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Korean B.B.Q.

Just finished eating at the Torrance location and it was $20 per person. the pork cheek was my highlight, but the kalbi was good and i recommend trying the flap steak tips. the ban chan was nothing to write home about and the soondubu should be avoided (they have no right calling that soondubu). I still like Road to Seoul for my AYCE, but this one is closer to home, so it works for me. I am amazed at what they did with the old Claim Jumper location.

Affordable coffee beans

My standard bean was Major D's from Peets, but coffee ended up becoming one of the corners we cut to save cash. Whole foods offers pleasant morning buzz in a 24 oz bag for roughly $15 and it was a pretty good substitute. lately, i just started roasting my own in a air popcorn popper with green beans from sweet maria's and that's about $6/lb including shipping. I am now a convert to fresh roast and an aeropress and i don't think i'll go back to buying pre roasted except when i'm too lazy to spend the 10 mins roasting.

In Search Of The King of Brazil’s National Dish – Delicious Meat and Black Bean Stew (or, The Feijoada Throwdown!)

Good Review. I'd also recommend the feijoada at las pampas grill on venice and overland or 3rd street farmers market. A cup of the stew over rice works great for a quick bite. I'd stay away from the feijoada at the brazillian place in the century city mall; that place was worse than brasa.

Beer Selection at El Segundo Whole foods

The Stone bottles are closer to an arrogant bastard or a double IPA than a true IPA. High alcohol content, very hoppy, but also very balanced with malt. Both are dark in color and very creamy. I'd prefer the Self-Righteous if I had to choose one, but the 13th anniversary is limited edition. A similar beer to these is the Alesmith Yulesmith (either july or december variant)

Beer Selection at El Segundo Whole foods

I was pretty impressed by the beer selection in a special display by the fish counter at the El Segundo Whole Foods (checked the 3rd and Fairfax location, and they didn't have the same display).

I picked up the Pliney the Elder from Russian River (sold at many of the whole foods locations), the Stone 13th anniversary ale and Stone Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale (aka Stone 11th anniversary ale).
As a fan of IPAs and Arrogant Bastard, these are a godsend.

I have never seen the self-righteous ale in any local stores nor some of the other stone offerings like the cal-belgique.

I also just noticed that a bev-mo opened up down the street on Rosecrans, so I will have plenty of options to get my drink on.

Searching for Feijoada Meat in WLA

I found a frozen pack of cured pork parts and sausage for feijoada at the supermercado do Brazil on Venice near Overland, but at $16 for a roughly 2lb bag, it seemed kind of steep for what are basically throw away pig parts. Does anyone know of any other markets or carnecerias that stock Brazilian style meats and sausages? Preferably in west LA.

Culver City - Red Brick Pizza is now Brasilian Cuisine

It is open. It is a branch of the Brazilian place in the Farmer' Market (Fairfax), and pretty much the same as far as i can tell. It is cafeteria style and the plates are weighed by the pound.

Lunch in North LB 405 at the 710?

Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thanks.

Lunch in North LB 405 at the 710?

Anyone have any recommendations for lunch in North Long Beach very close to the intersection of the 405 and the 710? Ethnic, Cafes, Pizza, Sandwich shops, burger joints etc. I think Atlantic Ave may have some spots. Any other thoughts?

Copper River Salmon YUM!!!

Just had it at Sakura on Centinela on saturday. The salmon sushi was delicious, but the kama (collar) was pretty over-cooked, and not fatty enough.

Prince at the Roosevelt

There's an exciting announcement in the LA Times: "Prince is expected to announce a seven-week residency at the historic Roosevelt Hotel"

Here's the kicker for chowhounds: "At 2 a.m., Prince's private chef will take over the kitchen of the Roosevelt's Dakota restaurant, which will morph into an after-hours dinner club. As part of a jazz ensemble, Prince will entertain diners until 4 a.m."

Anyone have any clue what Prince eats and what he'd serve his audience? Pancakes?

In Disney Land, any romantic places to dine...?

