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Need a T.O. restaurant - cool vibe, great food, 4 can eat/drink for $400 or under

How about Forte at Richmond and University? Went last night was $400 for 4 people and that includes apps/mains/dessert or cheese for everyone, 2 bottles of wine and 4 after dinner drinks. Food was great, service was great, cool space and easy to get to on the subway. Went to Loire the night before, similar price to Forte, food wasn't as good in my opinion (it was still good, but I enjoyed Forte more) and defintiely not a "cool" atmosphere.

Greg Argent's new Resto, Forte - Review

Went here last night...the food was amazing. I had the roasted artohoke with marcona almonds and the rabbit. The rabbit was melt in your mouth, and the sauce delicious. Also had the cheese plate. Everyone else in myparty really enjoyed it as well. Much praise was heaped on the soup dumplings and the short rib dish. Prices were pretty reasonable as well ($12-14 apps, $25-30 mains). Service was also excellent.

AGA 44" Dual-Fuel ... opinions?

Hi, I am thinking about getting this rnage but am having a hard time finding any reviews. I currently have a 48" Wolf Dual Fuel (which I love) at my main home and this would be for the weekend place. Would love to hear from someone who has the AGAs range (or the 36" version of it). The cooktop seems like it will be fine in terms of power and layout, a little concerned about the small size of the oven. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated :-)

Dec 14, 2008
electra1 in Cookware

Good steakhouse that won't break the bank?

Sky Ranch is fun. Argentinian Steakhouse around Castlefield and Dufferin area. Have live music on either Friday or Saturday nights. Freindly staff and great Argentinian meats. Not fancy, but reasonably priced and fun. Definitely need reservations for weekend nights.


93 Harbord. I'm not sure that its Moroccan, but it has north African dishes including a lamb tagine, which is very good.

Blue Mountain Resort - Collingwood

It's not in the village but we had a delicious lunch at Largo in Thornbury on Saturday. I hear that they are good for dinner as well and it is more upscale than anything in the village other than Oliver & Bonacini. I would not call Kaytoo upscale, although it is fine for a family or group dining experience, not so much for a quiet dinner for two.

New Years Eve in Paris

My husband and I will be in Paris from Dec 30-Jan 6 2007/08 and were looking for a recommendation for New Years Eve. We would like something near our hotel (Hilton Arc de Triomphe) and fairly close to the Champs Elysees so we can join the crowds after dinner. Good food is a must. Places we have enjoyed in Paris before are Aux Lyonnais and Le Bastide Odeon. We don't enjoy really stuffy places like Alain Ducasse and Laurent. Someplace serving lots of chilled seafood would be really great! I understand we need to make reservations very early as thigns book up quickly, so I'd love to hear from anyone who has been to Paris at this time and has advice to offer. Thanks!

Sep 24, 2007
electra1 in France

Bringing the inside out

How about Cava at Yongs and St. Clair. Food is tapas style and pretty good. Nice for a festive occasion. Have decent selection of Spanish wines and cava too.

Need restaurant recs for King St. West

Crush and Blowfish get my vote. I'm not a big fan of Lee either.

SiSi's in Thornbury

We went to SiSis just after I posted this in March and I would have to say I was not impressed. The service was very good but the food was terrible and overpriced. I ordered "ahi tuna" which I was assured would be a thick chunk of tuna seared and served rare....not exactly, came out and was a piece about a centimetre thick and cooked grey through and through. Inedible in my opinion. I complained and they did prepared me another piece that was somewhat better, but not exactly rare either. The accompaniment was also not as was primarily salty noodles as an accompanimant which was certainly not what I was expecting given it was under the entree, not pasta section. The server was very nice and gave us a free dessert and apologized a number of times, but the food was just too disappointing. I would give it a 6 out of 10 at best and won't be hurrying to return. P.S. everybody else's food also got the "just ok" rating. The other selections were a lamb shank and the pasta of hte day which was a creamy seafood thing with those awful tiny pink "salad shrimp".

SiSi's in Thornbury

Anyone been there lately? I hear they have new owners and we are heading there this weekend and wondering what to expect.

looking for bone-in smoked pork shoulder (aka picnic ham)

i bought one back in November at Highland Farms in Mississauga (Hurontario and Eglinton area). It was delish.

Gingerbread House Kits

I was just going to post a similar question! I am looking for either a premade really, nice gingerbread house or a kit to build one. Looking for something fairly large. Any help would be appreciated.

Cava Cave-in?

I also had a wonderful experience there for my birthday about a month ago. Excellent service, loved the food (beef cheek...yum!), they gave us complementary cava (2 glasses each!) to celebrate my birthday and recommended a delicious Spanish wine with dinner. I do think, having been a there a few times, that they really shine on weeknights when they are less busy, rather than the weekends.

Chestnut Puree in Toronto

I saw some at Whole foods on the weekend. Probably not the emost inexpensive place to get it though.

Chocolate Sushi

I had a party catered by Ginger Island last Christmas and they served Chocolate sushi for dessert. It was really good and not too outrageously priced. Here is the link


I love the lemon rosemary olives that they marinate in house at All the Best at Yonge and Summerhill.

Calgary Business Dinner Restaurant

Hi there, looking for a recommendation for a restaurant in Calgary that can host about 15-20 people for a business dinner (private room preferred). Must have excellent food and great wine list. Expense account, so cost isn't a factor.


Great Indian Food in TO

George Brown College used to do one and Dish advertised one a while back where you went with the instructor to market to get ingredients and then back to dish to cook it.

Frozen Passionfruit Puree

Anyone know where I can get it mid-town or downtown?

Lunch - York U area for Roger's Cup

I'm going to the Roger's Cup at York University on Sunday and was looking for a nice place for lunch that has a decent wine list, nice decor and of course, good food. Nothing Chinese, Thai or Indian as I don't know the spice tolerance of my guests.


Charlie Trotter @ Susur

First I've heard of this. I ate at Trotter's in Chicago a year or so ago and was disappointed, but I'd be willinging to try again.

Prince Edward County - Top 3

We were there a few weeks ago and had an amazing dinner at Harvest in Picton. Great atmosphere, seasonal local ingredients, and nice service. On weekends you need a reservation as it is very popular.

Had lunch at Huff that same weekend and wasn't very impressed.

romantic resto at yonge/davisville/mt.pleasant

I like Celestin on Mt. Pleasant, near Davisville (at Manor Road maybe?)

fishmongers - whole fish

A few weeks ago I bought some branzino from Pisces (Yonge and Marlborough) that was delicious. I just went back this afternoon and got some because I was craving it. $20 for two whole fish (serviing one each for hubby and I). Did them whole on the grill and they were amazing!