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Matzo ball soup (aka: I'm homesick)

I've been reading about Barry's, NE Soup Factory, Zaftig's and the like, but I need to know: where can I find the best matzo ball soup?

The denser the matzo balls the better. Really. I can't stand the fluffy ones. I prefer to have to cut them with my spoon with such force that I risk tipping the bowl. The broth should be hearty, hopefully made with chunky vegetables.

I live near Newton Centre, but I've got a car. Please help.

Mar 27, 2009
asiege2 in Greater Boston Area

Matthew's on Eastern Ave

The servers aren't particularly shy about flipping their tables, either -- so it's probably not quite as bad as it looks.

Mylos in Greektown

I used to live up the street and ended up there all the time. It's generally really good, if a tad inconsistent here and there. However, when even the pasta is made by hand you can't expect perfection every time. Things came out a little under temp a few times though (not meat temp, more like sides that had started to cool). I never had anything awful, and if something comes out and isn't quite right or wasn't what you expected, they almost demand that you allow them to remake it (even if it was your fault).

Meat dishes are usually awesome (tender, perfectly cooked pork and chicken in the gyros), and the kontosouvli is amazing when they've got it. I'm living out of town for now, but on occasion I still crave the moussaka. My dad came along once, and ordered the dolmadakia for an appetizer. He ended up ordering them for desert, too. (A tad gluttonous maybe, but not the point.)

While I haven't been there in almost a year, I remember being really surprised by how expensive some of the dishes were. (If you'll make me a grilled cheese for like $3 how can a chicken breast be almost $20?) Others were perfectly reasonable, if not cheap. A little random there... hopefully they've changed that.

Ambiance is a non-issue here unless you're a blue-collar Greek guy that grew up with the other blue-collar Greek guys that hang out there. That said, the regulars (fixtures, more like) were all perfectly nice and while the wife might not be up for a game of pool, you won't have to worry about her when you go to the bathroom.

When I used to go, maybe around 7:00pm, there might be another table or two and someone at the bar. Not sure if that's still the deal, but if you call they'll tell you.

New to Newton/Watertown

I've just moved up to the area and am looking for food food and more food.

So far I've found:

Johnny's Luncheonette (love the cornbread french toast)
Jumbo Seafood (food was eh, service terrible)
New Ginza (I think I love this place, the gyoza was amazing and the aioli for the calamari divine)
Crown Cafe (tasty no frills pancakes, and cheap)

(Also stopped by Boloco and a bar & grill chain in Natick. Boloco I would do again although it was just average, the other place no -- I think it was Joe's American, but I'm not sure.)

Where else should I go? Although my palette would like Lumiere my wallet would much prefer frozen pizza or something of the sort. So... I compromise and try to eat out on a budget. Hole in the wall type places are perfectly acceptable and maybe even preferred so long as they are tidy. Definitely looking for something within 5 or 10 minutes of that ridiculous circle/rectangle at Centre and the Mass Pike.

I really like Latin cuisine, although not so much Spanish -- Cuban and Mexican place high. So does Korean. I'm not familiar with Brazilian food at all, but would love to know a good place to try it out (seems to be a decent Brazilian population here). Italian is always good, Chinese and Japanese fine, pizza, subs... whatever is out there as long as it's good!

Aug 23, 2007
asiege2 in Greater Boston Area

Mt. Washington or thereabouts (again)

Oooh... I think Mari Luna or S'ghetti Eddie's! I've been trying to get to Mari Luna since it opened and this might be my chance.


Mt. Washington or thereabouts (again)

Sorry for all the confusion, but I'm talking about Mt. Washington in Baltimore. (That's why I posted it on this board.)

I'm afraid that Petit Louis is a little on the expensive side for this event -- something that offers options at or below the $10 mark might be more appropriate. But thank you for the suggestion!

Even a burger would be fine, but I'm a little horrified by past reviews of Mt. Washington Tavern. Has anyone been to Pepe's Pizza?

Mt. Washington or thereabouts (again)

Going out for a work-sponsored lunch tomorrow, and we need somewhere to go.

Have read terrible things here about most restaurants in the immediate vicinity, which is dissapointing.

We'd like to have food that isn't... terrible, and not too expensive as work is lousy and they're making us pay for our own.

Up to 10 minutes by car is fine (we are at the Conference Center).

Any ideas?

What should we have done?

With the exception of the flowers, I think all of your ideas sound great.

I would be very careful about sending flowers because every so often a florist will send something out that has those terrible little bugs (not fruit flies, but similar) or their eggs, which just turn into those terrible little bugs.

This has only happened to us (at the restaurant) once, but it came from a great local florist and any kind of bug is an absolute nightmare in a restaurant.

Aug 03, 2007
asiege2 in Not About Food

Sascha's in Baltimore = Terrible

Has anyone been more recently?

Try nearby!

How do you come up with all these thread ideas?

The place closest to me is a deli, which I don't do (cold cheese and/or meat has always been a pretty big turn off for me). The owner seems nice though, which makes me wish that I did. Next closest is a 'saloon' that my neighbors warned me against setting foot in when I moved to the neighborhood. So... I'm going to have to say that Zorba's is probably the closest place I should check out.

I did, however, finally visit Matthew's Pizza last week after living ~10 minutes away for the last two years. There were two very weeded (and so hideously slow) servers, but the pizza was delish!

What's the deal with Saffron?

With Chef Kim.

Baltimore Restaurant Week is Back for Second Helping

I haven't been to True (as I'd been heeding the board's advice), but I have been to Brasserie and all I can recommend is that you read this thread:

Baltimore Deep Fried Steak and Cheese

Chimichangas usually seem have rice and/or beans also, but if it's in a flour tortilla then yeah, I guess it is.

