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Canucks looking for French cuisine in Hollis, New York or surrounding area

Staying with family in Hollis (Queens) New York. My husband and I want to take them out for dinner Sunday night, french cuisine, not over the top expensive, great service and intimate atmosphere. We have no idea where to start and they don't get out much....any help would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps directions to wherever would be a big help too. Many thanks for the help.

Apr 07, 2007
jackackattack in Outer Boroughs

Canucks wanting a casual fine dining experience in Manhattan

Staying in Hollis (Queens) New York for Easter Weekend. Where can 4 of us go for good food and wine, fine dining but casual no reservation necessarily needed. Any food, smaller establishment preferred....HELP!!

Apr 07, 2007
jackackattack in Manhattan

Where to eat in Hollis (Queen's) New York?

Visiting family for Easter and have no idea where to eat. They live in Queen's New York..Hollis area and we're looking for a fine dining restaurant for 4 people...reasonably priced. Any ideas? This is for tonight...sorry for the short notice but hats off to whoever can get me out of my pickle!! Thanks

Apr 07, 2007
jackackattack in Outer Boroughs

Toula's for Winterlicious

No offer of anything else..but didn't pay for my meal...just everyone elses. Hopped in a cab after and went to Amuse Bouche for some REAL food.

Winterlicious at Canoe, anyone?

Anybody eaten off the regular menu at Canoe? Any good?

Sen5es for dessert/drinks

Where is this place "Perigee"? Would love to check it out!..Tks

Need a Toronto recommendation

My favourite 2 picks would be "Silver Spoon" in Roncesvalles...great food, fabulous service..they make you feel like you've "come home" and the atmosphere is intimate and quaint. My 2nd would be in the King/Bathurst area. Amuse Bouche....french cuisine, great wine list and the hip staff are friendly not snotty.

Winterlicious extension - which restaurant?

Noce on Queen Street West is. Italian food.

Toula's for Winterlicious

I realize that Winterlicious is quickly getting a bad rap for it's horrible food and service however, I do agree that the main purpose of having Winterlicious is for restaurants to impress us all so that "returning" is the "only" option. All that being said, I'm afraid I have yet another pathetic story to tell.

My husband and I took my father and his wife out for a birthday celebration on Wednesday the 31st of January. This date is very new into the winterlicious theme. We went to Toula's, 38th floor of the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel. We all agreed, the view was spectacular....but that's where it ends. The appetizers, prroscuitto wrapped shrimp and 2 wild mushrooms in 3 tablespoons of jus were nothing to write home about. The real shocker were the mains. The portions were fine but the quality of taste was pathetic. My husband and step-mother had the salmon atop risotto. They said it tasted like the salmon was boiled in taste, no seasoning and well done. My father and I had the lamb shank. His was "good", my father's never at a loss for words when describing his food. Mine, on the other hand, was we sent it back. They brought a second plate out. Not only did this one taste burnt also, but the burnt smell wafted across the whole table so that everybody could smell it. At this point, I was so displeased, I went to the kitchen to have a word with the "CHEF?????" I went on to explain that obviously he wasn't paying attention to what was being served and that this hotel's guests did not deserve to eat such badly prepared food...he shuffled about like I was some sort of babbling idiot. I asked him to stop what he was doing and smell his shanks so he could tell for himself. He claimed he was too which point I've lost any resemblance of patience. I told him I really didn't give a shit how busy he was, just smell the food. Finally he does and agrees yes in fact the whole batch is burnt. "What shall I do?" he asks. I suggested the only thing he could do was throw it out and hope like hell it never happened again. You see, as I explained.....I am no chef, I am a cook...and never in all the years I've been cooking have I ever produced something so horrible and better yet, never would I have ever dreamed of serving that crap to my company so why should he.

Obviously, we won't EVER be going back there again but it makes me feel horrible thinking that tourists could actually be having to put up with such bad food and that it's coming out of Toronto, the place I call home. Finally, that chef should consider going back to dishwashing until he really does learn the art of being a true"CHEF"!!!! Thanks for letting me rant.

Wedding venues in the Downtown Toronto area?

My husband and I went to a wedding that was held at Casa Loma. Absolutely stunning venue and the food was amazing...filet mignon ..done to perfection...dessert was worth the extra calories too....enjoy your special day!!


It's been just over a week now that my husband and I ate at the Silver Spoon in Roncesvalles and I CAN'T stop thinking about the tuna tartar that I had. As I write this I can still "taste" every was absolutely divine. I also had the lamb chops...maybe not an original dish to order but I'm never disappointed at this restaurant. The staff are friendly and helpful and even suggested a red wine to go that I never would have ordered. It paired very well with the lamb. Next time we go, I'm definitely going in with a "surprise me" attitude and see what they come up with.

Gumbo Help

Never heard of this file powder stuff but for the record I use okra too. And I have to ask why would anyone want to use a powder ingredient when you can add a veg instead??

Aug 26, 2006
jackackattack in Home Cooking

Individual self saucing chocolate puddings, any ideas for rich, restaurant quality results ??

Epicurious is a great site yes? Whenever the foodtv site lets me down...epicurious is definitely the place to go. Do you remember the name of your chocolate molten cake recipe?? My kids love them but I've never made them from scratch before.

