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Informal Catering

I'm looking for some ideas for catering my wife's 40th birthday gathering. Something informal - not a sit down meal. I'm thinking potluck/family style, but something high quality and delicious. Could be something prepared ahead of time that I can pick up or that would be delivered. Don't need a staff to help serve or anything. figure around 40 people kids and adults. Any ideas? St. Paul or South Metro preferred.


Happy Hour near Airport

Thanks all. We ended up going to Lucky 13s in Mendota Heights. Great Korean Beef Tacos. Will check out some of the other places in the future.

Happy Hour near Airport

Picking up my sister from the airport tomorrow evening and am going to meet a friend to kill an hour or two before picking her up. Looking for something with a good beer selection and some good food specials. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

MSP- Need a recommendation: inexpensive place - good food.

Town Talk fits the bill...something along that lines.

Punch is always good, though my Dad doesn't eat pizza.

Anything Asian is probably out for both my parents.

Good suggestions so far - even if we don't go with my parents, I'll keep them in mind for other times.

MSP- Need a recommendation: inexpensive place - good food.

My dilemma- my parents are in town and want to treat my wife and me to dinner. They would be most comfortable spending around $15 an entree. My wife is a pretty good cook, and doesn't like spending money at places where she could make the meal herself, which means we usually go out less often but send more money on a meal.

Where can we get a unique dining experience at a reasonable price? My mom is not adventurous in what she eats, but the rest of is are. Anyone got anything that fits the bill? Looking preferably in St. Paul or south suburbs, though East Minneapolis would be okay.


Buying Truffle Oil in Twin Cities

I've gotten it at Kowalski's in Woodbury before.

Driving from Duluth to Grand Marais -- lunch recs?

Try the Bluefin Grille at the Bluefin Bay Resort. Was there a few months ago and was very impressed with the food. I didn't have lunch, but Dinner and Breakfast were both good. Good sized portions (not too big, not too small) and very well prepared. The service was impressive as well.

Jun 22, 2008
msuspar10 in Great Lakes

Wine Shops that sell Grappa in Twin Cities?

I'm looking for a wine shop in the Twin Cities area that has a good selection of grappa. Any suggestions?