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King Street Restaurant/Bar - Chappaqua

What's up with Chappaqua? Restaurants turn over like crazy. I thought this was an an affluent foodie town?

Taste of Jamaica in Mt. Kisco ... closed?

Where's Yonkers??:)

Taste of Jamaica in Mt. Kisco ... closed?

Yes..she is closed....I spoke with Michelle the day she left...Friday....very sad. She said she would try to open up somewhere else, but no immediate plans.

Bratwurst in Westchester for Super Bowl Party

I found great fresh bratwurst at Who's Cooking in Croton Falls. It's in the train station. They make all their own sausages. They don't have the bratwurst all the time, but if you call before you go, they might make it for you.

Bellota for Tapas at 42 in White Plains

I thought Peniche was closed?

175 Main St, White Plains, NY 10601

F.I.S.H. in Port Chester closed due to "unforeseen circumstances"

I may have been upset, but I promise you, I would not be whining about it.

F.I.S.H. in Port Chester closed due to "unforeseen circumstances"

I too enjoyed FISH. Good Food and Great Scene, especially in the summer. I think the only people who didn't like FISH were the Blue Hill crowd. See above. As to not calling to cancel a reservation. The restaurant was closed down, without warning or notice. The owner lost his business, people lost their jobs. It's no wonder you didn't get a call, so quit whining.

New Rosie's On The River Port Chester NY

I have eaten there twice in the past couple of months. Once be accident, but I went back again. Food was very good and very reasonable. Large portions. Not fancy, but I liked it!

Very Disappointing Experience at Sonora Restaurant in Port Chester

Very out of character for this restaurant. I've never had a bad experience at Sonora. Food and service have always been excellent.

Rosie's on the River in Port Chester - anyone been there yet?

Ate here the other night. Didn't feel like waiting at Tarry Lodge. The food was awesome! I was a little leery at first, it is not the fanciest of places, but they have a new chef and new menu. I had a seafood salad and Cod FIsh. Good stuff. $80 for the two of us with Tax and Tip.

Rraci's in Brewster--Superb

I have always like this restaurant. Not your typical red sauce place. Dinner for two with wine, $100.

Batali and Bastianich store to open in Port Chester

Kind of torn on this one. It's one thing to open another BBQ Restaurant or in this case Bread Shop. It is an entirely another to open one next door! I think this is just a case of the rich big guys, picking on the little guy. Kneaded Bread is awesome and I for one will pass on the Batali/Bastianich place.

Kneaded Bread
181 N Main St, Port Chester, NY 10573

X2O..not bad....

If X20 were not in Yonkers, it would be a weekly place for me. The place is very impressive. The view, the service, and the food were excellent both times I visited.

Mighty Joe Young's Hartsdale/White Plains, NY closed??

Have you tried to get into one of the chains in WP? The Cheesecake Factory, Outback, and PF Changs have all the biz they can handle. Great food? Great prices? Great service? Or is it just Great Marketing?

Mt Kisco restaurants

The owner of Touch of Jamaica is very friendly as well. The food is very good and VERY reasonable!

The Pier Restaurant & Tiki Bar in Rye

The money they must have spent on the place, they should have invested in someone who knows how to cook. Two visits for me. Never again! Burger over-priced and over-cooked. Soup that HAD to come out of a Campbells Soup can. I could probably live with the high ticket if the food was worth it. It's not!

The Former Woody's on Main in Mt Kisco

What a great idea. Another Casual/New American/Med/Wood Burning Pizza/

Marnie’s Asian Kitchen in Putnam Valley

Ate at Marnie's today. Right off the Pudding Street Exit on the Taconic. New and Bright. Funky seating for about 20 people. Not fancy in the least. The owner was serving and cooking, probably washing the dishes as well. The food was VERY GOOD. I tried three Appetizers and two Noodle Entrees. All were right on the money. The price about $40 out the door with soft drinks (no Liquor License).

Fairway in Pelham is Open!


Good Thai or Indian in Northern Westchester

Thai Golden. The place is in a dumpy strip, sandwiched between a clothing store and tattoo joint. The inside is not much better, though clean. The owner is the only server and is very nice. The service is VERY slow. No alcohol, but you can bring your own, which I love! The food, however, is excellent. The Duck Salad, Green Papaya Salad, Mango Curry are worth the trip and the wait.

Thai Golden
5 Seminary Hill Rd, Carmel, NY 10512

F.I.S.H. in Port Chester

Always llike FISH. Fish roasted in their wood burning oven is always good.


Kelly's on Rt 22.

JB's Barbeque - Brewster - any experiences?

I liked it. There are so many schools of thought with regard to BBQ. They cook their meat with the sauce on, as apposed to dry cooking add the sauce after. I prefer dry rubbed, lots of smoke, and add the sauce after, but that's just me. The sides were very good, the staff was nice, and the prices were reasonable. And before anyone mentions it, yes I prefer Big W's in Dover.

Tarry Lodge - Portchester

Yes no one goes there anymore, it's too crowded. I have eaten there 3 times and always found the food and service to be great. The price point is excellent and nothing was too salty.

Holy Smoke!

Here's the deal on Holy Smoke. Real smoked BBQ, sauce on after it's cooked. Very good. The sides are mediocre to poor. The Corn Muffins are cold and tough, every time I have been there. The best beer selection around. Service is so so, but it's a BBQ place.

Sonora in Port Chester

I agree. The food has always been good, service attentive. The Chef Owner met us at the door last time we were in. The Restaurant Week deal is a no miss.

Where are the best HOT DOGS???

The thing about Walter's is.....Walter's......the place itself. The hot dogs could come from a grocery store....bland and nothing exciting......


Take a ride down to Mt Kisco, Touch of Jamaica on Moger has awesome Jerk Chicken.

Fine Dining that isn't complicated? [Ardsley / Dobbs Ferry / Greenburgh]

Also, hit and miss. Last time I was there, it was not great.

Food Around Somers and Mahopac?

The Blazer Pub in Purdy's and Jaipores Lunch Buffet during the week is $10.95