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Thai place near Grace Garden?

Bangkok Kitchen. I thought there was a thread on it but could only find this post from 2003. Based on this or another review elsewhere, we tried it a few years back. We're not Thai experts by any means, but even if the proffered menu disappoints, I would bet the kitchen could prepare dishes reserved for their Thai customers or others in the know. Can't recall any specifics other than to say we endeavored to communicate to our waiter (with the help of a regular at the next table) that yes, we wanted it Thai-hot. We've not been that way since, and our next visit will be to Grace Garden, but our one visit did not disappoint, and it is our plan to return. Sorry not to be more helpful.

Buying Brisket for TX BBQ

Wegman's has them.

Good Food near Crofton, MD

oops, sorry. thanks for the correction.

Good Food near Crofton, MD

Old Bowie is the original Bowie. It's in northwest part of what is now known as Bowie, which was developed in the early 60's. From Crofton, take Rt 2 to Rt 450 Annapolis Rd toward Bowie and then take a right on Race Track Road. Follow that through Bowie and across Rt 197 where it becomes Rt 564 Lanham Severn Rd aka 11th Street and you'll be there in a mile.

After lunch or dinner, in the next block is Simple Pleasures Ice Cafe for homemade ice cream.

Even without your screen name, all the thank-you's gave you away as a midwesterner; welcome.

Experiences using "" in the DC Metro Area?

Have used coupons several times over the past 3 or so years with no problems.

Aug 16, 2010
tfbrennan in Food Media & News

Blue Duck Tavern, Marcel's or Kinkeads???

Great food and great service IS Marcel's.

Strike that, superb food and superb service. Based on at least 8 visits over the past 4 years.

In Hyattsville Sunday evening

Sounds like Rancho Grande, 6100 Baltimore Ave.

Urban BBQ - Silver Spring

Their new smoker is only at the Rockville location.

Stores that sell Bison/Buffalo steaks?

My Butcher and More in Gambrills/Crofton area usually has Gunpowder bison but you should call to make sure if you're heading out there (they're closed on Mondays and Tuesdays in the winter). 410-451-3296 Mike or Freda.

Lunch in Bowie Near Radio & TV Museum

Yes, KBQ is 5 miles away. Go there.
Your directions:

Alternatively, Jerry's Seafood's newest location (open only a month or two) is even closer. I've not been there yet but am a big fan of their original Lanham location. Website says to call for hours.
Your directions:

Fedex Field Redskins anything to eat?

Not hidden gems but how about Jerry's Seafood on Lanham-Severn Rd (564) in Lanham or Negril on Central Ave (214) in Mitchellville? Oops, I see Negil is closed on Sundays, and Jerry's Sunday hours are only 1-5.

Black Hog Barbeque in Frederick

Good food near College Park

Costa Alegre has closed, at least at the above location. Noticed a bridal store there this week. Anyone know if it has moved or will reopen elsewhere?

Davidsonville Methodist Church BBQ?

Previous link to article on paper's website seems temporary. Perhaps this one will last longer.

Davidsonville Methodist Church BBQ?

Linked article makes this group's BBQ sound pretty tempting. Their first sale of the season is today. Any reviews from last year?

Italian Food ?.. Crofton MD

Great family-run Italian dining place? You're describing Pasta Plus in Laurel.

Bowie BBQ

Absolutely no clue, but my guess is it refers to a Korean BBQ place. Let us know.

Zhang sightings?

A post on reported in June that he was coming to Richmond. No further reports.

Whole brisket

My Butcher and More in Gambrills/Crofton currently lists


Pre-Kennedy Center Dinner

Add another vote for Marcel's - superior food and service. And if you're running late for the show, save dessert for after.

Steakhouse near Greenbelt?

Check out this earlier thread re. Ray's new bar menu...

Steakhouse near Greenbelt?

Take the Metro to Silver Spring or the Beltway west around to Colesville Rd, head toward DC and look for Rays the Classics on the right at 8606 Colesville in downtown Silver Spring. Grab a seat in the bar.

Why no Greek food in Beltsville/Greenbelt/Lanham?

Grace's Fortune New (Second?) location?

It's in the Vista Gardens Marketplace at the intersections of Annapolis Road (Rt. 450), Martin Luther King Blvd. and Lottsford Vista Road in Lanham/Bowie.

Review in the Gazette papers:

Rt 1 (College Park Ikea) eats?

Post Extra review of Myung Dong today :

most outstanding ethnic eatery

Not been to any other Salvadoran places but Samantha's (on University near Piney Branch), but I heartily recommend it.

Red Sky in Laurel?

It's officially Red Sky Steak and Fish House, and its website ( menu lists apps from $9-14, entrees from $26-45, $6 sides. Owners also have the Yellowfin Steak and Fish House in Edgewater and the Big Fish Grille in Crofton. The Post and Times have given it good reviews, but I was interested in other feedback before contributing so much of my paycheck to it. (I have no connection to this or any other restaurant.)

Red Sky in Laurel?

I've heard nothing about this place since it's been open. Anyone been?

Rays the Classics days/hours??

I've heard they're now open Tues - Sat.

Former DC Hound in for the Labor Day Weekend -- Any good suggestions? Sonoma closed...

Ray's the Classics is definitely not a time-limited experience. They take reservations, and are in a slow open period for now, where it appears they're taking care not to be overwhelmed in its first month, e.g. the back dining room was not yet in use the last I heard. We enjoyed at least a 2 1/2 hour meal in its first weekend of business, without any hint of being hurried. Other than the superb food, it is very different place than Ray's the Steaks.