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Sichuan Cottage Marlboro

If you have a smart phone the google translate app lets you use your camera to translate chinese into english.

I haven't used it extensively so I can't speak for the overall accuracy. It was pretty successful on the one menu I tried that had both chinese and english. Having the english description let me check how accurately it was translating the chinese.

Mar 31, 2015
jrd303 in New Jersey

Where's the local bounty?

I know everyone wants to save money but If there's one thing I don't mind paying more for it's to support the folks that are investing their sweat and capital into providing premium, peak season produce. It's difficult work with no guarantee of a crop producing and small margins.

None of the local folks I buy from are rolling in riches and a good deal of the value in the supermarkets is built on the backs of marginalized immigrant workers and subsidized crops.

I think there's more to value than just the price. Keeping our hard working local farmers in business is an investment worth making, imo.

Feb 24, 2015
jrd303 in New Jersey

German graubrot in N. Jersey

I was at Syrena's Deli in Linden the other day. They have a broad selection of rye breads. Maybe 15-20 different types from bakeries all around the NY metro area. One of the bakeries is Northside Bakery from Brooklyn. It seems they make a few types with sourdough starters.


Syrena's didn't seem to have all the varieties (I bought a loaf of Granny's)but if there are any that interest you I'd be happy to check if they carry it or if they can order it for you.

Syrena's Deli
1117 West Saint Georges Avenue, Linden, NJ 07036
(908) 486-0677

Northside Bakery
149 N 8th St, Brooklyn 11211
(718) 782-2700

Feb 13, 2015
jrd303 in New Jersey

Hardees is coming to New Brunswick

I'm not a big fast food guy, but I don't think there's many Hardees in NJ and thought I would post this for anyone who's interested.

It's still under construction. It's going to be over by the high school and I believe it's where Checkers used to be:

659 Somerset St

Feb 03, 2015
jrd303 in New Jersey

German graubrot in N. Jersey

I wish I could be of more help for the graubrot, I've never seen any in my travels. Perhaps the Lithuanian Bread from http://www.lithbake.com/bread.html could be an acceptable substitute if you're not able to locate any. It has some tang to it with a dense structure.

Best of luck

Feb 03, 2015
jrd303 in New Jersey

Metuchen (or nearby) recommendations for gift certificate?

Has anyone tried http://breezesgrill.com/ on 27?

May 11, 2014
jrd303 in New Jersey

Metuchen (or nearby) recommendations for gift certificate?

Has anyone tried http://breezesgrill.com/ on 27?

May 11, 2014
jrd303 in New Jersey

GREAT Tacos in a Citgo Gas Station?

The Pho place I go to did as well. A recent episode of the Brian Lehrer Show had a discussion about the lime shortage. David Karp, produce columnist for the Los Angeles Times and citrus researcher believes the lime shortage should be over once summer rolls around.



Apr 19, 2014
jrd303 in New Jersey

where to find "makhua phuang"/pea eggplant

A little poking around the internet brought me to a wikipedia page that might help you on your search. Not sure if it's the same plant but it seems to fit your description.


Nov 03, 2013
jrd303 in New Jersey

new kosher falafel place in south river

I went there just to try the hummus. The hummus was wonderful, smooth, and delicious but I also had an issue with the odor in the place. It was overwelming and made me not want to return. If someone is running a business and doesn't have the common sense to figure that out I start to worry about how well they're taking care of food safety. It may not fair but it's my honest impression.

Jun 13, 2013
jrd303 in New Jersey

Best New England Clam Chowder near Matawan/Old Bridge

Can't think of anything around Matawan or Old Bridge and I can say don't bother with the Keyport Fishery.

The Navesink Fishery is worth the 20 minute drive from Matawan for the jump in quality, imo. They also sell quarts of their soup.


If you like lemony deserts I can't recommend a slice of their lemon cake enough.

Jun 10, 2013
jrd303 in New Jersey

Looking for good Latin or Peruvian restaurant in Perth Amboy

If I was going Portuguese I think It's worth it to drive the extra ten minutes to Fernandes 3 on RT35 in Sayreville.

May 08, 2013
jrd303 in New Jersey

Looking for good Latin or Peruvian restaurant in Perth Amboy

One thing about Latin Grill. If you're planning on getting there early sometimes the chicken isn't ready until around noon.

I'm a big fan of rice and beans and Latin Grill's are always solid. Good Papa Rellena and love the stuffed avocado with chicken salad. Nothing fancy about the stuffed avocado but they make it to order with fresh chicken so it's not a goopy mess that's been sitting in a fridge for a few days.

I'd avoid the soup and any of the lo mein dishes on the menu. Not that they're bad but there's other stuff I'd go for on the menu before those options.

If they have the dulce de leche shortbread cookies at the counter they're worth it. They don't always have them.

Also, if you've never had the purlple corn drink it's worth a try. Chicha Limeña is the name on the bottle. Delicious stuff.

May 08, 2013
jrd303 in New Jersey

Eating my way around Edison

For Indian Delhi Garden is right around there. I've enjoyed their food many times.

1677 Route 27, Edison NJ 08817



May 04, 2013
jrd303 in New Jersey

Eating my way around Edison

If you like carrot cake or black and white cookies La Bonbonnierre has really good versions of both. The carrot cake is served as a square. I also like their big chocolate chip cookies on the left side of the store but they have to be soft. I always ask first. They have nice little hints of spice.

2062 Lincoln Hwy, Edison, NJ 08817

May 04, 2013
jrd303 in New Jersey

raritan expo center lunch or dinner

The Skylark Diner is a good option in the area.

17 Wooding Ave Edison, NJ 08817

Apr 10, 2013
jrd303 in New Jersey

Where can I buy really nice loose leaf tea?

