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1 day in Manhatten to eat!

Sorry, Im actually from NC.

Jun 24, 2008
Waltwiz in Manhattan

Princeton area

Looking for a romantic dinner near princeton for a Sunday night...suggestions please. Dislikes are seafood, only limitation

Jun 23, 2008
Waltwiz in New Jersey

1 day in Manhatten to eat!

Hello all,

Im going to princeton for business, and ended up taking the wife. As last time I went to Atlantic city, this time I will take a train up to Penn station. I need to know where to eat!!

Few guidelines, price isn't an issue at the moment(although im sure afterwards it will be.) We will take the train at 12:14pm and most likely take the 12am train back so about 8 hours of time in NY. I would like to eat at Papaya king since Ive seen it on TV quit a bit!
Also we would love to try some real Kobe beef. We've been looking at Megu Vs BLT prime, so any help on that front would help also, unless there are any other suggestions....

Other then that list all your ideas!! We also need sight seeing ideas other then just walking around between meals to get hungry! We wont mind eating more then twice if the food is light, we just want to be able to enjoy our steak at the end of the day!

Jun 23, 2008
Waltwiz in Manhattan