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Food in Aurora / Newmarket?

Thanks to both of you!
As the OP, and over three years later, I can say as follows...

We love Orchid Thai in Aurora. Solo Sushi Ya is fantastic. Two of three trips to Edward Street Bistro were excellent!

BigBone BBQ on Eagle Street in Newmarket is fantastic.

King Henry's Arms in Aurora is one of our favorite spots for sure as well.

The food at Chinook is good, but we have never really had a good time there. Not sure what the fuss is about.

Other good wing spots are Tom and Jerry's and CW Coops.

I have also heard that a new place called Play in the Goodlife plaza is worth trying...

Happy eating!

BBQ on Hilton Head? Smokehouse?

So we went to One Hot Mama's in Hilton Head. We had a good time. The Ribs were great. But wow, was the service attitude ever backwater. They had a happy hour, but they couldn't serve us any happy hour specials because we were seated in a booth 15 feet away from the high-top tables? The brisket was rubbery and bland, and the waitress was that and surly too. I would return for the ribs, and the location (in a very good area of bars - try the pub next door with 30+ beers on tap and shuffleboard). The place gets pretty hopping late, so get some happy hour in you, some ribs, but don't expect lowcountry 'q. Not here.
But we had a good time, so thanks, sisterbeer, for letting us know.

One Hot Mama's
7 Greenwood Dr, Hilton Head Island, SC 29928

Apr 11, 2011
paulydemerson in Southeast

BBQ on Hilton Head? Smokehouse?

Thank you, sisterbeer!

Mar 29, 2011
paulydemerson in Southeast

BBQ on Hilton Head? Smokehouse?

Hi all, I've been searching all sorts of threads but I haven't had any luck. We're hoping that someone has been to Smokehouse or another good BBQ spot on Hilton Head? We're going next weekend.

Also, any good breakfast recommendations near Palmetto Dunes would really be appreciated!

Thanks and good eating!

Mar 24, 2011
paulydemerson in Southeast

Seattle/Tacoma Dinner/Lunch Recommendations

Wild Ginger is very good and everyone is happy with having tried it out. It is very tasty and a great "Asian Fusion" spot. Go and try the satays to start, then the duck and perhaps the seven flavour beef if you fancy that.
I would also heartily recommend The Flying Fish. It is on 1st Street and some call it 'quintessential Seattle'. I had the best seared scallops I've ever had there, but I regret not getting the salt and pepper crab - that looked phenomenal.

Dec 17, 2009
paulydemerson in Greater Seattle

Toronto eats and things to do this weekend

A great put that isn't too far of a walk for you is called the Rebel House - you'll feel like a local and I'm sure you'll enjoy the food. 1068 Yonge St

Breakfast near the Sheraton on Queen West

try Eggspectations, on Yonge, north of Queen. Or "Over Easy", on Yonge, between Wellington & Front Street.

good eats near sheraton centre

For brunch, try Eggspectations - it is on Yonge St, north of Queen. Not far at all for you. Also at that location is Baton Rouge, which has great ribs.

You can get an EXCELLENT take out Burrito at Burrito Boyz - just walk West on Adelaide, it is on the north side of the street.

The best wings in Toronto are at Duff's, which is on College Street, near Bathurst. There are a bunch of great bars in that area, you can't go wrong heading up that way.

Food in Aurora / Newmarket?

HI there,

I'm moving to Aurora and need some help - what are the better pizzarias, wing rib spots, sports pubs/pubs and good finds for us? Any particular good Thai joints out there that deliver? Its a leap of faith leaving the City for the burbs, and we love food, so any help would really be appreciated!


business lunch for 20 - King/York?

Vertical (formerly Tasting Rooms) in First Canadian Place might be an option as it has private rooms, etc.