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Bird Egg Beans

I bought a gorgeous handful of bright pink (magenta?) speckled beans at the farmer's market yesterday. The sign said they are called "bird egg beans" but the only reference I found to them on the Internet is at this blog: Some site also suggest the bird egg bean may be synonymous with the borlotti bean.

Has anyone else heard of this bean? Does anyone know what I can do with them? I only bought a large fistful to experiment with so ideally I'd like to have them in a rather plain preparation so I can taste the true flavor of the beans. Thanks!

Oct 06, 2008
elaineathon in Home Cooking

Help! Lunch in Herndon?

Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up going to Sweet Basil which was pretty decent - had a yummy softshell crab sandwich and a reallllly good red/yellow bell pepper soup. My new hire enjoyed his grilled Cuban as well.

Help! Lunch in Herndon?

I'm taking a new hire to lunch in less than an hour. I had planned on going to Tyson's but now have to stay in the Herndon area (near Worldgate and the Clock Tower). Where can I take him that's a little more upscale than all the pho shops around town, but that doesn't cost more than $20 per person (no alcohol)? Considering Sweet Basil Cafe but if there's something better I can try on the company dime, I'm up for it!

Hankering for . . . Hash

Bob and Edith's Diner on Columbia Pike. So so so good and so bad for you. You're making me crave some right now, topped with an egg over easy...


The arepas at Guarapos in Courthouse are pretty good and a great deal during happy hour.

Whole Wheat pasta best recipes

Have you tried soba (Japanese buckwheat) noodles? They are very tasty with a Thai-style peanut butter dressing. I did this the other day with a couple spoonfuls of crunchy pb, some soy sauce, sesame oil, and chopped snap peas. Good served cold too.

Also, if you're making a very sauce-heavy pasta dish, especially tomato sauce, it should cover the taste of the whole wheat noodles.

Jul 25, 2008
elaineathon in Home Cooking

Great Brunch Options in DC?

Just got an email about the brunch at Coco Sala (929 F St. NW). $22 fixed price menu for a delicious-sounding spread:
Bonus - it's served from 11am-6pm every Sunday!

Fine Dining Chinese Restaurant?

Most of the good Chinese restaurants I know are not what you would call "fine dining". What about other Asian cuisines? Minh's in Clarendon is a good Vietnamese place that looks fancy but is fairly cheap. Yechon in Annandale is delicious for Korean and the decor is decent, from what I recall (only been there late night after the bar though, so my memory maybe "fuzzy"!). Also, Penang in Farragut North (or is it West...) is good for Malaysian with Chinese influences and is very nice inside.

EatBar or Liberty Tavern?

I'm doing dinner with 6-10 people on Friday night, 7pm-ish. Which would be better for a group, EatBar or Liberty Tavern? Does either take reservations?

Not strictly limited to these two options but they are the ones that come to mind when thinking of places in the Arlington Orange Line corridor that I have wanted to try. Also trying to keep the cost down as it will be my birthday dinner and I don't it to be too pricey for my friends.

Tart Frozen Yogurt Wars Have Begun in DC

That's bizarre. I was wondering if it was actually a store or just pre-packed yogurt or something. Well, at least there are other options!

Good place for a picnic in DC?

I am a huge fan of the Sculpture Garden on the National Mall. They do jazz every Friday evening during the summer, so it's a great place to take a picnic and listen to the music.

Tart Frozen Yogurt Wars Have Begun in DC

Apparently it's in the market between all the River Place buildings, on the 1100 block of Arlington Blvd. If you go, let me know what you think! I have yet to check it out myself.

Everyday Eating: Restaurants you frequent

Kallisti, try Tutto Bene in Ballston but only during lunch on weekends. Their saltenas are yummy and so was the chicarron I had last time. Very authentic and decent prices for how much food you get!

Hainanese Chicken Rice/Chinese Chicken Rice

Penang in Farragut North/Dupont. It's a chain but the food is usually good in my experience and I've had their Hainanese chicken in Boston. It's pretty close to the original that you get in Singapore, where my mom is from. If you go, be sure to get the roti as well, which comes with a mouthwatering curry dipping sauce. I also love their green beans with shrimp paste (tastes much better than it sounds).

Tart Frozen Yogurt Wars Have Begun in DC

I agree, Iceberry is delicious. I did a marketing project on them a few months ago and the owners told me they were planning to expand into Georgetown this summer - not sure what happened to that. But a friend of mine claims Iceberry froyo is available in the River Place convenience store in Rosslyn.


I was at an event catered by Rocklands. The people hosting the "barbecue" had some serious money so I'm sure they had their pick of caterers. The food was excellent, especially the baked beans, chicken, and the dessert tray.

New place in Clarendon (next to Ballroom)

Haven't been there but just got this in my DailyCandy:

Spider Kelly's.

Named for a 1900s-era boxing star, the casually chic bar is hassle free and welcoming. The neighborhood-oriented spot features comfy booths, outdoor seating, and photos of graffiti art from around D.C.

There’s no cocktail list, so the personable bartenders can get creative with your tastes or shake up old-school libations to enjoy in the retro back lounge.

The menu includes comfort food classics (shrimp po’boy and Dr. Pepper-marinated pork), shareable sides, and massive burgers with house-made toppings like beer mustard, pico de gallo, and a balsamic-onion marmalade.

dinner menu needs one more item, but what?

I always like potatoes as a side... how about thick-cut oven fries with paprika and finely chopped parsley? Or sweet potato fries, yum.

Grilled corn would also be delicious, or you can grill and cut off the cob, mix with chickpeas, red onion, parsley, etc. etc. for a corn "salsa"/salad.

There's a great recipe for breaded zucchini sticks in the July issue of Cooking Light. I believe you use a mix of regular breadcrumbs and panko, then bake them. The recipe also shows you how to make romesco dipping sauce with roasted red peppers.

Happy Birthday to your dad!

Jun 26, 2008
elaineathon in Home Cooking

Drowning in Chile con Queso

Mmm, that sounds yummy, thanks! I'll have to give it a shot. Made nachos the other night, ate some plain as dip, and still have over half the quart remaining!

Jun 25, 2008
elaineathon in Home Cooking

Jamaican beef patties around DC area?

When I lived in SW a couple years ago, there was a Jamaican bakery next to the Safeway at the Waterfront Metro stop. Their patties are pretty decent compared to the ones I had in Negril.

Drowning in Chile con Queso

I have a quart of chile con queso begging to be eaten straight out of the tub. I'm considering using it on grilled hot dogs, nachos, and mac and cheese. Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

I also have a leftover quart of baked beans if anyone knows good leftover recipes for that as well...

Jun 23, 2008
elaineathon in Home Cooking