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Suggestions on where to have lunch near the Rose Bowl in Pasadena?

Thanks pdn2. How near or far is it? Can you walk there from the parking lot?

Jun 12, 2009
sliim in Los Angeles Area

Suggestions on where to have lunch near the Rose Bowl in Pasadena?

Going to the flea market this Sunday. Any suggestions on where to eat?

Jun 12, 2009
sliim in Los Angeles Area

6 lunches and 7 dinners SD

Friends were in town last week and we went to the restaurant at Se right next to the House of Blues. It was amazing!! I highy recommendit and the desserts are amazing. Also if you want real neighborhood flavor and want to go a bit casual, Basic in the East village for drinks and pizza is great. Another choice is Cowboy Star - also in East Village. A really original steakhouse with great cocktails. Fun.
Also - for really expensive, but top of the top, is Addison's at the Grand Del Mar.

Mar 05, 2009
sliim in San Diego

Rao's Cookbook

I know this thread is old, but I must say, I have eaten at Rao's twice and it was a profound eating experience both times. I don't know if Frankie still comes over to your table anymore, sits down with you and takes your order (or should I say - tells you what to eat) - but the food and the experience are still fresh in my mind, even though I was there over 6 or 7 years ago. Unfortunately (food wise) I now live in San Diego and miss Rao's and other great New York Italian restaurants alot!
I have made practically everything in the cookbook and I am now in the process of buying a replacement for my old and very worn one.
The meatballs are definitely the best and the roasted peppers are a must.

Jan 11, 2009
sliim in Home Cooking

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument - Southern Arizona on the Mexico Border

We drove. It's a little too far to walk to Sonoyta from Lukeville - about 2.5 miles.

Jan 07, 2009
sliim in Southwest

Any REAL Italian food in San Diego?

Second Old Trieste for that old time Italian - I moved from NY only a year and a half ago and I've pretty much given up on "authentic" Italian in SD. I really miss it. LA is the only place for the real stuff - Mozza for sure!

Jan 07, 2009
sliim in San Diego

Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument - Southern Arizona on the Mexico Border

Just in case you're camping in this magnificent, but little visited National Monument (amazing density of Saguaro and Organ Pipe cactus) and decide you want to take in the local South of the Border color, El Serape is a VERY local taco joint which is worthy of a Bordain visit.

We spent three days hiking and camping in this out-of-this-world spot over the New Year, which is only a 5 to 6-hour drive from San Diego. There is really nothing anywhere in the vicinity worth checking out as far as dining is concerned, but we thought we'd go for some authentic Mexican instead of camp food one evening. We traveled south about 10 miles from the Park to the US border town of Lukeville, or Gringo Pass as the locals call it. There was literally only one cafe, a place to buy Mexican auto insurance and a supermarket so we asked a local where to get the best food in Sonoyta, the town on the opposite side of the border. She said to go to El Serape which serves only two items: Carne Asada tacos and Adobado tacos. This is authentic "street" food - no atmosphere, no heat, no windows, no dessert. But it is authentic, satisfying and a real slice of Mexican people's food.

Jan 05, 2009
sliim in Southwest

Becco or Trattoria Trecolori?

I was looking for a place i haven't tried in the theater district, so the recommendation of Trecolori is exactly what we were looking for. I have a reservation for pre-theater this coming Saturday evening. My 27-year old food snob of a daughter and I are looking forward to it. I'll report back
Thanks to all.

Jul 15, 2008
sliim in Manhattan

Is thIs the end of the White Lily Flour as we know it?-NYT

Does anyone know where you can order original White Lily?

Jun 25, 2008
sliim in General Topics

Can someone answer this simple wine question?

I can't tell you when or how it go started, but generally it is appropriate for the person ordering the wine to taste it before the bottle is poured out. I have hand numerous expericnece with corked wine, wine that is effervescent that shouldn't be, etc. A good restarant will be courteous about a refused bottle and if there is a sommelier that helps. The reason wine is tasted and not vodka or beer is that wine is sensitive to age, light and temperature. If it has been stored improperly you can have bad wine. This rarely happens with alcohol like beer and spirits as they are not sensitive to these conditions and mainly because they don't sit for years before being consumed.

Jun 21, 2008
sliim in Wine