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Columbus, GA

Going to Columbus, GA next month. Does anyone know any good places to eat? I couldn't find much online at the usual sites. thanks!

Best of New Orleans

Thanks everyone for your recs. I just got back from my trip and had a great time, so great my jeans don't fit me anymore. I didn't go everywhere I wanted to but it will be saved for next time.

I went to Bayona, Cochon, Galatoire, August, Amce Oyster, Drago's, Bombay Club, cafe du monde, and Zoe's.

I didn't think I was going to love charbroiled oysters since I'm such an enthusiast for raw ones but I was dead wrong. they are soooo good.

Cochon was very good but I don't think I ordered correctly...most of our dished ended up being fried...3 out of five and I think it was a little too oily for my taste. I would definitely go back and change up the selection next time.

Had Bayona as soon as we arrived for lunch. Great experience and intro to NO, the $0.18 martinis definitely gave me a jump start.

Galatoire was an experience, we got the last lucky. I think food was ok, but don't think I'll be going back next time.

August so delicious.

Acme, was better than I imagined...very homey type of place and food, was disappointed by the raw oysters, kinda bland.

Really good beignets at cafe du monde, and surprised that there were so many vietnamese servers...

I have to say Bombay Club was not good at all. Went with a friends recommendation for live jazz, but it was horrible. the singer looked like Elvis and was out of tone. The food was wanna be gourmet. would not go there again.

One thing I was lacking on the trip was fruit and vegetables. i was thinking that the south would be full of fruits and veggie bc of the warm weather. But it was no where to be found.

Extremely disappointed that i didn't get to have a muffeletta at Central Grocery. they ran out one day and closed on sun. and mon.

So for next time:

Central Grocery
big fisherman
commander place
And some other rec here.

Jul 15, 2008
cindyxinsun in New Orleans

Best of New Orleans

BTW. July is prob not a best time for having crawfish, but where would I go if I were to try to find a place? thanks.

Jun 26, 2008
cindyxinsun in New Orleans

Best of New Orleans

Thanks for the recommendations, slowly compiling the list of meals.

Have you been to Antoine's for the Sunday Jazz Brunch? how is that?

Jun 26, 2008
cindyxinsun in New Orleans

Best of New Orleans


I just booked a trip to New Orleans in a couple weeks, but kind of lost with what to eat. There seems to be so many great places. It's my first time there and want to experience the best of New Orleans. If you were to pick the best places that really define the cuisine and character of the Big Easy what would it be? Restaurants and lounge/bar recommendation? So far I think August is a definite for a really nice dinner. Thoughts?


Jun 26, 2008
cindyxinsun in New Orleans