Aug 26, 2006
jackackattack in Home Cooking

Amuse Bouche – Disappointing

I'm so sorry to hear you didn't enjoy your meal at Amuse. My husband and I have eaten there on several occasions and have never had a bad experience. On the contrary....they went out of their way to make our evening memorable. We last went on July 25th, our wedding anniversary and they brought out an absolutely amazing dessert platter...with Happy Anniversary written in chocolate across the plate. Maybe that's a tacky thing but we thought it was sweet.

My experience as an Emeril Live audience member...

That's pretty cool....I've always wondered what going to a taping would be like....however...that being said...I would be really pissed not getting any fact...that would drive me insane...smelling all of those wonderful smells and not getting a chance to sample...booohooo.

CLAMS at home?

My Dad always used to make us Clams Casino...steam the cherrystone clams until opened. Then top with finely chopped green pepper, bacon, onions and mozzarella cheese. Place under the broil just until the cheese this day still one of my favorites!!

Aug 04, 2006
jackackattack in Home Cooking

You know you're a Chowhound when....

I hate that!!! People need to chill out about cooking good food. I am however gratefull for ja_jc...they still have us over for a home cooked meal...and it's always AWESOME!!

Aug 04, 2006
jackackattack in Not About Food

You know you're a Chowhound when....

Yep...I love that part until the cows come home and never gain a pound...maybe it's all that red wine I wash my food down seems to work for the French!!

Aug 04, 2006
jackackattack in Not About Food

You know you're a Chowhound when....

I always have to laugh when returning home from Trinidad with my husband. His family makes sure we're armed with several jars of home-made pepper sauce, kutchella and rotis. My carry-on bag weighs a ton. But the best part is...I'm so nervous that we start eating some of our goods while we're going thru customs and tell them that his Mom made this stuff for us cuz the airplane food is lousy. I always pray like hell that they don't go thru our luggage for fear of finding the 10 or so avocados that are stuffed here there and everywhere.

Aug 04, 2006
jackackattack in Not About Food

Amuse-Bouche Delights

For those of you that have not had the opportunity to check out Amuse-Bouche, I highly recommend that you do so!! Again last night, a wonderful meal and time was had by all. The food is something you won't soon forget but also just as important is the staff and chefs at this fine establishment. Sarah the Manager is as delightful as a summer breeze. Jason and Bert, resident chefs, are truly amazing with their culinary delights and their personalities. My husband and I have had the pleasure of dining at Amuse 3 or so times before but this time we were treated like family. Special attention to detail is their specialty and was reflected in every aspect of our evening. Now the only question is...when I invite them to dinner at MY can I possibly live up to such high standards??Hopefully, simply prepared and tasty food along with great wine and atmosphere will do the trick!! Check them out...10+++++

Bloom - Summerlicious

We went to Bloom as well. Loved the food, the service, the wine and the atmosphere. The couples on either side of us were great to chat with as well. All in all 2 thumbs up...great that it's in my neighbourhood and we would definitely go back again!

Where is the best Seafood Store in the west end?

Cool..thanks for the tip on Mike's Place. Love shellfish expecially and definitely lots of variety...gotta get them Omega 3's in.....thanks to all other Chowhounds as well...totally love the sight and enjoy regular folk like me being able to give an opinion on the food and restaurants in my great city!!! Cheers!

Chowhound in Today's Toronto Star

Arax sounds like a blast...where exactly is it and what kind of food do they serve?? Do you need reservations?

Suggestions for a good Indian buffet?

You must try Moti's in the Coxwell and Gerrard area. The food is cheap and fantastic. We live in the High Park area and we would definitely make the drive over to eat their food.

Niagara on the Lake --- Zees

My husband and I recently (in June) stayed at the Inn on the Twenty. The room was magnificent and we ate at "The Twenty". We did what was supposed to be a 5 course tasting menu for my birthday and we actually got the 7 course instead. Wines were paired with the food accordingly. We gave the chef full rein on the menu for the 2 of us and he surprised us with give us each something different for all 7 courses. Definitely one of the most memorable dining experiences I will ever have in my WAS that spectacular!!!

What restaurant in TO would you choose if someone else was paying?

My absolute favourite restaurant hands down has to be Amuse Bouche. The wait staff are extremely professional and helpful. The food is spectacular even though I ate things I've never heard of before. And maybe one of my favourite reasons for liking Amuse is one of the chefs...Jason...a guy from the caribbean who makes a wicked hot sauce and even gave each of us a bottle to take home and try. Great personality and very friendly and warm with the patrons. I found Bert to be a little stuffy considering all we wanted to do was praise him for his outstanding efforts. Still...we're going back again on Tuesday the 25th for what will no doubt be one more fantastic dining experience. 10+++++

Summerlicious Review - Matignon (kinda long)

You should try Boho in Roncesvalles...the service was excellent...the food fabulous and they didn't rush us out the door. We even got to chat with the chef which was awesome.

Summerlicious Reviews

My husband and I have eaten at 3 restaurants for far....Bloom in Bloor West Village....excellent, Boho in Roncesvalles...excellent again...and last night.. was ok I guess...the service absolutely stunk...wouldn't return to taste the usual menu!!!

Neiman Marcus Cookie recipe- I know the legend is a lie, but is the cookie good?

If it's too dry, then you haven't added enough chocolate bar. I've made these before and the ENTIRE batch was gone within a few hours.

Jul 19, 2006
jackackattack in Home Cooking