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I've been to New Orleans before but stuffed myself on so much food there that I was too overwhelmed to form true opinions on the local cuisine :)

I've had Harold & Belle's, the gumbo is real good. Another honorable mention is La Louisianne, which is on Slauson and Overhill (few blocks east of the "La Cienega Freeway.")

Max's Philipino Resturaunt in Glendale

I haven't been to Salo Salo yet but my cousins on the Filipino side of the family really enjoy the place. They also took me to another place in Glendale called Davao Tuna Grill which actually serves healthy Filipino food (as opposed to all that fat and grease in most other Filipino dishes). I believe that place is on the lower level of a 2-story minimall on Central, just a half mile south of the Galleria.

Around Dodger Stadium

Eastside Market just down the hill from the Stadium. Nice italian sammiches. On Alpine at Figueroa Terrace.

Nomar Garciaparra's mom took him to Eastside Market for sandwiches before watching the games as a kid. Now look how he turned out! :)

Max's Philipino Resturaunt in Glendale

"BTW, in the lingua franca alphabet of the Philippines, there is no "F" which is why sometimes you'll see Pilipino. But most of the time you'll see Filipino...tomatoe...tomato. Happy eating."

You'll see "Filipino" or "Pilipino" but "Philipino" is always wrong.

Max's Philipino Resturaunt in Glendale

If you're Filipino, you will hate Max's in Glendale with a passion.

You will hate the lousy service.

You will hate the fact that waiter-customer arguments happen there.

You will hate the fact that this chicken is nothing to write home about, especially since you or a relative of yours can make a better one at home.

You will hate the fact that this food is greasy, nonspectacular Filipino fare, and that other establishments do a better job at it.

You will hate the fact that it resembles in no way the real Max's Chicken in the Philippines.

You will hate the fact that this place wasn't closed down years ago.

You will hate anything and evetything about Max's in Glendale.


Yeah, there's no such thing as a late-night Filipino restaurant. Most of the owners of such establishments prefer to play it safe and don't know the potential of the late-night market.

Jollibee on Vermont and Beverly is one of the US franchises of the popular Philippine fast-food chain. They're not a traditional Filipino restaurant per se, but they do have some Filipino dishes like palabok, halo-halo (shaved ice desert) and Philippine-style spaghetti (if you've ever been to a Filipino party you know what I'm talking about). They're open until 11pm which is the latest any Filipno restaurant is open.

Shrine Chow

I love MLP, I've gone there for lunch a few times and it makes me feel like I'm a traveller on vacation going to eat in another country, stumbling on a great local eatery.

Thing is, MLP is only open until 6:30pm. That might be a little too early for you.

Late Night Coffee Shops

One of my friends loves hanging out at a place called Coral Cafe in Burbank (Burbank Blvd, a couple blocks east of Hollywood Way). I think this might be ideal (well you said 20 miles...), it's lively but still mellow enough to study in. I've been there a couple times, it's pretty cool.

Much closer to Downtown is Piper's on Western and Beverly. It's also open 24. Also a mellow environment but still not dead. The food's pretty good, but some things, like the meat loaf, are pretty lousy. One of my friends *always* has the open-faced tri-tip sandwich. The place is also known for its rice pudding, which I always get when I'm there.

Zankou... ???

"It was Carter who (accurately) noted that the Zankou website doesn't list the Hollywood location. Could be any number of reasons for that."

Maybe certain members of the family aren't talking to each other :)

Zankou... ???

Do you eat it properly? I tear off a bit of the chicken, including some of the skin, place it in a pita half and coat the chicken with the garlic paste. Chicken + Pita + Garlic Paste = Crazy Delicious.

Zankou... ???

I live half a mile from the Zankou on Sunset, and if it closed there would have been a small riot.

But yeah, the site only mentions it in passing when it talks about the company history.

Maybe the Hollywood location is so popular, they need not advertise it anymore in hopes the parking situation will improve?
Sometimes when establishments are TOO popular, they actually lose business, either due to limited parking or a long wait time (which was the case with the original Palm Thai location - that's why they moved to a much larger place a few blocks west)
People tend to lose their patience and decide to spend their money elsewhere.

Review: PIONEER CHICKEN (Sunset/Fountain)

I forgot to mention that my family preferred Pioneer over KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken, as it was known back then).

Louisiana Fried Chicken (on vermont just north of the 101)

Or the fried chicken at the deli sections of Vons (Vermont & 3rd or Sunset & Virgil) or Albertson's on Hillhurst are good.

AFFORDABLE places to eat in los angeles

There's TONS of affordable eateries in Los Angeles; just avoid the westside or the gentro establishments in Silver Lake/Los Feliz/Eagle Rock

Louisiana Fried Chicken (on vermont just north of the 101)

I live in East Hollywood, very close to that "Louisiana Fried Chicken" across from LACC.

It's deceiving. It's just a sign that says "Louisiana Fried Chicken." The chicken is nothing like anything from Louisiana, nor any southern state. I felt ripped-off. Don't even bother.

They also serve Pizza and Chinese food in that establishment, but if the fried chicken isn't remotely genuine, I doubt that the pizza or chinese food would be worth it either.

Tacos in Silver Lake ?

El Gran Burrito isn't even in Silver Lake.