If you can get a hookup, check out club 33

Pittsburgh Sure Likes its Beer

Pgh is definitely a beer town, and pretty sophisticated about it too. They have a ton of micro and mid sized breweries in town. The glaring exception is IC light, which is just as nasty as bud or miller light, but it's very local and hugely popular. If you get a chance you should try the church brew works, or the german brewery on the north side??

Feb 06, 2007
theboatmanscall in Beer

Who has the best Hot and Sour Soup?

I never order it in the restaurants, but whenever i order delivery, this place had the best hot and sour:
Wok on Fire.
1447 S La Cienega Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90035
(310) 289-5168

its white pepper spicy, not starchy, good quantity of bamboo shoots.

Mayurama in Culver City

Its an indian restaurant (i think it specializes in southern indian). the buffet was pretty good, and it featured some dishes that were new to me (soup, for one, and a good beet green dish). On weekends the buffet comes with mango lhassis and plain dosa (but you'll have to ask for the dosa). The mint chutney was particularly good there. You are talking about the one on the SW corner of overland and venice, right? I don't remember the name, but the exotic food line rings a bell.


I was able to use the 20% off coupons for bed bath and beyond to buy global knives (only at the shop on olympic near barrington). The coupons don't work for henkels or wustoff.

Restaurant/Bar for Belgian Beer (but not microbrews)

I recall that the other room in venice has a good selection of Belgian's.
1201 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice, CA 90293
(310) 396-6230

and i second the recommendation of Naja's. That place is Mecca for draft beers near LA. I love their selection of Cali Microbrews (esp. IPAs), but their selection of Belgian's is very impressive. Even saw bottles of St.Fulian's in the fridge.

HELP!! What are the BEST ASIAN MARKETS around town?

For Korean, I go to California Market on Western and 5th in Koreatown (450 S. Western Avenue). Their produce section is pretty neat and orderly.

For Japanese on Sawtelle, I like Nijiya, but I also like to support Safe and Save, mainly b/c the owners are cool and the fish mongers are really knowledgeable.

Great Titles for Beers

I just saw two beers with the best titles:

- Lenny Bruce R.I.P.A from Hebrew; looks like a double ipa

- Brother Tholonious belgian style from North Coast Brewing

curious to know if anyone tried these yet. any thoughts?

Nov 05, 2006
theboatmanscall in Beer

Ford's Filling Station - $16 for THAT burger?

I agree about the burger. Moreover, the onion rings that come with it looked like pale cheetos, overly battered and puffy, and tasting like old cooking oil.

Very Unique Experience in Los Angeles

I haven't done it in a while, but seeing Marty and Elaine at the Dresden room was always a treat, and very unique. I can't speak for the food, but its frenchy.

best Ramen on Sawtelle?

ironically, it might be ramen-ya on olympic

Best Shabu in SoCal

we usually get out of there for about $20 pp w/o booze. as a rule of thumb, we order 1 order less than our party, so 5 people, 4 orders. (with two people, get 2 orders)

Best Shabu in SoCal

I'm a big fan of Seoul Garden in Ktown (olympic east of alvarado). Korean shabu shabu is very different from the Japanese version starting with the broth (meat based, rather than seaweed). Korean style is heavy on the leafy dark greens (sesame leaf, chinese leeks, green onions, etc) and light on the extras. Beef is the way to go, although SG offers a chicken option. Also, SG is family style so the broth really develops. (I'm not a fan of individual style shabu shabu, not enough stuff ever gets cooked in the broth.) This is important for the udon course, and the porridge course, which come later. They only offer one dipping sauce, but its a quite tasty soy vinegar concoction. Finally, at SG you get all the tasty sides typical for a Korean restaurant.

Need rec for dinner near Wiltern

You are also right in Koreatown and there are tons of restaurants within a few blocks that serve up really good food. There is a Brazilian style churrascaria (sp?) a block west on wilshire called M Grill. For Korean bbq, there is Safety zone a few blocks east or another one on the corner of wilton and wilshire which is supposed to be really good (a few blocks west of the wiltern). You can take a walk a few blocks up western and get Korean fast food at the California Mart (4th or 5th st), a Korean supermarket with food stalls inside.

In honor of the pogues, i'd suggest an irish pub. i think the closest might be molly malone's on fairfax, but that might be too far. There is also the HMS Bounty on wilshire west of vermont for some old school hollywood bar action, and they serve some pub food. At least you can drink like the pogues, wait, that might not be possible.

