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Need suggestions for waffles or pancakes with NO egg

I made these same pancakes and they failed miserably. Hubby was NOT impressed. I really need to perfect vegan pancakes & waffles to make hubby a believer but so far I've been failing and this recipe didn't help. He likes FLUFFY pancakes and waffles. His mother uses bisquick mix for the pancakes.

Jan 07, 2010
sarawithanh in Home Cooking

Vegan Brunch Ideas?

thanks for the ideas everybody! keep em coming!!

Apr 22, 2009
sarawithanh in Home Cooking

last meal cooked

homemade falafel pita sammiches with tahini dressing & fried plantains!

Apr 21, 2009
sarawithanh in Home Cooking

how to clean my Emerilware™ Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

thanks everybody! baking it with water in the pan really helped loosen the caked on stuff! my hubby was in shock LOL I made sure to season it right away and left a thin layer of oil on it for the next time we use it - I'm so happy to see it clean again and free of crusties - yuck

Apr 21, 2009
sarawithanh in Cookware


I saw this recipe today from her upcoming brunch book:

I've never had tempeh before - scared to try it!!

Apr 21, 2009
sarawithanh in Home Cooking

Vegan Brunch Ideas?

Hello there!

My non-vegan friend and I (vegan) have begun holding vegan cookoffs - it was her idea! We have a "brunch" themed cookoff coming up and I'm stumped for good brunch ideas that don't contain too many scary ingredients as my hubby and her bf, both meat eaters are our judges :)

Yes I'm aware Isa's new brunch cookbook is due to be released soon - I pre-ordered it but I'm afraid we might have the brunch off BEFORE i receive my copy of the book!

That being said I have a few categories of items needed:

Side Dish

I'm planning on testing Isa's chesapeake tempeh cakes for the appetizer category next weekend.

I am also planning to test Notella Crepes as the dessert feture next weekend as well - both recipes are in Veganomicon.

I was contemplating biscuits & gravy from vegan with a vengeance...not sure thogh - hubby kind of turned his nose up. as a meat eater he LOVES bob evans biscuits and sausage gravy so maybe I shouldnt try to make a "vegan" version??

Any ideas for Beverage, Entree, Side Dish???? I appreciate any and all suggestions! I really want to win!

Beverages need to be semi -original if possible. I know the normal breakfast beverages include mimosas, bellinis, bloody marys, smoothies - I was shooting for something alcoholic but different! Ideas welcome please!!!

Apr 21, 2009
sarawithanh in Home Cooking

how to clean my Emerilware™ Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

Hello everybody!

My husband and I LOVE our double burner cast iron from emerilware. The grilled chicken & veggies come out great!

however, we have issues with cleaning it - its difficult to clean. Everything is still caked on from the past 2 times using it because we don't know how to clean it and have RUINED a bunch of sponges trying to clean it.

Does anybody have any tips on how to get the caked on food off it so I can get it clean and try to actually season the sucker???

our sink isn't big enough for soaking either - and I know you're not supposed to soak cast iron.

some help would be great!! thanks in advance!

Apr 13, 2009
sarawithanh in Cookware

Vegan Friendly DC Restaurants for Carb Load! (pre-race meal)


My friends and I are running the Cherry Blossom on April 5 and need to venture into DC on the 4th to pick up our running packets.

There are 2 vegans in the group so we are trying to find a good vegan friendly restaurant for our pre-race carb load!

Any ideas/suggestions??

Cookware Help Needed

I think she needs to get over the heft of things.....

My husband and I just received a set of Cuisinart MultiClad Pro Cookware and we LOVE them!

We also received a 4Qt All Clad braiser which we love too.

I personally think heft is better over flimsy b/c flimsy is what you brought you here in the first place - My mom still uses her Farberware stainless set they received as a wedding gift 35 years ago...she likes it, but she hates the unevening heating since they have warped some. She purchased an annodized aluminum pan to try to combat the uneven heating that she disliked and she is back to square one.

I told her she should really try to look into cladded cookware. maybe you should do the same? I would also add some cast iron cookware into your collection as well.

cookware is heavy. it is what it is

Oct 28, 2008
sarawithanh in Cookware

pyrex storage containers - marker for glass?


I live with roomates and we each have some pyrex storage containers that keep getting mixed up. Is there a marker that would be suitable for writing on glass with and will not wash off in the dishwasher?


