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Cupcake Liners / Papers

I know this is a whole year and a half late (I just signed up with this site a few moments ago) but I figured I would pass on a good idea.

I create my own cupcake wraps (you dont bake in these, you attached to cooled cupcakes) with scrapbook papers, dollies and creative punches or scissors. I have done this for a while now, got the idea online, because I too, was tired of the plain ones or the standard birthday cups offered. And didnt want to pay the fancy prices for the fancy ones being

Take a plain cupcake paper (that you have cut the center out from) and flatten out. Trace that shape onto the unprinted side of the scrapbook paper. Cut a slit through the paper and then you can wrap this around the cooled cuppie. Attach with a small piece of double sided tape.

You can do the same with doillies, using only the lacey section of the doilie. Punched and scissors add all kinds of fun elements to the wraps. Maybe someday I'll actually remember to take a photo of the completed product to show you all. Heck, maybe someday i'll see them online for the fancy

Jun 22, 2008
thedessertdiva in Home Cooking