Review: PIONEER CHICKEN (Sunset/Fountain)

Yes this used to be a chain...there used to be a lot of them back in the day. Now I only know of two...the aforementioned East Hollywood one (next to Circuit City) and one down the street (Sunset) in the heart of Echo Park. My parents used to get this for take-out every Sudnay. I loved it but we had it too much and I got sick of it, hsha. Whoa! Now I'm having flashbacks of my youth...Pioneer chicken, fries, gizzards and cole slaw with Pepsi eaten at a Griffith Park picnic...And I'm holding my hot wax observatory souvenier in one hand.

But I hadn't had it in years, despite the fact I live nearby. yeah I remember them gizzards.

Actually I did go there a couple years ago, but I had the chicken kebab and nothing of the fried variety (sacrelige!!!)
They seem to have other stuff there like middle eastern dishes, fish fillets, burgers and sandwiches...Their menu used to look spartan, now it's a chaotic wall of various signs.

Why doesn't LA have any good Greek restaurants??

There WAS a Little Italy in Los Angeles. It's located where Chinatown is now, and back then Chinatown was located where Union Station is now. The only existing remnants of Little Italy are St. Peter's Italian parish, Eastside Deli and the San Antonio Winery. The community has since dispersed and assimilated since it was not supplimented by newer Italian immigrants.

Not having a large Greek community in Los Angeles doesn't make it any better or worse than other cities, just different. It's the same reason one can't find any decent Mexican or Thai food in New York. Just different groups, different flavors.

European immigrants though were instumental in developing the city, such as Isaac Lankershim (Germany), Col. Griffith J. Griffith (Wales) and William Mulholland (Ireland). I'm sure you're familiar with the names.

ISO mango ice cream/mousse cake for birthday

Red Ribbon's great for actual mango cakes (the baked kind) but they don't make ice cream cakes. Whenever the Filipino side of my family has parties, there's always a candle-topped Red Ribbon cake waiting for the celebrant.

SCOOPS in East Hollywood behind LA City College makes ice cream cakes and the owner, Tai, can make mango mousse ice cream, he has before. It's at 712 N. Heliotrope Drive (corner Melrose) in E-Ho; (323) 906-2649. Give him a call and tell him you found out about SCOOPS from Chowhound...he'll flip out! SCOOPS has gotten a lot of great reviews from Chowhounders lately.

"You gotta have it made!
You know that I love cake!
Finally it's time to bake a cake!" :)

Scoops on Heliotrope

I walked down to Scoops just an hour ago and had Mocha & Cookies/Brown Bread AND Pineapple & Jackfruit/Mango & Apricot sorbet (hey, tis the season...)

I keep Tai updated about the Chowhound talk and told him exactly what you said. He said that most people have a misconception of wha "gelato" is. He explains it as simply the Italian style of making ice cream, just like "dondurma" is the Turkish style of making ice cream. He also explained that true "ice cream" has 10% more fat content, which his concoctions don't have. Hope that sheds some light on your concern.

Tai also told me he was recently interviewed by NPR and will also be featured in LA City Beat in August.

fun places for teenagers

I believe the Elvis impersonator is Thai, hence his monicker "Thai Elvis" and him performing in a Thai restaurant. Besides, I don't know any Filipino person whose name is Kavee Thongpricha (Thai Elvis' real name).

Pizza near the Red Line

So what is the former Lamonica's called now?

:( :( :( :( :(

Downtown Lamonica's R.I.P.

I'm not too fond of the Westwood Lamonica's, but I guess I'll have to settle.

I go Downtown fairly often but I guess I havent been to the CBD in a long time. I am soooooo disappointed now. My friend in Phoenix who's originally from Brooklyn will be furious too once I tell him.

Pizza near the Red Line

Here's some by station:

Civic Center Station:
Pitfire Pizza (2nd and Main streets) I prefer the NoHo location but this new one just opened in DTLA.

Pershing Square station
-north entrance:
Grand Central Market - a few pizza joints in there

-south entrance:
Lamonica's NY Pizza, 518 W. 6th Street (Best Red Line pizza IMO and light-years better than the Westwood location. The Downtown Lamonica's imports the dough from NYC, the Westwood one doesn't).

Vermont/Santa Monica station:
Rocco's Pizza, 812 N. Vermont Ave (the former site of the legendary Vito's...Not as good as Vito's but judge for yourself)

Vermont/Sunset station:
Raffallo's Pizza, 4708 Fountain Avenue (at Vermont)
Palermo Italian Restaourant, 1858 N. Vermont Ave.

Hollywood/Highland station:
Miceli's, 1646 N Las Palmas Ave
Just walk down Hollywood Blvd, you'll find tons of pizza joints. Some real good and some total crap.

Universal City station:
The other Miceli's, 3655 Cahuenga Blvd W (at Lankerhshim)

North Hollywood Station:
Pitfire Pizza (Lankershim & Magnolia)

National Ice Cream Day - Where To Go?

Yeah I had the coffee and sunflower seed and was like "wow!"
The sunflower seeds are just candy-coated sunflower seeds, Tai told me they sell them at Trader Joe's. He just thought it would be interesting, it sure was.

As for parking, I hope you remember to feed the meters. Or at least go there after 6pm so you don't have to pay. He's open until 9ish anyway so there's no rush really. You do have to compete for parking with the LACC students though.

I live in the neighborhood so I don't have to worry about that stuff :)