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Bellingham WA food inquiries

pho 99! It's on samish. There's also another pho restaurant in cordata - the latter is better. nothing compared to seattle - none the less - that's at least 2 pho shops!

E. Washington restaurant on a farm?

Quillisascut Farm
check it out - it's fantastic

A week in Spokane

Latah Bistro , people, c'mon!
deli's downtown are domini's and brooklyn deli - they're both horrible. I am convinced that it is impossible to find a good sandwhich in the entirety of spokane.
there are a ton of good pho places.
Fugazzi is a black hole for your dollars - don't do it. plus....gross.
latah bistro. I strongly suggest it.

dinner recs in Spokane

Latah Bistro!!!! It's 4 miles out of downtown - it's worth the cab ride. Request a seat in the zoo - that's the seats looking into the kitchen. they'll entertain you. Unfortuatley the chef is out for 2 months, but the other employees will do. Really it's worth it, they have steak if you want....but also a rotating menu with amazing cheeses and chocolates and wine selections.

Bellingham WA food inquiries

I know this was posted over 2 years ago. But I read through all the comments and I'm angry. I've worked in restaurants in Bellingham forever, you people have left out some very important places!
Supon's - Thai Food
Mt. Bakery - Pastries & Weekday breakfast, best crepes in town
Jerome - Saturday market, he is a French gentleman that makes the actual best crepes in town, but since he's only around on sat. he's ranked at 2nd. He uses a really old cast iron crepe 'stove' if you will. Check him out, delicious!
Prospect Street Cafe is nice.
Bayou on Bay - Awesome creole food!
Oriental Bakery - Asian buns, best snack ever
Harris Street Cafe - good coffee and lunch
Old World Deli - Meat and Cheese!
Quel Fromage isn't that great, Spokane even has a better cheese shop with a far more pleasant staff.
Boundary Bay has good quality burgers and excellent beer. and good music.
Don't neglect the 3 woodstone ovens either - Daisy Cafe, Wild Buffalo, and Mambo Italiano(bad lunch, good dinner)
And what Bellingham lacks in restaurant variety it definately makes up for in farms and local purchasing power. I know half the farmers in whatcom and skagit county - and they all make/grow amazing products
Bellingham is GREAT place for food.