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After dinner drinks for late 30somethings in Boston

The Beehive in the South End is fun...

Oct 18, 2011
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

B&G Oysters - Are you kidding me!?

i tried alive and kicking's (cambridge) lobster sandwich on white toast last week. $13.00. i really enjoyed it and it was a great value. if you're a fan of lobster, and not looking for "the perfect traditional lobster roll"...go! yeah - the place is a total dive, but so what...

Sep 12, 2011
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Lunch "down da Lake": Babalicous and Antoine's

i have a nice paved back yard in the lake and was recently called a "mush" at buffs pub.

Nov 15, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Hell Week at every British Beer Company (10/25-31)

Hot and spicy specials all week from Oct 24 to Oct 31 at all nine British Beer Company locations. Look for some special cocktails and have fun pairing up your meal with the huge variety of craft and imported beers available at the BBC. This special menu will be available for dinner only...


Spicy Shrimp and Jalapeno Bombers
Fresh Jalapeno’s stuffed with cream cheese and topped with a grilled shrimp then wrapped in smokehouse bacon and baked - served with a cool ranch dipping sauce.

Mike’s Hotter than Hell Hummus
Chick peas blended with tahini, fresh herbs, spices and habanero peppers - served with fried Cajun pita chips and celery sticks.


Crazy Hot Peppa Chicken
Tender chicken sauteed with red onions and fire roasted red peppers then tossed in a scotch bonnet butter sauce with penne pasta - served with a side of chipotle garlic bread.

Mango Habanero Caribbean Barbequed Sirloin
A hand cut sirloin basted with a habanera Caribbean BBQ sauce then grilled to your liking and served with grilled fingerling potatoes and a cool zucchini, chipotle salad.

Satan’s Succulent Shrimp Jambalaya
A classic jambalaya chalk full of succulent shrimp, vegetables, herbs, spices and smoky bacon. Oh yeah - and a whole helluva lot of heat.

Holy Hot Hog Wings
Mini pork ribs on the bone basted with a chipotle barbeque sauce and served on a bed of fried onion cheese tanglers.

Habanero Crusted Pork Flat Iron Steak
A flat iron cut of pork crusted with a habanero crumb then deep fried and served with a cinnamon maple sweet potato croquette and grilled pickled asparagus.

Oct 20, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Joyful Garden- Allston, Days In

hows the bar area/scene - any zombie-mai-tai-tiki action late night. how late is the kitchen open?

Sep 16, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Cambridge low key recommendations? Best Pub food perhaps...

between central and harvard there's the plow and stars. great pub food without ever trying to be a gastro pub. more of a neighborhoody / locals feel than most of the others mentioned. otherwise - highland kitchen.

Sep 07, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

British Beer Company

I've dabbled in the menu quite a bit. The steak tips are solid, good bar pizza (two for one Tuesdays at most locations) - it's really the only chainish place I ever go to. The beer list in Walpole and Framingham is improving - and 12 tap lines of Dogfish Head in Plymouth on Sept 11th - woop!

Sep 01, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Best Lobster Roll on the Cape?

For something a little different I love the Crabster roll at Sir Crickets in Orleans. Crab and Lobster, goes without saying, and it's only $11 bucks. They have a monster lobster roll for $20.

Aug 26, 2010
BoDubya in Southern New England

DogFish Fest - 12 tap lines of Dogfish Head in Plymouth

Holy massive tap takeover. Dogfish Fest 2010 is set for Saturday September 11th at the British Beer Company in Plymouth, MA. This is an all day event that starts at 1pm and it's all about the beer. The very rare "Bitches Brew", made for Columbia Records celebration of Miles Davis' famous album will be poured!!!

Also on hand:

World Wide Stout
Saison du Buff
Burton Baton
Immort Ale
Raison d'Etre
Palo Santo Maron
60 min IPA
90 min IPA

Aug 26, 2010
BoDubya in Beer

Looking for recommendations for good bars in the Southwest Suburbs

i have a friend that works in framingham at a large biomedical firm, and they do a night out once a month or so at the british beer company on route 9. the pub is pretty accomodating and should have enough room for twenty or more people. it's a cool and cozy place - good beer list and pub food, the pizza isn't bad either.

Aug 23, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Sel de la Terre, Natick

don't get raw oysters - they showed up at room temp without ice and i had to spit a real nasty one out. at least they gave me a shot of tequila to kill the taste. everything else was pretty average.

Jul 15, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Looking for a cool sports bar. Any recommendations...

the Banshee on Dot Ave. is packed with TV's. Cheapest pub food in town!

Jul 01, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Taste of Cambridge

yup - it was cancelled last week due to thunderstorms. i thought last years event was great - spread out through the charles hotel courtyard with a cool little cocktail area. better than any of the other "taste of's" i've been to...