Is there any method to discern if a tea is stale before purchase?

Jul 26, 2011
jrd303 in New Jersey

Looking for Fresh Rhubarb in Central Jersey

I'd be surprised if the Wegmans in Woodbridge didn't have rhubarb.

La Bonbonniere bakery on Rt27 in Edison had a Strawberry Rhubarb pie for 12.99 when I was in there yesterday. I have not tried it though.

Jul 09, 2011
jrd303 in New Jersey

Central NJ BBQ Crawl

I always wonder why the local BYOB restaurant and the nearest liquor store don't have pairing suggestions. Seems like a good opportunity for both owners. There's a liquor store within walking distance of Mo Greens...

Check menu for pairing suggestions
Order food
Walk to liquor store and pick up booze
By the time you get back food is almost ready

Apr 11, 2011
jrd303 in New Jersey

Help finding the Best Pizza at the North Jersey Shore?

Delucia's is a good pie with a nice crust but I'm not sure I'd go far out of my way just to try it . If you go to Spirito's you can hit up Santillo's as well. There's also the water ice stand right around the corner from Spirito's which is well worth a stop.

Spirito's Restaurant
714 3rd Ave, Elizabeth, NJ 07202

Jul 21, 2010
jrd303 in New Jersey

Where to buy Passion Fruit Pulp in NJ

Do be alert if you go to Plainfield. Some areas are more safe than others. The business areas along rt514 (park ave) and rt 28 (front st) are generally safe. There are a few neighboorhoods west of 514 (out to Rock Ave) and south of 28 (to west 7th) that are less safe. The area of West 3rd and Liberty in particular should be avoided.

There are many good places in Plainfield worth checking out but it's also wise to know where you're going before hand and how to get there,. Park reasonably close to your destination and be aware of your surroundings.

Jul 05, 2010
jrd303 in New Jersey

Boom in Belmar

Given all those challenges to creating the perfect fry, are there any places you know of that attempt to pull it off and make it work?

May 19, 2010
jrd303 in New Jersey

Where to buy good chicken stock? [Millburn/Short Hills area]

I'd call the nearest neighborhood restaurant that you know uses a quality stock. I've bought all kinds of sauces/ingredients from restaurants in the past. Most owners will be more than happy to sell you some if you explain your situation.

I once needed ginger and the supermarket was out. Out of desperation I went to my favorite local Chinese restaurant and asked kindly if they could sell me some. The owner happily cut me off a big piece and refused to take money for it. The ginger was exceptional, made me appreciate the quality of their ingredients, and they've been paid back in spades with my loyalty ever since.

Apr 27, 2010
jrd303 in New Jersey

So Plainfield, Dunellen, Plainfield: Eatery & Farmers' Market Suggestions?

Perhaps you may consider using the train? There's a station in Dunellen that opens up your options considerably. Dunellen is served by the Raritan Valley line. Westfield is only a 16 minute trip (for $2.75 one way) and has a pretty good setup for walking around as does Cranford which is the next stop down the line . In the other direction is Somerville and Raritan.

On Saturdays both Westfield (8:30am-2pm) and Scotch Plains(8am-1pm) have Farmer's markets through the end of October. They're both held at right at the train stations as well.

Train info

Farmers Markets info

Apr 25, 2010
jrd303 in New Jersey

Butcher in Central NJ??

If anyone is interested in finding Certified Humane Raised & Handled products there's a good list of places that carry that type of product here:


Mar 09, 2010
jrd303 in New Jersey

Crawfish boil in New Jersey?

What's a beer flat?

Mar 06, 2010
jrd303 in New Jersey

Chipotle in Eatontown now open


from the link:

"(Steve Ells, the founder and CEO of Chipotle) returned to the Denver area, where he had lived during his junior/senior high years, to open the first Chipotle Mexican Grill. It was named after a smoked and dried jalapeño pepper that figured prominently among the ingredients, particularly the marinades used to flavor the meats."

Chipotle is 90% owned by McDonalds but they let the original owner of the business call the shots. They're mostly there for site selection . Chipotle likes to describe themselves as fast casual.

I kind of feel guilty endorsing a chain but I really like Chipoltle. If I need a quick meal and I'm in the New Brunswick area the Chipotle at the intersection of 130 and route 1 is my go to place. There's always a line but it moves quick and the pace keeps the food fresh. It's a simple concept. You pick either; a burrito, three tacos (soft or hard) or a salad bowl and build from there. The nice thing is the options are clear. If you're in the mood for a healthy lunch you can pretty much get there (the salt is probably high) but if you want to stuff your face all the decadent burrito stuff is there too.

They try to use better ingredients including free range pork and corn that isn't genetically modified. I hope their growth encourages the production of more high quality products and don't mind paying more for quality. I only hope they don't expand too fast and start cutting corners.

Feb 19, 2010
jrd303 in New Jersey

Best Pizza in N.J.


Guess it means I'm a food junkie when I read this story and wonder how the pizza is at this place. Has anyone been there?

Feb 19, 2010
jrd303 in New Jersey

Looking for pierogi manufacturers

Would you happen to have any favorite shops or addresses?

Jan 31, 2010
jrd303 in New Jersey

New Restaurant BBQ Steakout Rt 9 Marlboro

I had the chicken soup here. Price was $5 and change. It was ok had chicken celery, carrot, and onion and some herb flavor but no fresh ones used in the finish. This place is closer to a Portuguese Chicken and Rib place than a steakhouse. I remember they had empanadas on the menu as well as the chicken/ribs/steak. For those who are curious everything is grilled they don't go any smoking here.

Jan 25, 2010
jrd303 in New Jersey