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The BEST Lasagne & Chocolate Cake in Manhattan

Ok, so one of my best friends has 2 rituals that he has to experience on his birthday:

1. Eat Lasagne
2. Eat Chocolate Cake

So, my challenge is to find the BEST of both in Manhattan by August 28th. Can you help me? They don't need to be at the same restaurant.

Thanks for your suggestions. I look forward to any and all input.

Jul 25, 2008
Dumbili in Manhattan

Party of 40 at 40


GREAT suggestions. Thank you for taking the time to offer me your thoughts. I really appreciate it.

Party of 40 at 40

Hi There Tigertrap,

Thank you for your suggestion of RedRocks. However, I am thinking a bit more dress up for Pizza. I do, howeer, love that restaurant and it would be perfect as I live not far from it.

Party of 40 at 40

Hi There,

Thank you for these suggestions. I confirmed that Mie N Yu have large party accommodation, but as you, am not sure about PS7s. I will definitely look into it.

Party of 40 at 40

Yeah folks, throw me a BONE! Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, however to those that have responded to my call. You have already give me some food for thought. However, more insights would be welcomed. I will, in the meantime look into opentable as suggested.

Party of 40 at 40

Hi There, I am new to Chowhound and already need your help. I am turning 40 in early August and want to invite 40 of my favourite people to a nice restaurant for good grub, red velvet cake and champagne (all not required if you have a good dining location). I would love a place that can accomodate us in a separate space. I am on the funky - less than conventional side - so a place that might fit my personality would be nice. I will be requesting my guests to wear spiffy attire for the evening's event. Lastly, preference would be a place in DC. However, if you have VA or MD suggestions I would appreciate those too.