Jun 28, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Arthur & Pat's, Marshfield

If you're gonna make the trip - you might as well pop in to Gerard Farm. Tons of prepared foods - highlights include the homemade pot pies and the very basic turkey sandwiches. I always stock up on a bunch of various frozen vittles.

Jun 17, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Looking to buy gift certificate for friend

there are some decent half price options here:

but it changes daily...

Jun 17, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Are Buff's Pub wings really all that ?

i've had buff's wings dozens of times over the last 15 years, and the consistency has been phenomenal! i prefer the honey hot, but the regular have just enough heat to make you sweat but not enough to kill your palette. they also travel very well. i can't think of anyone in boston who blows them away. also - bartenders and servers are usually on top of their game at buffs. i'll give a shout out to quickies in springfield though, where i had my very first buffalo wing.

Jun 16, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Where to watch the World Cup?

the banshee has the three dee tee vee, and the bar food ain't bad for the price either...

Jun 14, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Take Out Waltham Area

i've been enjoying take-out from taqueria el amigo on willow street. got take out from tom can cook recently - not impressed. bison county seems to be hit or miss, certainly not on par with blue ribbon in newton.

Jun 11, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

June openings and closings

Stork Club is closed. Looks like there was a conflict switching over the licences, not sure if it will open as the Stork or something else.

Jun 11, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Anthing flies in Newport? [moved from Boston]

coco - pour judgement on broadway is one of my favorite places in new england. as far as bang for your buck (which ch'ers care about) - it's by far the best deal in newport. burgers are $5.95!!! better than any $13 burger i get here in boston. i'm a beer-hound, and it's by far the best beer bar around. the wine list is small, but hand picked and creative. lump crab with scallion pancakes and sauteed spinach is $12.95!!! no entrees are over $15. they also offer three types of steamed little necks. go now and thank me later.

Jun 04, 2010
BoDubya in Southern New England

Stay away from the Barking Crab

in regards to that pic - they should call it what it obviously is: a lobster slider.

and more than anything - this is a disgrace to boston, because for so many people from out of town this is their only new england seafood experience. what a shame.

Jun 03, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Best Cheap Lunch in Backbay area

Otherside Cafe = quality and affordable. Bukowski for a cheap hot dog or burger.

1281 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA 02139

May 26, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

What're your favorite workweek spots for lunch?

Blunch on Harrison in the South End has been making me very happy lately. Also - love the name, very friendly and competent. The Chinese supermarket at the corner of Washington and E. Berkeley now has a hot bar - it's kinda hit and miss, but super cheap. Rudi's in the Hampton Inn just off Mass Ave. in the South End has some quality sandwiches and lunch options (and a full bar). And my favorite place for a basic sub - Doughboy Donuts in Southie, of all places. It's better than any of the greek spots around here.

I'm so done with the Appleton Cafe...stale bread, wrong order, confusion, etc.

59 E Springfield St, Boston, MA 02118

May 26, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Where's the Best Fried Chicken in Boston Area?

i recently tried the fried chicken at privus - it was good, but certainly not worthy of the praise it receives on this board and other places. it seemed to me that the actual quality of the chicken was pretty poor. it also could have been a little over-cooked, and lots of the oil made it's way through the crispy bits and into the meat (more greasy than juicy). i'd go back and try it again, but i wouldn't go out of my way.

Mar 19, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Bina Osteria 2/28/10

the boston common garage usually has an $11 all day special rate on the weekends.

Mar 15, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Five Favorite Places to Eat Among Frequent/Veteran CH Posters?

places i frequent (er, slum), that don't get tons of love on this board...

grendel's den (bargain)
buff's pub (wings)
cambridge brewing (beer)
deep ellum (cocktails)
james gate (atmosphere, winter)
barking crab (deck, summer)

Jan 25, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area


as of friday night, they were not...unless they had some kind of soft opening over the weekend. my guess is by the end of the month.

Jan 18, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Penquin Pizza

I go there around once a month for a slice and a beer. Nice little beer selection - I'd call it a pizza beer bar. It's crazy in there on Monday nights - college kids and 10 cent wings. They are in my top 5 for pizza in Boston. I did have a panini there once, it was fine. Haven't tried the pasta - but it's very affordable.

Boston Bar Blog:

Jan 15, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Wine Girls from Napa looking for good eats and drinks

you want dive: go to last call at murphy's law in southie - i promise that you won't forget the experience. aslo - lucky's lounge won't be far from you, there's a nice little scene there too.

boston bar blog:

Jan 14, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area

Mick Morgans Newton, MA

for the record - that tommy doyles in newton is the closest place to my house and i avoid it like swine flu. never mind the food - even the beer tastes bad (dirty tap lines). worst service ever - even if you're at the bar. i'd rather "dine" at the dunkin donuts down the street.

boston bar blog:

Jan 07, 2010
BoDubya in Greater Boston Area