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sxsw help please!

Iron Cactus Fish Tacos are the best in the world! I had them 3 times in 1 week :-)

Iron Cactus
13420 Galleria Circle, Bee Caves, TX 78738

Mar 18, 2010
coventry67 in Austin

Lardy Potato Chips .......which are the best ????

In Ohio you must try Ballreich! They are the best wavy chips in the country. I like Utz for regular chips, but I am in Denver and am going to try some others.

Nov 03, 2009
coventry67 in Pennsylvania

Chatsworth Bound

Thanks to all of you!

Oct 05, 2009
coventry67 in Los Angeles Area

Chatsworth Bound

Thank you so much for your timely reply!

Sep 28, 2009
coventry67 in Los Angeles Area

Chatsworth Bound

I have searched the boards, but mostly are based on food type and price. I want to know the best can't miss places near Chatsworth, regardless if they are a dive or upscale. I am open to all cuisines!

Sep 27, 2009
coventry67 in Los Angeles Area

Where to eat in Portland?

I have never been to Oregon and will be visiting soon. Need some good suggestions please!

Jul 26, 2008
coventry67 in Pacific Northwest

Quick visit to DC, no kids

I wanted to thank all for their DC recommendations. Quartedeck was awesome! I also went to Brasserie Beck, Cafe Berlin, and The Williard for brunch. All are on my permanent list of repeats.

Quick visit to DC, no kids

I lived in Baltimore for a year, and now am landlocked in TN! All we have here are chains and just a few locally owned places. Good food doesn't go over well here for some reason. Everyone wants fast meals and to be able to wear jeans. I will have to make another trip to just Baltimore soon.

Quick visit to DC, no kids

Should i do the feast or order bigger ones by the dozen at Quartrdecks? You have to tell them when you make your reservations.

Quick visit to DC, no kids

Thanks for all the good advice! Have early reservations for Beck's on Fri. Thought we could go to the park to watch fireworks? Is that a good option? I am staying at the Williard, where would you watch from?

Quick visit to DC, no kids

Thanks all for all of the advice! I think I definitely will try the Quarterdeck!

Quick visit to DC, no kids

I like all of the above. I used to go to the Brickskellar, Cafe Berlin, Cactus Cantina, Maison Blanc, etc. I am thinking about trying Brasserie Beck for Belgium cuisine. Thoughts?

Quick visit to DC, no kids

My fiance and I are coming to DC for the weekend of the fourth. I haven't been to DC in fifteen years and need some good advice. I don't want kid friendly and I definitely need to have some crab!