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Visiting Oyster Bay, where to get lunch?

Giving away my age here, but many, many, many years ago, we rode our bikes in a cold rain to Sagamore Hill from Levittown. Because it was such a nasty day, the only other people visiting were Ethel Roosevelt Derby, who lived nearby, and the daughter of TR's Secretary of State. They were so taken with what we did, they spent a lot of time talking with us in the house and later took us to the gift shop for some souvenirs. I chose postcards for them to sign. Such nice people, and a treasured memory.

Dr. Richard and Mrs. Derby's house is a very impressive Victorian in Oyster Bay, centerpiece of a condo development, Landmark Colony.

TR's office was in the building that Wild Honey now occupies. Top of the list makes sense for that, plus, it's right there. Hope the food is good!

If you're there on Saturday or Sunday, you can also visit Billy Joel's motorcycle collection just around the corner. A very cool place.

Visiting Oyster Bay, where to get lunch?

Well, there you go. Swedish Meatballs, Lingonberries - mmm...

It's probably a good 20 minutes or so each way between Oyster Bay and the Broadway Mall, if that matters. If it doesn't, and you do go to Hicksville, just a minute or two further south on Jerusalem Avenue is Grill Junction, terrific Doner Kebab and Peruvian Rotisserie Chicken. It's just a super clean little storefront with four tables, but I and everyone I've recommended it to has loved it. Got alerted to it here on CH.

If you want to stick a little closer to Oyster Bay, I've enjoyed Messina's Market in East Norwich. Some outside tables too, if the weather is nice.

I've never been but I always seem to hear good things about Rachel's Cafe, not too far away, in Syosset.

I've also never been to Wild Honey, and haven't heard anything about it. TR had an office there when he lived at Sagamore Hill.

North Fork farm suffers crop loss after Monday’s storm

Yesterday I picked up some Apricots (delicious) and Donut Peaches (the one I had was excellent). No other peaches were on the counter though U-pick was available. I assume personnel is working on repairing the damage rather than picking.

Hmm, maybe I-pick next week...

Döner Kebab & Peruvian Chicken in Hicksville

I can't wait to go back!

I was pleasantly surprised with the proffered choice of sides as I really didn't want French Fries, though I'll bet they're good. The Spicy Potatoes were sliced just how I like in a classic Potato Salad or Home Fries, not chunks or diced. Moist and not greasy, very good.

That Peruvian Chicken he was slicing looked so good...

I mentioned I was there because I saw them on Chowhound and he told me your review is in the window. Sure enough, I checked it on my way out.

Döner Kebab & Peruvian Chicken in Hicksville

Since reading your review, I've had it in mind to definitely try. Today was the day and I want to thank you, MrPhil!

I also had the Doner Kebab. Delicious! All the components were fresh and properly assembled. Sauces great and no mess whatsoever. On the menu it said comes with French Fries, but they offered any of the other four sides on the menu also, and I chose the Spicy Potatoes. Excellent. The included drinks were name brands, cans, not fountain.

I completely agree regarding spotless, friendly and reasonable. The chicken looked fantastic and I will have to have it next time, though it will be difficult not to order the Doner Kebab again. It will be a regular lunch stop for me and I know my family and friends will love it too.

An excellent and accurate review, MrPhil and I thank you again...

North Fork Farm stand report

Bayview now has local Rhubarb and Leeks as well. Condzella has green, purple and white asparagus. Will have the white tomorrow night. They were $7. last year they were 10...

North Fork Farm stand report

I just ate and THAT'S making me hungry again!

Condzella's is just a driveway with a small house on the left and a couple of plastic greenhouses on the right leading to a barn. You can see it street view google maps on North Country Rd. They've built an addition to the left of the barn, before that it was just a refrigerator in the barn and leave your cash in the box.

North Fork Farm stand report

Wells Homestead in Aquebogue also has Asparagus. I forgot since it's been so long since I had it, last night and tonight :-)

North Fork Farm stand report

The entrance is on North Country Road not 25A, unless they changed it since Asparagus Season 2014?

