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Forbidden City

I believe it's owned by the same people who run Best Choice on Titus. The website looks like they are renaming the Fairview restaurant as well. I think the menu is for Best Choice. I've also heard a rumor that the same family will be opening a third restaurant in Bayer's Lake at a later date.

Sep 08, 2014
moira27 in Atlantic Canada

Maine-style red dogs?

I am in Nova Scotia as well and often buy the top split buns. It's strange that you say we don't call them New England buns because that is exactly what is marked on the package. I always buy them for hot dogs and lobster rolls. For lobster rolls I butter and grill in a frying pan and for hot dogs I toast them on the BBQ. No one who has eating them with me thinks either of these ideas is new or strange.

Your Favorite McDonald item(s)

Just ask for a packet of McChicken sauce. It's mayo in a packet like ketchup.

Aug 08, 2012
moira27 in Chains

Help! - Lunch tomorrow in/near Dartmouth Crossing

Glad you found somewhere that worked for you. I had heard mixed reviews. They are one of 4 across Canada. I can't figure out if they are affiliated with the Woddy's BBQ chain in the eastern US.

Jul 30, 2012
moira27 in Atlantic Canada

Help! - Lunch tomorrow in/near Dartmouth Crossing

Pretty sure fish is fresh with fresh cut fries. My husband likes their ribs when they have them. It is just counter service. I also forgot about Cucina Moderna. I haven't been there at all. Now that I have mentioned Sam's we are going for supper there.

Jul 26, 2012
moira27 in Atlantic Canada

Help! - Lunch tomorrow in/near Dartmouth Crossing

Hi, If you are just looking for a quick bite, I would recommend Sam's Express in Dartmouth Crossing for FIsh and Chips. However it's really just a fast food place. As far as American?Canadian food, Dartmouth Crossing is the home of the chain restaurant: Moxie's, Boston Pizza, Monatana's, Jack Astors, Woody's, and Swiss Chalet are what you find. The independent restaurants are either Asian or Greek.There's also a Cora's in Burnside which is two minutes from DC.

Jul 26, 2012
moira27 in Atlantic Canada

McDonald's Arctic Orange shake is back!

The Artic Orange shake has been here in Nova Scotia since the start of the summer so I don't think it's regional to Florida. It came out with the Peach Pie and Create your own MacFlurry. I just assumed it was the seasonal flavour. Finally broke down last night and bought one. YUM!

Aug 08, 2011
moira27 in Chains

best breakfast in north conway on a sunday? & north conway to portland, ME; what's good?

We were just there last week and I have to say that Peaches is the place to go for breakfast in North Conway. They are open every morning at 7 and only serve breakfast and lunch. The stuffed French toast with, what else, peaches is fabulous and the banana coconut pancakes are delicious.I also liked the crepes stuffed with apples and walnuts. we went 3 mornings in a row so I had time to try a few things. They can be quite busy but the service is generally fast and we never waited more than 10 minutes for a table. I

Aug 17, 2010
moira27 in Northern New England

Maine next weekend March 13-16

We will be heading to Maine next weekend for a little shopping and getaway. We'll be in Bangor Saturday and Monday and Portsmouth, NH on Sunday night, We'll be stopping in Freeport and Augusta on Monday. Are there any can't miss places for lunch or supper? There will be 4 adults not looking for really high end but just good food. One couple will be leaving their children at home so more adult type restaurants will be a treat, Thanks for any advice,

Mar 07, 2010
moira27 in Northern New England

Best NH Lobster Roll?

I know most people associate Lobster roll with drive-ins and take out for the most part but I had an excellent one last week in North Conway Restaurant.
It was the new Black Cap Grill in Settler's green. It was a really full roll on a proper bun with a hint of celery and just a little mayo. Lobster tastes fresh and sweet.. I had it with the sweet potato fries.
A great meal for about $14.
I was really impressed.

Best Halifax diner/breakfast

There are many. What you need to find in the Halifax area is usually a "Greek" restaurant, in other words, owned by a Greek family. One of the best was the Athens on Quinpool. They have moved to new digs and I am not hearing favourable things. Move down Quinpool to The Spartan (across from the Oxford Theatre). You will get a wonderful breakfast with Grandma behind the counter (and the awesome homefries you're looking for) and the best rice pudding. A little farther down the block is the Ardmore where they still make shakes in the metal container.
If you happen to be closer to the North end, head to Cousins on the corner of Robie and Lady Hammond. Many of us walk down from work for a homemade burger or grilled cheese at lunch.
After breakfast these places have "specials" which always include soup or juice and rice pudding or jello.

Mar 08, 2009
moira27 in Atlantic Canada

Hamachi Steak House Review - Halifax, NS

Just thought I would let you know that the original Phil's is no more. I'm not sure if they are doing some renovated but the building was gutted and the sign has been gone for months now. (I pass every day ion the way to work).
There is another F&C place on Pleasant St in Dartmoutn called John's which is also highly spoken of, my brother will vouch for the Haddock tips.
I do like Wharf Wraps as well.

Feb 02, 2009
moira27 in Atlantic Canada

Best meals I had in Dartmouth/Halifax Region

I really enjoy Jamieson's as well. As you said it doesn't seem like a place you find in a strip mall. My favourite dish is the smoked cod and potato cakes. They are divine. The one thing they could still work on are the desserts. The Bailys/soda bread ice cream is good but the bread pudding is not great.

Oct 10, 2008
moira27 in Atlantic Canada

Sydney, NS, Cake decorators edible photo frosting

HI, I can't remember if Sobey's or Superstore do these cakes but it would be the first place I'd check.
Kings Road & Highway 125
(902) 539-7657

Sobeys Sydney River Store
45 Keltic Drive
Cape Breton Shopping Plaza, Sydney River, NS
Tel: (902) 562-5110

I would also check out this site.
This is the bakery at Joe's warehouse and she makes specialty cakes. It is not inexpensive but we had her make a cake for a family reunion (lemon with lemon curd) and it was lovely. We didn't have a photo on it but gave her a photo of the house which she reproduced in icing.

Hope this helps.

Aug 18, 2008
moira27 in Atlantic Canada

Best Donair in Halifax, NS?

A place called Uncle Buck's which has a few locations in Halifax Dartmouth (local Pizza chain) has what they call a zesty chicken pita. I think it is exactly what you are looking for. Grilled chicken wrapped in a fresh pita, onion, tomato and sweet donair sauce. They sell 1/4 lb and 1/2 lb options. The chicken is spiced and sliced in strips before they stuff it in the pita. So basically a white meat donair.

Jun 27, 2008
moira27 in Atlantic Canada