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Ristorante Saporissimo

After reading the reviews here of Ristorante Saporissimo, I'm thinking my DH and I might try it for New Years' Eve. We will be staying at the Boca Resort and want to go somewhere close by (walking distance), we want really good food and a nice atmosphere. We were going to dine at Cielo at the BR, but didn't really want to spend $500 per couple. Is Saporissimo nice- nice enough for a special occasion? also, we are in our late 30s-- is the age group generally mixed or mostly an older crowd? Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Dining in Princeton, NJ

A friend and I will be in Princeton to attend a conference. Looking for a somewhat upscale restaurant for dinner that has good food and good atmosphere. Any suggestions? TIA

Oct 02, 2008
macamc in New Jersey

Great dining in the Hamptons

Thanks all- wondering, is Prime 103 any good. My husband likes anything with the work prime in it :-). the website is confusing, as i can't tell if it's like a chain restaurant- that sign- it's so "outback", or if it is good. any thoughts?

Great dining in the Hamptons

My DH has never really experienced the Hamptons and I haven't been in years, though I used to spend alot of time there in my 20s. We are going for 4 nights and I am looking for the current great spots. We will be staying in east hampton and we don't want to travel too far for dinners. Places in EH, Amagansett, Bridgehampton and Sag Harbor would be preferable. Looking for great food, great atmosphere-- dinner is our "night out." I am going to try to get res at Nick and Toni's, but can't do that for a few more weeks. Any thoughts? TIA!