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Sonoma + First night in town casual dinner?

Great, thank you so much. I was actually just looking at Della Santina's menu. This will be my first time in Cali and will be hitting Napa and SF as well, can't wait.

Della Santina's
133 E Napa St, Sonoma, CA 95476

Sonoma + First night in town casual dinner?

I will be flying into SF early tomorrow and making my way to Sonoma for a wedding later in the week, first time. Looking for a medium casual place to sip some wine and have a decent meal while fighting some minor jet lag. I will already be hitting El Dorado on Friday night for a pre-wedding gathering.

Any help would be much appreciated.

BTW, this is my first post here, long time lurker for suggestions when I travel and I have to say a big thanks to all that contribute to this board. For a minor foodie like myself this place is a wealth of great information.


Kalamazoo eats

Looking for some recs for Kalamazoo. Will be going there in a few weeks to celebrate my parents anniversary as well as my sisters. Would like someplace nice but we will have two kids with us.


Jul 22, 2008
DTurner in Great Lakes

Outdoor dining in Plymouth/Livonia, Mi

Glad it worked out. Compari's certainly isn't the best but it serves it's purpose from time to time. The food at Fiamma's next door is much better, and a lot more pricey.

Outdoor dining in Plymouth/Livonia, Mi

Check out Compari's and Fiamma grill in Plymouth. They are right downtown on Main Street. Both offer outside dining and they are right next to each other, connected, same owners. Compari's is Italian while Fiamma is more upscale chophouse.

French Quarter Eats/Recs

Excellent, I am staying at that same hotel. Thanks!

Jun 27, 2008
DTurner in New Orleans

French Quarter Eats/Recs

Thanks for the tip Hazelhurst, I just called and they are closed till July 7, the day I leave AND my bday, what a bummer.

And thanks to everyone for all of the tips, I greatly appreciate it. i haven't been this excited to visit a new city(for me) in a long time.

Well, now it looks like I need to find a place for a nice meal on Friday night.

Jun 26, 2008
DTurner in New Orleans

food/picnic/other suggestions close to Sleeping Bear Dunes?

Another recommendation for a great dinner would be:

La Becasse Restaurant
9001 S Dunns Farm Rd
Maple City, MI 49664
Phone: (231) 334-3944

One of my all time favorites up there.

The Bluebird in Leelenau is a great bar/casual place that has excellent fish.

French Quarter Eats/Recs

Hello all,
I will be making my first trip to New Orleans the first week of July. Our flight does not get in until 8pm on a Thursday and was hoping for some recommendations for a casual place to eat that night in the quarter. Our hotel is right in the quarter and I am hoping to hit Vaughan's later in the evening to see Kermit play. Price isn't a concern, would like to keep it to local cuisine, just don't want to have to step right off the plane and get all dressed up.

Planning on hitting Galatoire's for lunch on friday, Cochon on Saturday night, Friday night is up in the air.


Jun 24, 2008
DTurner in New Orleans