly. It is easy for a tourist to get onto the island?

Pearl in Great Barrington not so great

Sabor is at 17 Wendell Ave. It's an odd and very unassuming (even unappealing) location but don't let that deter you. The food is great. Here's a link to their site:

Oak Bluffs Restaurants

I was there over the 4th and someone on this board recommended hitting Grace Church in Vineyard Haven on Friday afternoon (btw 4:30 and 7:30pm) for a lobster roll and it was top on my list of favorite things from the trip. You need cash, but $13 will get you a Lobster roll overflowing with sweet lobster meat, a bag of chips and a drink. You can take it to go and eat by the water. You really can't beat it.

We arrived on a late ferry on our first night there and not many restaurants in OB were still serving but we ended up at Balance. It was a fun bar scene when we arrived at 10:30pm but we were able to order from the bar menu and the chowder was some of the best I've ever had.