Alesmith Yulesmith in July?

I went to bevmo a few weeks back and picked up a couple of bottles of Alesmith's Yulesmith seasonal ale. The sign said that it was so popular that Alesmith bottled a batch in July. It was odd seeing the XMas bottle decorations in late summer. Anyway, I remembered being blown away by this beer last winter when I had it on tap, so i grabbed the bottles greedily. They did not disappoint.

Yulesmith is a double ipa w/ a fairly high alcohol content 8% or so. It is a big beer with a full compliment of extra hops and malt, comparable to a stone arrogant bastard, but as i taste it, a little less agressively malted. Its good to know that this is available more than once a year.

Other interesting finds on this trip:
Hebrew - Lenny Bruce RIPA
North Coast - Brother Thelonious Belgian style
Stone 10th anniversary IPA

ok, did some research; according to the alesmith website:

"During the summer, YuleSmith is transformed into a big, hoppy, Double IPA. The enormous load of hops requires a substantial malt background to create just the right balance for a Double IPA. Lighter in color, summer YuleSmith is available around the 4th of July and is packaged in a red, white, and blue bottle.

"For the winter season, YuleSmith is brewed as an Imperial Red Ale. This version is maltier, more balanced, and darker in color than the summer version. Although quite malty, big hop flavors and aromas are abundant making this an unforgettable winter warmer. Winter YuleSmith is packaged in traditional holiday red and green."

Oct 03, 2006
theboatmanscall in Beer

Beers of the Midwest

I used to love Great Lakes brewing out of cleveland, but I've only had it once since i moved out of pittsburgh. Great Lakes is unpasteurized, so it doesn't travel out of the region. anyway, the burning river ale is quite good as i recall. i need to find another reason to go out there and buy beer.

Oct 03, 2006
theboatmanscall in Beer

Good neng myung (cold Korean buckwheat noodles) places in Socal?

Try Hodori on vermont and olympic (SW Corner). They are open 24 hrs, and are pretty laid back. Pix of the food adorn the walls. They have pretty good bibim and mul nengmyung for cheap.

You can also get good versions at the koreatown mall (the one south of olympic @western) or some of the grocery stores. I found perfectly passable stuff at california mart on western and 5th? (maybe 4th?).

Enough of the praise ... what's the 5 WORST of LA?

- Lucille's gets my vote for horribly overpriced and bland bbq.
- George Patrelli's is pretty scary (ground chuck burger be damned).
- I don't think i'm ordering the right stuff at Guelaguetza. They have a margarita there that tastes like barbeque. It is just nasty. The other part is that many moles are too sweet for my taste.
- Kincaids in the south bay gets by on the view. The food was very mediocre, and they expect you not to notice.
- PF Chang's kills me. Like mustard and soy sauce is really a secret. Their food is barely Chinese, and way too salty or charred.

Compare and contrast: Sa Rit Gol vs. Seoul Garden

I've never been to Sa Rit Gol, but Seoul Garden is one of my favorite spots. Here's the deal though, if you go to SG, you are basically commiting your whole group to family style Korean shabu shabu. They also have grilled meat on the menu, but I have never ordered it.

Korean style shabu shabu starts with a pot of hot broth on the burner in the table. you throw in thinly sliced raw beef and shredded greens (sesame leaf, green onion, nappa cabbage, chinese leeks, etc) which cook quickly and are eaten with a vinegar, sesame soy sauce. The taste is subtle and not hot at all. They serve around 6-8 plates of panchan (side dishes) with the meal and those will include different types of kim chee.

After you are done with the shabu shabu part, the waitress will come by and cook udon noodles in the remaining broth and serve them (the broth is very rich by this point). Finally, the waitress will take the last bit of broth and add rice, an egg, seaweed and sesame oil to make a fantastic rice porridge.

it is a feast, and especially good now that the weather is cooling. it ends up costing around 20 pp w/o booze. one rule of thumb i use is to order 1 fewer serving than the size of the group. so with 5 people, i'll order 4 servings, and that will be plenty.