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Asian noodles in Baltimore suburbs

Close to Pho Nam and, in my opinion, better pho:
Pho Pasteur, 710 N Rolling Rd
Catonsville, MD 21228

Salad bars in Columbia/Ellicott City area?

Mongolian Grill is gone; Mango Grove is in that space now. I second Jason's Deli: the salad bar is good, and every meal includes free soft serve ice cream for dessert. The salad bar isn't as big as Ruby Tuesday's, but most of what's missing are the prepared salads (which I never eat anyway). As an aside, most of the Asian buffets now include salad bars, though I've never eaten from the salad bar part and can't vouch for the quality.


There's lots of good Indian food in Columbia. I've always been partial to Mango Grove and Akbar's.

Honeybell Oranges

I've also had the Minneola tangerines (actually, I think they're tangelos), and they look and taste just like Honeybells (which I love). I've found them in H-Mart in January-February for much less than a box of Cushman's.

DC area Secret menu compilation?

How far would you consider "DC area?" Noodles Corner in Columbia (Maryland) has a second "native" menu that has spare English translations, though you often have to convince the staff that you really want it if you're not Asian (which I'm not). Noticed a secret menu was given to some Asian folks at Hunan Gate in Arlington after we'd ordered from the regular menu.

Homemade pasta, sausage, food shops in Little Italy, Baltimore

Trinacria, great Italian deli and grocery store, 100+ years old.

Northern Chinese Layered Bread

If you're describing what I think you are, the bread is called Chung Yao Bing, though often on menus it's termed Scallion Pancake. I've seen it with and without sesame seeds, and typically it's cut in wedges and dipped in a soy sauce. Is that what you mean? If so, it isn't common, but I've seen it as an appetizer on a few Chinese menus.

Mongolian Grill - Columbia, MD

What? Fogo de Chao is an expensive Brazillian steakhouse, not at all like Mongolian Grill. Reportedly MG lost its lease and the space will soon be filled by Mango Grove and Mirchi Wok, which lost their location (the two are owned by the same people) on Dobbin Road. On the MG front, some of the newer Asian buffets around include a Mongolian Grill-type station along with the usual sushi and steam table Chinese, though not as extensive as Mongolian Grill's.

Silver Spring, MD

I'd add Roger Miller, very good West African (Cameroon) food. However, I'd go in nice weather when you can eat outside; the inside isn't very inviting. Note that on two visits some menu items (different each time) were unavailable. Prices are reasonable. Mandalay, the Burmese restaurant across the street, is also good and reasonably priced, though the interior has zero charm and service can be uneven.

Roger Miller Restaurant
941 Bonifant St Ste 1, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Taquerias in Glen Burnie/AA Co?

I also ate at Plaza Garibaldi once: mushy, salty, bland. Never again.

Plaza Garibaldi
7917 Ritchie Hwy, Glen Burnie, MD 21061

Great Sage

I've eaten here twice with vegan friends. The only plus: large selection for them. The minuses: bland spicing, overpriced, amateurish service. The organic beer I tried was one of the worst beers I've ever had. Vegan friends and I can go to a Thai restaurant and get much better food for half the price.

Great Sage
5809 Clarksville Square Dr, Clarksville, MD 21029

Where can I find authentic szechuan chinese in Baltimore?

Please note, though, that the original poster asked about authentic Szechuan. Neither Grace Garden or Hunan Taste are Szechuan, though I think both are quite good. Haven't eaten at Red Pearl yet, so I can't comment.

Grace Garden
1690 Annapolis Rd, Odenton, MD

Hunan Taste
718 N Rolling Rd, Catonsville, MD 21228

Colonial Williamsburg restaurants

The best breakfast place, hands down, is Mama Steve's Pancake House. Yes, that is the name and no, I don't understand it either. We've had breakfast there several times an always left raving about the food. Service is friendly.

Dinner: Mirabella's has excellent southern Italian food, a touch pricey but very good food and excellent service. Sal's by Victor is a good place for a pizza/sub/pasta lunch, owner is friendly (and cooked for the Olympics one year; he has some stories). Peking Restaurant is the best Asian buffet I've ever seen. I normally am not a big fan of Chinese buffets, but this place has Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Mongolian food, and it is very fresh and good quality. The place is very popular and is PACKED. A friend has a time-share within walking distance of it, and we've eaten there several times.

Apr 04, 2010
DSattler in Mid-Atlantic

Teppanyaki Grill & Supreme Buffet, Halethorpe, MD

Our family ate there last night, and it was okay, not great. The place was packed, with a 10-15 minute wait for tables. Service was good, table clearing was fast, drink refills were frequent. More American food than most (pizza, onion rings, even ham sliced off the bone). Big peel 'n eat shrimp. Hibachi grill, which was similar to a Mongolian grill (chicken was tender, beef was a little tough). Downside: no sauces for patrons; you tell the chef how spicy you want it. Sushi was the typical "all you can eat" quality, decent selection, fresh. Soups were decent, entree type foods were hit and miss. Dessert selection was more extensive than most, with 6-8 tubs of "scoop your own" ice cream, which was better than the usual 1-2 flavors of soft serve Chinese buffets generally have, Price was $8.99 for adults for dinner, which was reasonable. (Plus beverage, of course.) Larger selection than most. This is fairly close to our house, so I was hoping it was the Asian buffet of my dreams. Sadly, it was not.

A find equal to Grace Garden?

At Grace Garden I've had tofu stuffed with shrimp, which was superb, and a couple of others that were also great, but I can't recall what they were. Jellyfish, maybe?

A find equal to Grace Garden?

It was a stir fried vegetable dish (can't recall the name) with several vegetables and whole cloves of garlic. Surprisingly it had a few bits of chicken in it, which were not listed in the brief menu description.

A find equal to Grace Garden?

I just tried Hunan Taste, a new (opened last week) restaurant in Catonsville in the same strip center as H Mart. Large traditional Hunan menu and, except for us, all Chinese clientele the night we were there. There is a two-page sheet of Americanized Chinese food — sweet and sour, General Tso's, etc. — but all of the rest is the real deal, including ox. I was with unadventurous eaters (my wife and two of our children) so I was the only one who ordered off of the traditional menu, but my dish was as authentic as Grace Gardens (albeit Hunan rather than Cantonese).

More of a restaurant and less homey and friendly than Grace Garden, but it is in a much less sketchy neighborhood. I'll go back next week with friends who'll order off the traditional menu, and we'll see. Right now I'm pretty excited.

Hope to hear some other opinions soon.

Decent bagels in Baltimore?

Bagel Bin was good when it started, but the original owner sold it a few years ago and the quality of the bagels (in my opinion) went down. Friends of mine who live in Howard County say the same thing. Too bad, because I'm in Howard County a couple of times a week for work purposes, and Bagel Bin is very convenient.

Decent bagels in Baltimore?

I grew up in the New York area, and Goldberg's is the closest to a New York bagel that I've found here. And the service is sometimes surly, too, which adds to the authenticity. The bialys, however, are lousy.