North Fork Farm stand report

Bayview has had local Spinach and Asparagus for a couple of weeks now. According to The East End with Doug Geed on News12, Lyle Wells i the main grower as Coll mentioned.

Condzella also grows Asparagus, and White Asparagus. Last year the white was about double the cost of the green. Their website says they're selling since late April.

North Fork Eastern Long Island Seafood Lunch

My pleasure. Manhattan and New England Chowders are excellent as was everything else I've had there.

As Coll mentioned in another thread, the Peconic Bay Scallop season got extended to the end of April so that might be an option for you, or even packed in ice from next door to enjoy at home.

North Fork Eastern Long Island Seafood Lunch

Braun Seafood in Cutchogue has attached take out -- eat in that is very good. Small inside with some picnic tables outside.

Southold Fish Market further east has opened an eat in area but I haven't tried it yet.

Thomas's English Muffins

Mar 25, 2015
MacTAC in General Topics

Thomas's English Muffins


Mar 24, 2015
MacTAC in General Topics

Thomas's English Muffins

Then we could pick up deposit cans & bottles in PA @ .05 and take them up to Michigan to double our investment!

Mar 23, 2015
MacTAC in General Topics

New York area deli style potato salad

At least six (German style) Delis I know make their own salads. They all have the vinegar tang that to me is necessary, but I've noticed in at least four, the potato slices have gotten smaller and some also thinner. The other two, I haven't been that recently to recall. I stopped at my local favorite yesterday (probably inspired by the resurrection of this thread :-) and despite that observation, the flavor was really excellent.

I'm wondering if there is some reason places that obviously care enough to make their own salads seem to be doing this.

Mar 21, 2015
MacTAC in Home Cooking

Orlando to Stuart to Miami drive

Also in Jensen Beach, a place I actually did eat at, at least three times, excellent food and good music was Crawdaddy's...

Feb 20, 2015
MacTAC in Florida

Orlando to Stuart to Miami drive

I read your post because I had spent a couple of weeks a year for a few years in Jensen Beach near Stuart. I've never eaten there but I've read very good things about Eleven Maple Street in JB.

And right after reading your post, I saw a very good review on another website of Chef Eddie's, a soul food restaurant in Orlando.

Feb 19, 2015
MacTAC in Florida

Show us your Avatar...

Just uploaded one, I'll see how it works after I hit post.

Dec 25, 2014
MacTAC in Site Talk

Product of Mexico: Hardship on Mexico's farms, a bounty for U.S. tables

Thank you for posting that. I wish I could say I was surprised :-(

Dec 07, 2014
MacTAC in Food Media & News

Woodstock,NY where to eat?

We always enjoy Joshua's Cafe. It's frequently suggested in discussions on eating in Woodstock.

I really like <fill in chain> and I look forward to returning

Me too on Popeye's and Carrabba's. I'll add Waffle House and White Castle...

Aug 25, 2014
MacTAC in Chains

Long Gone But Not Forgotten! Manhattan Memories

I always found the horizontal counters a lot easier to eat at than the vertical ones ;-)

Aug 25, 2014
MacTAC in Manhattan

Cherry Brandy - Cointreau?? Marnier?

I love Cherry Heering. Gone through a few bottles over the last few years after seeking it out about forty years after first tasting it.

This was a very interesting article from a few years ago...

Aug 23, 2014
MacTAC in Spirits

Long Island Scottish Games grub

Maybe the Scottish Lutefisk, Haggis?

Peaches are SO wonderful right now...

We're having the peaches with Vanilla Bean ice cream and Chambord, our delicious variation on Peach Melba.

Aug 10, 2014
MacTAC in Home Cooking

Goodbye Grimaldi's in New Paltz??????

The Sea Cliff/Glen Head location also recently closed.

Trip to Niagara Falls/Buffalo N.Y. what grocery items would you bring back?

Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy from Alethea's...

Jul 19, 2014
MacTAC in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

NoFo Tomatoes Are Ripe and Ready...

Thanks for the info, I got some good ones from them last season. With Davis not far away, I'll be there next week for sure...

Famous foods from your region you find tasty and delicious.

Roast Long Island Duckling

Jul 12, 2014
MacTAC in General Topics