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ISO: Malaysian Fish Curry Powder

Thank you!

ISO: Malaysian Fish Curry Powder

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know where I can find Malaysian fish curry powder and tamarind paste in Toronto?

I'm doing my seasonal freezer cleanse and I want to use my pile of frozen fish heads for some fish head curry :)

Particularly the tamarind paste...I think I might have everything in my pantry for the Malaysian fish curry powder, I just need to do some experimenting based off of google


The $250 Watermelon at the Loblaws (at the Maple Leave Gardens store)


Tree Top African Cafe - Opening!

I was moseying over to Cold Tea for Cyndi's Day Off (super yum btw) and was surprised to see Tree Top African Cafe to be open! We head over after nibbling at Cold Tea to pick something up, but sadly they just ran out. Turns out it was just a preview night and they should be open for business starting this coming Monday :)

After YEARS of curiously wandering past the empty storefront...I'm super curious to see what they'll have to offer

Catering Coffee / Nibbles Downtown

you're now my favourite person. ever. my manager is going to kill me...

Catering Coffee / Nibbles Downtown

Thanks!! I'll have to check that out, it looks like a viable option for sure.

I checked out Sam James - they don't deliver but they have the coffee thingies (I can't for the life of me remember what those containers are called) which would be just fine. I'll take a look at Astarté - but as someone who is lactose intolerant, I might selfishly opt for the yummy breakfast bites / desserts at Pumpernickels :)

So far, we've had such good, accommodating, and always-on-time service from Aroma so they set a decent bar!

Now to figure out how to get bakerbots ice cream sandwiches delivered... ;)

Catering Coffee / Nibbles Downtown

For future reference in case anyone else searched for this topic:
Marcello's - Delivered late (!! not good for a meeting), will not use again
Prairie Girl - 18 cupcakes for $32 after tax. Picked it up, as there was a hefty delivery charge
Brick Street Bakery - Nice assortment, but Aroma's pastries were (surprisingly) better! Can't comment between the coffees because I'm not a coffee girl :)

Catering Coffee / Nibbles Downtown

A couple of initial ideas:

1. Corporate Cravings: http://corporatecravings.com/menu/bre...
2. Going to Loblaw in the PATH and just raiding their pastry pre-sliced fruit selection

With a budget of $10 a head after tax, my options might be rather limited :)

Catering Coffee / Nibbles Downtown

Hi everyone,

I've been ordering Aroma for my group meetings for the past few weeks...as yummy as their chocolate croissants and little cookies are, it's getting mighty old. I was wondering if anyone had any cost-effective suggestions?

Right now, we get some fruit, pastries, and coffee for $160 after tax which has been more than enough for 15 people. Budget isn't great, so Cinq isn't an option :)


Ice Cream, 2014

I went to Bang Bang a couple days ago.

It was glorious!

Buenos Aires Feb., 2013

thatank you for this! i also found El Federal underwhelming, but I'm looking forward to exploring Palermo!

Buenos Aires - Just landed, first time in SA!

Ola!! I just landed in Buenos Aires - a last minute trip on my own! First time in South America. I'm scrolling through the history but I would love love love suggestions for local eats - street food, small local eateries, and maybe even a nicer place to spoil myself near the end :)

1. I'm staying in San Nicolas
2. I like to be adventurous with eating!!
3. I'd love to try things that are unique to Buenos Aires :-)
4. Suggestions for foodie gifts to bring back to Canada would be much appreciated!!!

Thanks everyone!


Help! Forced to eat at Toca tonight... What the he** should I order??

If you really don't want to try, you can eat something moderate / small beforehand and just get a small salad. No shame in that :-)

Bar / Pub in Toronto Party Space

You can also try Molly Bloom's on College - I held an event there with ~50 people and was able to book the top floor. Cheapish drinks and they have (had? it's been awhile) a group appetizer menu.

Toronto Food Scene : Your Pros & Cons

Thanks :-)

The board looks soooo different now!

Best Chinatown eats?

Kom Jug for BBQ Pork! Cheap + yum :D


Toronto Food Scene : Your Pros & Cons

After travelling almost non-stop for the past 2 years, I appreciate Toronto a lot more!

PROS - We do mid-range pretty well, IMO. Pretty diverse offerings, a chatty community, and things change relatively often so it's not hard to network and find new gems to try on a regular basis. I wish there were more 'underground'-esque dinners, food trucks, and other creative outlets - but I don't think we do a bad job overall so I'll slide this into the PRO column. Lastly, I appreciate the quick-and-healthy options that we have!