The ones at Ugly Muffin were more calzone or empanada style, if I recall correctly (they used dough instead of a tortilla). Hence my inner food snob votes anti-chimichanga on this one.

Is it ok to not tip in this situation? [moved from Manhattan board]

It doesn't matter if it's a pooled house. If one waiter is being an ass and so consistently bring in less money and not making up for it in other ways (sidework, anyone?), the other servers should complain and the bad apple should be fired.

It's total BS to say that you have to tip in order to support the rest of the house -- then the craptastic waiters just get to keep being awful without any sort of consequence?

Jul 27, 2007
asiege2 in Not About Food

What should we have done?

I feel like the cash tip/gift card offering is a little tricky. It can come off as minimizing and I, therefore, would avoid it.

As you've clearly been singing the praises here already, I like the idea of a thank you note (and one to the owner) and a bottle of wine. Or just the bottle of wine and a word to the owner on your next visit.

Jul 27, 2007
asiege2 in Not About Food

What's the deal with Saffron?

Please keep us up to date! I worked at the 'old' Saffron and so will be interested to see how it goes (I'll be in Boston though, so spying will be more difficult).

Baltimore Deep Fried Steak and Cheese

It's on Cranbrook in Cockeysville. My sister used to work at Patrick's (?) in the same shopping center and once in a while I would sneak over to the Ugly Muffin to get a deep fried steak and cheese thing. Grosses me out just thinking about it but I remember them being disgustingly good.

Baltimore Sunday Brunch [Moved from Mid-Atlantic board]

I like Midtown Yacht Club for a very Baltimore kind of brunch. Read some reviews if you've never been there; despite the name it's a tex-mexy kind of bar that also serves pub food (and lots of peanuts) and has a nautical theme. Just schizophrenic enough to really feel like home.

Coffee (for Sunday brunch, at least) is nice and strong and poured at the table from a press.

Places for Sangria in Baltimore?

I had the [red] sangria at Arcos a few times and it was delish! A tad sweet, light with ice cold pieces of apple and not too much citrus -- it was to die for.

I went back with a date a few months later and they were using a hearty, dry and thoroughly tannic wine and leaving out the sparkly part (ginger ale?). Terrible!

I'm hoping they've come to their senses and gone back, but I haven't been in a few months.

Baltimore's best and especially good Chefs.

Right now the plan seems to be finding a new chef as opposed to selling.

worst french food in baltimore

I recently visited as well, and had what should have been the pleasure of indulging in 6 or 7 courses on someone else's dime.

We had the pate, steak frites, roasted chicken, escargots, mussels, three desserts and maybe something else in there that clearly wasn't memorable. The night's winner... definitely a toss up between the bread and the wine.

Absolutely disappointing. Our chicken wasn't tough, but the hangar was supposed to be medium and came out mid-well at its rarest point. Snails and mussels didn't even manage to soak up the taste of their thin, unremarkable sauces. Absolutely *nothing* came out properly seasoned. Edible food at the level of uninspired mediocrity.

Apple dessert was disgustingly sweet, baked alaska was the only enjoyable dish of the evening (only after we discovered the bit of ice cream beneath the meringue), and I can't even remember which dessert was our third.

Had you not mentioned the onion soup, which we didn't have, I might have thought you were one of my dining companions.

finally! that little Peruvian place on Lombard & Ann!

It's actually chicha, not chichi.

Please don't ask for chichi morada. At least not in front of the owner's kids -- I don't know about Peru specifically, but it's pretty vulgar in Ecuador (which is neighboring).

Sugar-free birthday cake on the fly?

I ended up getting a sugar-free apple pie from DDP (he likes those, who knew?).

I'll definitely look into Giant and Baskin Robbins for father's day though. Thanks!

Sugar-free birthday cake on the fly?

Being the bad daughter that I am I have completely neglected the fact that no one has planned the cake part of my father's upcoming 50th birthday (this Monday). It took a call from Auntie in LA to remind me.

Anyway, dad's diabetic so sugar free is in order. I have tried:

Patisserie Poupon
Balto. Cupcake Co.
Dangerously Delicious Pies

DDP can do a few things sugar free, but everyone else was a no. Dad's picky though, and not terribly fond of anything they can offer (fruit pies, pumpkin and sweet potato).

Any ideas?

Lunch recs near White Marsh/Belair

Thanks for the recommendations, will take the suggestions to the family and see what comes of it!

Lunch recs near White Marsh/Belair

Looking for a nice but not too expensive place to take 15-20 people for an engagement party. Would like to do brunch or lunch to keep the price down, but would like it to be decent.

Run of the mill American cuisine is fine, but something more than grilled cheese and fried chicken is called for.

Any ideas?

need suggestions for after Walters Museum Baltimore

Psst... Calvert, not Charles.

Is it ever okay to be moved in the middle of a meal?

Short of natural disaster or medical emergency it's inexcusable.

Dec 01, 2006
asiege2 in Not About Food

How many fellow Chowhounders are or have been in the biz?

Entering my sixth year as a server. Have taken time off here and there for 'real' jobs (hmph!) but keep getting sucked back in.

I like taking cash home, the flexible schedule, the reinvention of identity at every table... but I think it's those dreams of being weeded all to hell that keep me coming back for more.

Nov 29, 2006
asiege2 in Not About Food

Jumbo Seafood - Pikesville

Best sesame chicken *ever*.

Okay, maybe not *ever*, but still really good. Don't think I've ever dined in, but it was our regular shabbas take out spot for a long time.