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New Indian Restaurant South Asheville?

Thanks for the reports everyone! Looking forward to trying it out!

Nov 15, 2010
jbaucom75 in Southeast

New Indian Restaurant South Asheville?

Has anyone been to Cinnamon yet? Any updates?

Nov 08, 2010
jbaucom75 in Southeast

Fish and Chips-Asheville

I've had fish and chips at many different places around town. My personal favorite are at the Village Wayside in Biltmore Village.

Jun 19, 2010
jbaucom75 in Southeast

Best burger in Asheville?

Agreed on In and Out Burger! Excellent fast food indeed!
After reading the other Burger thread, I tried Table's burger. Best I've had in this town. Though at $11 it isn't cheap, but it is fantastic.

Mar 04, 2010
jbaucom75 in Southeast

Dinner in Asheville

Although not the best restaurant in town, Table seems to be more committed to farm-to-table cuisine than most other restaurants in town. I'm sure some others on this board may have more to add. Given the list you are compiling, I would skip Table unless you really want that experience. Just about all the other places mentioned are better (in my experience).

Also, most of the places mentioned on this thread offer some amount of local food. It just seems that Table places a bit more emphasis on it than most. The Admiral does offer a LOT of local fare on their menu though (they just don't flaunt it so much). Do not skip The Admiral!!

Feb 16, 2010
jbaucom75 in Southeast

Stoney Knob- Asheville

While I do like Stoney Knob, I would heartily disagree with the statement that "nothing compares at any price". That's really selling Asheville's food scene short.
The Admiral, Fig, Bouchon, Zambra, Cucina 24 etc are in a different league than Stoney Knob.
Or for more value oriented options, Nona Mia, Early Girl, Tupelo Honey, Nine Mile, Rosetta's, Little Bee, 12 Bones (Some of these are obviously different styles of food, but just comparing quality) etc. I feel all of these can hold their own against Stoney Knob.

Nov 03, 2009
jbaucom75 in Southeast

Super foodies headed to Asheville (Grove Park Inn) for the weekend

My advice would be to: Skip Horizon's and Savoy.
Add: The Admiral (don't be turned off by the atmosphere, it is arguably the best restaurant in town), Zambra's. Fig is great and Table is as well, although to a lesser extent.

Oct 23, 2009
jbaucom75 in Southeast