Oct 27, 2008
sarawithanh in Cookware

Le Creuset Dutch Oven - cleaning & storing food ?

Hi I just received a new LC dutch oven for my wedding.

1) Can I store food in it? I'm making a big batch of chili and wonder if I can store the chili in the pot in the fridge for the next few days??

2) It appears that some stuff has been burned to the bottom of it already - best way to clean it? Should I soak it first? etcetc.


Oct 24, 2008
sarawithanh in Cookware

Restaurant in No. Va. with tables for 8?

Ruths Chris
McCormick & Schmick's
PF Chang's
Rio Grande Cafe
Bazins on Church in Vienna is a great little restaurant - give them a call and see if they can accomodate you - NOT a chain, great atmosphere and phenomal food!
Sweet Rice in Falls Church, VA is a great inexpensive thai restaurant - call and see if they can accomodate you

Coastal Flats/Sweetwater Tavern/ and any other Great American Restaurant CANNOT accomodate parties of 6+ unfortunately (you should go sometime when you have 6 ppl or less for sure - good eats!)

Eating at Whole Foods vs Wegman's

the whole foods in fairfax is top notch in terms of dining in the restuarant and far superior to any of the wegmans

whole foods is obviously all organic - a plus in and of itself. I can't find nearly as many healthy options at wegmans and HATE eating there b/c their salad station SUCKS.

the salad bar at whole foods is AMAZING. in addition, the fairfax WF has "mini restaurants" within the store focusing on varying cuisines like an asian bar and a seafood bar, etc.

Sep 15, 2008
sarawithanh in Chains

Invited 6 couples over for a party Saturday night. Want to do heavy hors d'oeurves and dessert. Please share with me your favorite recipes!

my friend and I just made an appetizer for our friends bachlorette party and they were a hit.

i'm not sure if "crostini" is the appropriate word for these, but I think it is.

anyways, slice a baguette and layer slices on a baking sheet. (we used multigrain baguette)

now you have 3 options to choose from - all are delish, variety is probably good.

option 1 - caprese
spread pesto, then basil leaf, then fresh mozzarella slice, then tomato slice

option 2 - hummus
spread Trader Joe's white bean & basil hummus (or your favorite hummus), top with an arugala leaf, then sharp cheddar

option 3 - mustard & avocado
spread with whole grain mustard, then avocado slice, then havarti (or your fav cheese)

baked til all cheese are melted

I just came up another one :-) ....

option 4
spread with whole grain mustard, top with thinly sliced granny smith apple, then a piece of crispy bacon (you can omit this if you are vegetarian), top with white cheddar cheese

Also - get thee to a Trader Joe's or Costco and pick up some raspberry & brie filled philo dough appetizers - bake & serve - super easy and super yummy!

a popular one my SIL likes to make is a huge brick of pepper jack cheese (from costco) wrapped in biscuit dough and baked til cheese melty inside - top with apricot preserves - this is a little messy, but extremely filling and ALWAYS a big hit - serve with butter crackers

another good one is a layered mexican dip w/ tortilla chips - very filling (if its too much you could also just mix a can of refried beans & a jar of salsa and call it a dip)
layer refried beans into a trifle bowl, layer with sliced green onions, then spread with sour cream & cream cheese that has been blended together in a food processor, then gucamole and shredded cheese

pigs in a blanket - beef or turkey hot dogs wrapped in biscuit dough and baked

stuffed mushrooms (combination of parm cheese & breadcrumbs OR same with some crab meat too)

sweet potato & red onion baked quesadillas w/ cilantro sour cream (these are a BIG hit too!)
INGREDIENTS for quesadillas
shredded mozzarella & cheddar cheeses
whole wheat tortillas
sweet potatoes, baked and chopped into small chunks
red onion, chopped

DIRECTIONS for quesadillas
layer whole wheat tortillas onto a baking sheet
bake sweet potatoes until soft
sautee red onions and set aside
please some sweet potatoes & onions on 1 half of each tortilla - cover in cheese
fold tortillas over and bake til melted through - cut into 4ths, serve with cilantro sour cream (recipe follows)

INGREDIENTS for cilantro sour cream
container of sour cream
bunch of cilantro
1 garlic clove, salt & pepper

DIRECTIONS for cilantro sour cream
place all ingredients in a food processor and blend til mixed through - serve cold w/ the quesadillas

for dessert I would do a pretty fruit salad and maybe a trifle or something

Sep 15, 2008
sarawithanh in Home Cooking

future hubby soaked my cast iron overnight :(

Thanks everybody! I knew it wasn't the end of the world - the pan wasn't well seasoned anyways so all is not lost :-) I had the pan sitting in the sink and I think the roomates put water in it, and then future hubby came along and noticed water (which I will add he thought was odd and that you weren't supposed to soak it...) and filled it up more overnight and I didn't notice til this morning!

