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BYO recommendations needed

My top 4 are :
Za in Pennington, NJ (a little pricey, but worth it... recently renovated, gorgeous space)
Acacia in Lawrenceville, NJ
Luke Palladino, Northfield, NJ (a bit of a trek, but a fantastic BYOB... make reservations in advance, menu changes often, same Luke Palladino food as the restaurant in Harrahs, better prices, more intimate)
Lucas Ristorante, Somerset NJ (OMG, get the agnoloti de cacao!!!! what a treat)

Mar 12, 2012
fjt908 in New Jersey

Private Party Locations in Central NJ?

I am looking to host a private party of 30-40 in central NJ. Any suggestions on where to look? Would love a BYOB to keep booze costs down, but am willing to look into any and everything!

Looking forward to suggestions! Thanks, all!

Mar 12, 2012
fjt908 in New Jersey

Daryl Wine Bar

Just went to Daryl's (our second time there) on Saturday to celebrate our one year anniversary. Had 7 of the small plates (including the coca, gnudys, and gnochhi) and 2 desserts and 8 4oz pours of wine between the two of us, and were stuffed to the gills. The food was great (the duck confit salad was a BIT salty fo our tastes but otherwise everything was outrageous!). The waiter botched one of our glasses of wine and brought out the wrong one... he immediately appologized and brought us the requested wine, on the house. LOVED the place. HIGHLY reccomended

Jun 23, 2008
fjt908 in New Jersey