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New pizza place in Woodley Park?

Anyone have info on the new pizza place on Connecticut Ave. in Woodley Park? It's a lower-level restaurant next to Petits Plats.

What to do with hot mango chutney?

Bought some hot mango chutney during a recent trip to the Caribbean, but I have no idea what to do with it. Any recipe suggestions or dishes I should try? Thanks!

Jun 24, 2008
CaitRC in Home Cooking

Someplace other than Old Ebbitt for dinner w/ visitors?

I was thinking about that -- I've never been there but I've heard decent things about it. Is it more bar than restaurant, though? I guess my question is, would it be an OK setting for a family dinner? Not that my family is in any way opposed to bars or drinking, just want to make sure it's somewhat calm, etc. I've never been inside.

Someplace other than Old Ebbitt for dinner w/ visitors?

Yeah, any of those are fine. I live in Woodley, so I'm pretty familiar with the Adams Morgan/Dupont offerings. Am considering Casa Oaxaca. Less familiar with U St. restaurants, though the ones mentioned above look like possibilities. I just don't know anyone who's been to them and reviews I read online are mixed...

Someplace other than Old Ebbitt for dinner w/ visitors?

Haha, yes, my dad would probably be delighted with that. That's probably where we'll end up, after I spend my entire week stressing out over what nice restaurant I should take them to.

Honestly, though, a step or two up from that would probably fit the bill. Any other U St. spots you would recommend? Creme? Marvin? Station 9? All look interesting, though reviews seem inconsistent...

Someplace other than Old Ebbitt for dinner w/ visitors?

I appreciate your suggestions so far. The more I think about it, though, I'm pretty sure that more than anything, they would love a dynamic place that has real personality, and would provide a unique and cool experience that they can't get in Syracuse, NY (which is where they're coming from). They'd prefer to see the semi-casual, interesting, local, and maybe even neighborhood-y side of DC, rather than the upscale places frequented by the fabulous, the powerbrokers, and the tourists, know what I mean?

Someplace other than Old Ebbitt for dinner w/ visitors?

My parents and grandmother just decided to come to DC this weekend, and I'm trying to figure out where to take them Saturday night. I'd like it to be something that has sort of an "only in DC" feel. Old Ebbitt Grill was going to be my back-up if I couldn't figure out something more interesting, but it looks like they're booked so I'm starting from scratch. They're not terribly particular, and they have pretty simple taste, but I want to take them someplace they'll really enjoy. Dad's a pretty casual guy and will want someplace not too fancy or expensive. Mom is easygoing but would love some healthy, interesting choices. And grandma would probably appreciate someplace semi-quiet, food she can recognize, and easy & safe parking or Metro access. Someplace near a cool DC landmark would be great. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.