I will get some steel wool tomorrow and re-season :-)

Sep 15, 2008
sarawithanh in Cookware

future hubby soaked my cast iron overnight :(

What do I do now? It was soaked in a ton of water and when I spilled the water out, there are spots of orange (I assume rust?) on my skillet.

How do I go about repairing? Its fixable - right?

Thank you!

Sep 15, 2008
sarawithanh in Cookware

6.75 oval or 7.25 round?

I myself went for the 7.25Q round, because I will mostly be doing stovetop cooking. (and at the recommendation of the majority of chowhounders on here...)

Aug 07, 2008
sarawithanh in Cookware

Cast Iron fans: when do you use it?

I use my skillets for scrambled eggs/omellettes, cuts of meat/fish, bacon, searing chicken sausage, buffalo burgers

I do not yet have a grill pan but I would definately use that for turkey/beef/chicken/buffalo burgers

When I eventually have a dutch oven, that will be soups/stews for sure!

Jul 29, 2008
sarawithanh in Cookware

5 Qt. or 7Qt Dutch Oven

Do you have an LC factory outlet near you? If so, save the BBB gc for another time and go straight to your outlet - or call first if its a good distance away...they have sales all the time.

The outlet near me is selling a 7.25Q seconds quality for 35% off bringing it to $140 - saving $100+ dollars compared to BBB.

I had the same dilema as you (and I'm getting married in Oct) and we decided to register for the 7.25Q based on suggestions here - I loove cooking soups & stews

Jul 25, 2008
sarawithanh in Cookware

Everyday Eating: Restaurants you frequent

Breakfast - Eggspectations (Silver Spring MD or Rockville MD) or Original Pancake House (Falls Church, VA or Rockville, MD). The Chesapeake omellete is amazing at Eggspectations. Both are higher priced breakfasts...$12-18/entree

Coastal Flats (Tysons/Fairfax Corner) - best crab cakes (I'm a MD girl all the way - trust me!) the shrimp & grits is really good too. I love all the salads $12-20/entree

Sweetwater Tavern (Merrifield/Tysons/Sterling) - any of the entree salads are fabulous. Banana Pudding is to die for. so is the chocolate waffle $12-20/entree

La Sandia (Tysons Corner) - new mexican/tequila bar restaurant - chips & salsa is amazing. Chicken mole is fantastic. tequila tasting was fun!

La Flor de la Canela (Rockville Town Square) is a FABULOUS Peruvian restaurant - get the stuff yucca, the lentil stew is GREAT! yucca fries are devine.

Pho 75 (multiple locations)

Chipotle & Panera are my "go to "fast food" " locations

Your favorite recipes using Trader Joe's products

2 more recipes.......

buffalo burgers w/ garlic naan and melted swiss cheese & sauteed mushrooms

we use the korma simmer sauce w/ chicken, serve w/ green veggie & garlic naan

Jul 16, 2008
sarawithanh in Home Cooking

Your favorite recipes using Trader Joe's products

This thread is awesome! I can't wait to try the sausage & butternut squash - so simple and easy. Oh and the meatball soup sounds great too!

I just made this last night - it was a huge hit

1 bottle of Trader Joe's Island Soyaki marinade sauce
however many salmon filets (I used the Kirkland brand frozen sockeyes)
fresh pineapple chunks

Marinate salmon in the soyaki sauce for a few hours.
Place salmon in baking dish and scatter a few pineapple chunks.
Bake at 450 for however long it takes to get cooked.

