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Pet Peeve: Bartenders Drinking Shots

I think you need to read the question he posed again. He did not ask "are you cool with being served by a drunk." My answer to that is no.
He asked "are you cool with restaurant staff eating and drinking in front of you." My answer to that is yes, assuming the staff is providing adequate service. In his story he describes a poor bartender: slow, forgetful, etc. He does not describe a drunk. He draws a conclusion (that may or may not be accurate) that the bartender is impaired. Then he poses a question that has nothing to do with being impaired. What if he saw the bartender drinking the shots while he displayed exemplary service?
My issue is that the question and some responses are mixing the two things. Lastly, equating a bartender to a pilot or a surgeon or a taxi driver is just silly. The "danger" of being served by an impaired bartender does not belong in the same discussion as being operated on by a drunk surgeon.

Pet Peeve: Bartenders Drinking Shots

Get a life. The anecdote presented is one of poor service by a bartender, apparently brought on by drinking on the job. The question posed is about being "cool with restaurant staff eating and drinking in front of you" - two different things. Why not say "are you cool with poor service?"
As to the bartender drinking "in front of you" if he is providing good service how about minding your own business and not focusing on his / her lifestyle choices? You're the one sitting at a bar liquoring up before dinner. There are plenty of busybodies out there that would have a problem with your behavior as well. If the bartender is not providing good service, deal with it. But that is about service, not your uppity peeves and anger about the "audacity" of your server drinking in a bar.

Feb 05, 2014
roadmoose in Features

Falafel Inn Norwalk

Am I losing what is left of my senses or is there a but of confusion about Darien vs. Danbury going on here?

Jake's Wayback Burgers, arriving in W. Hartford, CT

I tried a Jake's Cheeseburger in the Stratford location today - double-patty with the works. In my opinion it was very good: freshly made, juicy, nice soft roll, decent toppings, a good special sauce. The fries were also good. I really don't understand why this place is getting negative reviews. The place is what it is - a fast food joint. But it is serving food which is head and shoulders above the competition for about a buck a meal more.

Meeting for dinner in Orleans

As for Joe's Barley Neck: Don't do it! Good for a late-night drink and some weekend entertainment, NOT a dining destination. You're also right to pass on the Jailhouse Tavern. If the budget keeps you out of Abba and Nauset Beach Club, look at Mahoney's or the Beacon House (across from Jailhouse).

Nauset Beach Club Restaurant
222 Main St, Orleans, MA 02653

Roseland Apizza: ambiance doesn't affect price. Warning: pizzas can cost $85!

This is one of those classic Chowhound posts. Somebody goes to a good restaurant, orders the most expensive thing available (lobster, shrimp, etc.) rails about the expense, and it lives on forever. I am a big fan of Roseland. I would put it one short notch below the New Haven legends, but with much less hassle. It is not particularly expensive, nor is it cheap. They prepare an excellent pizza, unlike the slop doled out by 95% of pizzerias. If you don't "get" the difference in quality, don't go there. The line will be a little shorter.

Anyone been to Sweet Mustard sandwich place in Stratford CT?

Sweet Mustard's is OK. Boar's Head meats. Clean. That is about it. Not worth a trip from somewhere.

White Castle Hamburgers in Connecticut

White Castle coming to Connecticut?
That is pretty big news among the cult of stranded White Castle fans. How reliable is your source?

Aug 31, 2010
roadmoose in Chains

Best Pizza on Cape Cod?

The original (long-ago) post asked if there was a hidden gem of a pizza restaurant on the Cape. Not passable, edible, likable nor merely acceptable, something special. Baked dough, cheese and tomato sauce is a naturally tasty thing - but is there a hidden gem out there? A really good pizza place like many can find in New Haven or Boston or New York?

I am not aware of even one. Please tell me what I do not know.
If not, how come there isn't?

Bereket -Bridgeport

Bereket is good - seriously good. Definitely worth a visit.
The place lacks all comforts but it seems to be pretty clean - no discarded oil cans about.

Best Fine Dining on the cape- OFF SEASON!

Impudent Oyster right in Chatham is very good.
If you don't mind driving, the Nauset Beach Club or Abba in Orleans are both very good also (much closer than either P-Town or Mashpee). Enjoy.

Group Lunch on Lower Cape, Columbus Day Weekend

I can only comment on Orleans, but I would say that you are more likely to be happier at the Beacon than Land Ho. The lunch at the Beacon is actually their best meal and I think the setup there would work well for the group you describe. Land Ho is a nice pub with fair food; good if you are looking to catch a game, eat a burger and drink some beers; but The Beacon has a better menu selection and higher quality food .

East Orleans

Good Food + East Orleans = Nauset Beach Club. Worth a drive, if you're right there a shame to pass up/ I agree that Brewster Fish House is also very good, but it does require a trip out of Orleans. Both restaurants are busy (and BFH is very small) but its October, so you should be fine. Abba is also very good, but the food is a little "different" for the area vs. local seafood. Lastly, there is also a nice fish restaurant in Orleans - Academy Ocean Grille, but it may be a notch below the others in the opinion of most. Enjoy.

Burger recos please (NOT shake shack)

If you are a fan of In-N-Out Burger and good fries are important, you will probably like Five Guys Burgers n Fries, a small chain from D.C that has recently entered the city. There is one in midtown, between 5th and 6th on 55th I believe. Some of the burgersnobs will probably crow but its a hot, juicy burger prepared with all your chosen toppings and the fries are hand cut and quite good. The burger lacks that chargrilled pub taste but its good for a chain place.

Sep 16, 2008
roadmoose in Manhattan

First Cape Cod Vacation Ever...And I'm Hungry!

I would caution that the time and distances from Harwich to some of the destinations recommended in some other posts are fairly significant. In Chatham, the Impudent Oyster is quite good, and the Squire is a nice place for a burger and a beer. In Harwich Center there is a little Mexican place with outdoor (and indoor) seating that is good - Ay Caramba. Over in Orleans, Land Ho, Rosina's and Mahoney's are good, casual restaurants and the Nauset Beach Club is a very good upscale place. I have seen Brax Landing in Harwich recommended by a number of people; however I have never had much luck there (view better than the food or service). As for rodside food - Kreme N Kone is good and one of the best is Arnold's - a bit of a trip up to Eastham. For breakfast, Grumpy's up in Dennis is worth the drive. You will find that all of the ice cream places are pretty good and none of the pizza places are. Good hunting!