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What Are the Differences between Southern and Northern New Mexican Cuisine?

Nah I think that its pretty much a north south split. You have two population centers, Alburquerque, with its 'suburb' of Santa Fe, and El Paso (yeah it aint in New Mexico, but it really should be) with its 'suburb' of Las Cruces. Everything else is kinda small. As far as food goes I think there is Santa Fe (which can be annoyingly pretentious) and everybody else...

Man I miss the chiles, the sopapillas, the chile rellenos made from those chiles... heck I miss it all!

Mar 05, 2010
jervin in General Topics

chicharron prensado- how do I make it?

I don't have a recipe, but I have a mystery to add to it. According to some people I know, it is not legal to bring chicharron prensado into the US. I would love to know why. They have an expression for it which translates roughly to, "if it don't snap, it don't pass."

Also if anyone knows a place to get it in the US and in particular somewhere near central Texas, I and a bunch of Mexican ex-patriots would be very grateful.

I mean I know someone who did chicharron prensado for a christmas dinner, that is how much it is missed. Don't worry the contraband material was immediately recognized, impounded and carefully disposed of in its entirety.

Jun 23, 2008
jervin in Home Cooking