While salmon is cooking, sautee/pan sear the remaining pineapple chunks & juice in a cast iron skillet. (if you have easy access to a grill - I would grill)

Serve salmon over brown rice w/ pineapples & green veggie of your choosing (I prefer sugar snap peas or green beans for this particular dish - broccoli or asparagus would work too)

1 Trader Joe's whole wheat pre-made pizza crust
1 jar of Trader Joe's pizza sauce
pesto or olive oil - your preference
shredded mozzarella cheese
shredded cheddar cheese
dried oregano & basil
onion, chopped
red pepper, chopped
grn pepper, chopped
sliced mushrooms
2 vine ripe tomatoes, sliced

spread pesto or olive oil on top of ww pre-made pizza crust
top with jarred pizza sauce
sprinkle with dried oregano & basil
top sauce with onion, peppers, & mushrooms
cover with mix of mozz & cheddar cheeses
top pizza with slices of tomatoes

Trader Joe's ww british english muffins or whole wheat - whatever..
Trader Joe's turkey bacon
Trader Joe's Havarti cheese
TJ's dried basil
sliced tomato
sclied avocado

cook the bacon - place each muffin half face up on a baking sheet - split bacon in half and place in 1 layer on top of the muffin - then place avocado slices on top of the bacon, then cheese on top of the avocado, sprinkle w/ dried basil & place a slice of tomato on top and bake til hot and melty

the boys loved it! and next time we are going to try it with a fried egg layered on top of the bacon and rest of the layers as normal - it would be FANTASTIC w/ a fried egg on it!

Jul 16, 2008
sarawithanh in Home Cooking

Good Breakfast in Germantown/Gaithersburg

eggspectations in rockville!

New cast iron user, but what to use for tomato stews?

wow - I never heard of all of that.

Do you have any links to articles on the subject? I knew there was a reason I wanted all clad made in usa :) (at least I am pretty sure it is.....)

Jul 15, 2008
sarawithanh in Cookware

All Clad French Skillet vs. Fry Pan

thanks Blondelle! I was going to register for 10" and 12" fry pan but then realized the french skillets appeared bigger with a higher edge - totally registering for the 11" and I LOVE that its cheaper over the fry pan.

My fiancee likes to make a mess and pretend he's a cook and flips food so the edges will help keep sauteed mushrooms & onions from scattering - THANK YOU!

(if only there was something to help a messy cook of a fiance) :-p

Jul 14, 2008
sarawithanh in Cookware

All Clad French Skillet vs. Fry Pan

working on the registry...

I haven't actually seen the french skillet in person but was curious what the difference is between the french skillet and the fry pan. It appears that the french skillet has higher sides. Is this an advantage over the fry pan?

I have a cast iron for the only things I could see us doing w/ the fry pan is sauteeing veggies basically....should I go for the 10" fry pan or the 11" french skillet? I thought the french skillet might have a bit of an edge over the fry pan - am I correct?

Jul 14, 2008
sarawithanh in Cookware

ideal number of bowls for kitchen sink? 1, 2, or 3?

Having gone from my parents house which had 2 bowls and my current house that has 1 bowl - I would go for the 2 bowl option.

My parents had 1 bowl dedicated to dirty dishes & disposal...while the other bowl contained the dish rack and kept dishes that needed to dry more - LOVED IT - it freed up so much space on the counters!

Oh and note. DO NOT GET A WHITE PORCELIN SINK! stainless steel all the way!

Jul 14, 2008
sarawithanh in Cookware

LC 12" Frypan or 4.5 qt cvrd Saute?

thanks for the tips blondelle - much appreciated!

Jul 13, 2008
sarawithanh in Cookware

Is my baking stone ruined ?

Uhh you should jusst soak and try to scrap the cheese off

DO NOT use soap!

Use some hot water and a scraper. Pampered Chef gives a nifty little scraper thing w/ their stoneware products.......

We made pizza on Friday on my friends stone and used the scraper thing. I would suggest a nylon scraper perhaps if you dont have an official PC one

Jul 13, 2008
sarawithanh in Cookware

LC 12" Frypan or 4.5 qt cvrd Saute?

Blondelle - do you think the All Clad 4Q covered braiser would be deep enough for like a stir fry type of dish? I originally was looking at the 4Q covered chef's pan but can't decide which one would be better.

What do you think?

You make excellent points about the lacking cover on the fry pans! I was just thinking back to how my fiance cooks and he sometimes got pissed that we didn't have lids that fit over our nonstick fry pans!

Jul 11, 2008
sarawithanh in Cookware