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Artisinal - recommended?

I had great fondue the other night at Heartbreak Restaurant down in the east village. Casual but great food.

29 E 2nd St, New York, NY 10003

Mar 25, 2011
KC1 in Manhattan

cusco help please

I know this is a bit late, but i just came back from Cusco and ate at Cicciolina which was superb. get the guinea pig app, it's truly unique and delicious.

Dec 23, 2008
KC1 in Latin America & Caribbean

Socarrat - the best paella out there.

Went to Socarrat the other night and had a wonderful meal. Only problem is trying to limit the tapas to have room for the Paella! For tapas, had the Croquetas, Jamon Iberico, Fried Artichokes and the Chorizo. All were delicious but the Artichokes really impressed. Very similar to what I had in Barcelona - very lightly fried, so they were light, crispy, and not too oily. Had the Paella Socarrat which was also very delicious. The seafood was very fresh and the rice cooked to perfection and quite flavorful. We didnt notice the seats, and we did not mind the half hour wait either. Still BYO!

Aug 04, 2008
KC1 in Manhattan

Tia Pol Disaster

Went to Tia Pol the other night, and have been at least 4 times over the past year and it never disappoints. Hands down my favorite tapas place in NYC, and i just returned from a trip to Barcelona - very comparable! My go-to's here are the Chorizo con Chocolate - a very interesting and delicious interplay of salty and sweet, Patatas Bravas, Croquetas de Jamon, Razor Clams & Cockles, and the Suckling pig was quite delicious as well. The wait for a table is annoying but just go earlier and grab a drink down the street - they call you when your table is ready... Also my favorite red wine here which I HIGHLY recommend (and also drank repeatedly while in spain) is La Granja. Not too expensive either at $48 I believe.

Jul 25, 2008
KC1 in Manhattan

What's good at Alta

must get the brussel sprouts. Lamb meatballs are yummy too (bacon wrapped dates are obviously delicious anywhere! hard to go wrong there)

Jun 25, 2008
KC1 in Manhattan

SW Florida restaurant changes Naples, Ft. Myers, etc

Angelina's: Went there in early May and cannot wait to get back to Naples to go again! I live in NYC, and am rather obsessed with good italian food, and Angelina's in Bonita definitely fits the bill. We over ordered, but it was worth it - pastas are a must! My favorites are the Papparedelle Caprese and the Fusilli de la Nonna - the Pappardelle has delicious buffala mozz and the tomatos are superb. Can absolutely taste the high quality of the ingredients. Although everything was great, my favorite appetizers were the Mussles, which were prepared in a slightly spicy tomato puttanesca sauce - very unique flavors; and the Antipasti were delicious as well - the marinated vegetables were on point! Cant wait to get back - Angelina's is a must if you are in the area!

Cru: went there in March/April for their anniversary celebration, so there was a tasting menu provided rather than the normal menu. My experience was pretty poor. Extremely overpriced given the quality of the food. We ordered for appetizers the mussels, tuna tartare, goat cheese salad and the caprese salad. Mussels were overcooked and shriveled, goat cheese salad was flavorless as was the caprese salad - which was prepared with tiny pieces of mozzarella that were fairly tasteless. Tuna tartare was good, and I had a fish entree that proved to be very delicious as well, but it didnt make up for the very disappointing appetizers. Will not be back.

Jun 24, 2008
KC1 in Florida