CONS - I agree about the bread and dairy...but by North American standards, I don't think we're doing so bad. On a global scale - we need improvement. I feel like the great vs. not-so-great ratio has been slipping (but I've been pretty out of touch, compared to before, so that's definitely debatable).

Whole organic chicken?

I pick mine up at Loblaws - I can't remember the price off-hand. I'll make a point to post the next time I grab one :). They're locally raised.

Jeff and Nuit have left Khao San Road

I went for dinner the other night - I didn't notice any changes in quality. I didn't even know that Nuit and Jeff left until after I ate (so out of touch /w TO)!

Providence Dinner with Friends

+1 with PCFP - great atmosphere and food. Went for a group outing and was very happy! reasonable price point too!

Dec 10, 2012
ekim256 in Southern New England

The Dorrance - Providence

hmm..good to know! the space is BEAUTIFUL though...I'm debating between this place and Gracie's

Dec 10, 2012
ekim256 in Southern New England

Anyone know a cool Toronto Food Blog? Looking to find some cool food spots.

aw thanks G :-) Shows how often I creep these boards these days...

Oct 29, 2012
ekim256 in Food Media & News

korean market

I took your advice. Also went to the shop next door - ended up buying songpyeon and getting some buldak :) Thanks!

Dec 04, 2011
ekim256 in Prairie Provinces

Want to go fishing around Kahului :)

Hi KaimukiMan!

A. Any of those would be a fun new experience. I've only done ice fishing, river fishing, ocean fishing, lake fishing.

B. We only have ice fishing gear...not appropriate for Hawaii >_<

C. No, but we don't have a kitchen in Calgary since we're there for work..would be happy to gift it to someone :)

Dec 03, 2011
ekim256 in Hawaii

korean market

Thanks for the speedy replies, chows :)
Fantastic news - I'll walk over there after work.
I'm assuming you mean buldak? If so...yum!
Thanks for the tips. I'm a 2.0 Korean kid, and it'll be nice to meet some locals. Quickly accessible Korean food in the dt core has been absent in my recent stint in YYC...I tend to gorge whenever I'm back in TO or travelling to the West Coast (not meant to offend YYCers, I've been enjoying other parts of your city...I'm just a sucker for nostalgia)

I wouldn't be chopping up trees - just pulling needles off the branch :) i'm going to a very traditional thanksgiving dinner (or so it seems - with pumpkin pie, turkey, cranberry sauce, etc.) so I thought it'd be fun to mix it up a bit.


Nov 19, 2011
ekim256 in Prairie Provinces

korean market

Hi there,
I'm looking to make Korean food for my an American Thanksgiving dinner (we're getting a mix of cultures!). Is the only Korean grocery store in Nose Hill? I'm guessing I'll find some ingredients at T&T...in particular, I'm looking for mugwort and mungbean powder for songpyeon (Korean cakes for Thanksgiving).
At the risk of sounding like an idiot on a food forum - are there pine trees somewhere near the downtown core? I'm not from here, and rarely venture out of downtown because I'm stuck between my office and my hotel most days. I dont recall seeing them in Prince' Island Park, and I'd like to steam my cakes with them.

Nov 18, 2011
ekim256 in Prairie Provinces

Want to go fishing around Kahului :)

Hello! My friend and I are going on a crazy short trip to Hawaii in December. Long story short, we stumbled across an opportunity to pop over from just December 16-18 and we could not pass it up, even if is such a short time.
We pretty much only have the the evening of the 16th-18th. Our main goal is to try to go fishing! Any recommendations? It won't be our last time in Hawaii, so we don't feel a need to cram too much into our stay. A good fishing trip and maybe a hike...bonus points if we can combine the two. And delicious food, of course :)

Nov 13, 2011
ekim256 in Hawaii

New York Subway Open Again

potato burrito!!!

Ideas for foodie gifts to bring back to Canada to a relatively large crowd from Germany/the Netherlands/maybe Paris

Hello again Chows,
I am going on a 3 week trip that will include a roam around Germany and the Netherlands - possibly a hop down to Paris.
I was hoping for a nice group gift idea to bring back to work (as a thank you for picking up my slack for 3 weeks :P) - I was thinking that I wouldn't go wrong with a big pack of chocolate! I will finish in Amsterdam.



Aug 17, 2011
ekim256 in Europe

Can we revisit the PATH?

Man - Excessive travelling made a major delay in my visit to Marcellos. They actually took down the salad bar by the time I got there, and I was only able to grab a quick sandwich since it was near EOD. Thought it was a bit pricey, and Fast Fresh makes a better quick sandwich - but I still want to try their salad :-). I spotted a Marcello's in the +15 in Calgary earlier this week - I might have to see if they make a killer tabbouleh here!