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Donnely Pub Group?

Of all the bars/lounges/hot spots/restaurants in this company, which are best for lunch/dinner/fun cocktails? I've looked at all their websites, but would prefer testimony from an eye witness. I'm staying in Vancouver for a week and would like to go to a couple decent places for lunch, maybe an upscale dinner or two, and also hit a swanky lounge for good wine or cocktails a few nights. (I certainly have no problem swaying away from this company though. Their online entourage just looked impressive).

Apr 27, 2009
alict19 in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Charm City Cakes

Would it be possible to take a picture outside the shop, while not interfering with the magic happening within?

Maryland steamed crabs?

My best friend is coming in town Labor Day weekend, and she's wants to do the "crack your own crab" thing. I'd like to take her somewhere really fun with people in their 20s, but not break the bank either. Somewhere close to Fells Point/Harbor East/ or Inner Harbor would be preferable. Any ideas?