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30th Birthday Party (beer lover)

HI Everyone,

I am also looking for a venue to host my husband's birthday party who is a beer lover.

I looked into C'est What (which sounds like it would be perfect) and Louis Cypher on the Danforth but neither place books reservations/groups for Fridays or Saturdays.

With what seems like to be an explosion in craft beer recently what would be the current suggestions of bars to host a birthday party (for approx 15-20 people) on a Friday night? I would be purchasing a bunch of apps and ideally I would like people to be able to mingle a bit.

Any help is appreciated!

The Costco Thread - new products, old favourites, interesting items

I bought this once and loved it. Haven't seen it lately at the Etobicoke location. Do you know if any of the locations are still carrying this?

Favourite LCBO Food & Drink Magazine Recipe?

I'm posting this on the Ontario board because this is a regional magazine.

I am wondering what are other Chowhounders favourite Food & Drink recipes?
I always pick up the magazine but rarely make anything.

My favourite out of the few that I have made is the: Island sweet potato salad with jerked chicken

Anyone else have any other suggestions?

Jan 21, 2013
SallyCinnamon in Home Cooking

The Costco Thread - new products, old favourites, interesting items

You could try Nutella Popsicles or fudge bars. You can google the recipe. They looked tasty.

The Costco Thread - new products, old favourites, interesting items

It is a Canadian made mozzarella de bufala. Not quite as good as the imported Italian one but is still really good and very good value at that price. $8 for a 200g ball I think?

The Costco Thread - new products, old favourites, interesting items

I looove the Marcona Almonds. It is a really good deal. They are located in of the aisles around where the chocolate bars are and the candies.

Dining in the beaches

I haven't been to Bibiche in the Beaches yet but I used to go when it was located on the Danforth. The service there was the best I ever had at a restaurant.

Olio at the Mariott?

Has anybody eaten here recently? I was thinking of bringing some clients here for a business dinner. Would it be appropriate?

Are there any other recommendation for restaurants around the airport that are non-chain and non-steakhouse?

Baking a Cake - One Pan or Two?

I have a recipe that says to pour my prepared batter into two 9" round cake pans...if I have a really deep 9" cake pan can I just pour it all in that and then cut it into two layers after. Will it still bake alright?

May 09, 2007
SallyCinnamon in Home Cooking

Red Rocket Coffee?

Went by this morning. It's a very nice spot.

Economical Restaurant Venue for Wedding

I know many variations of this question have been asked before but I am looking for a restaurant (or a cheap venue) for a cocktail wedding reception.

My details:
August Wedding
Toronto location
80 people approx
just hors d'oeuvres
not super expensive drinks
a room that does not need very many decorations

am I asking the impossible?

dinner tonight?

AND I just looked on their website they have a prix fixe Sunday to Wednesday. Two course $27, three course $32.

dinner tonight?

I agree with LJS. Cru looks cool, the food is good and any smart person would of gotten the service in tip top shape by now.


I haven't tried them but my s/o says that Wild Wings on the Danforth "has the best wings EVER!"

Gift registering...

I don't use...
a salad spinner - I just use a clean tea towel
a garlic press - I use my chefs knife
fondue pot - I took it from my parents but have yet to use it in 3 years
the butter keeper - you put it upside down into water so you have soft butter
cookie press
milk frother
citrus reamer

I love...
spring loaded tongs
stock pot
silicone spatulas - small and large
mixing bowls
my santoko knife
a bamboo cutting board that has a rim around the edge, it doubles as a serving tray

Jan 31, 2007
SallyCinnamon in Cookware

Why Winterlicious?

I've been avoiding the "licious" events because I can't eat that much food. When my SO and I go out for dinner we usually split an appatizer, each get a main, and if we are extra hungry we'll split a dessert. I find that we can go out for dinner on a normal night, order from the whole menu, not stuff myself silly, and pay about the same (not including drinks of course).

St. Lawrence Market

I love the arugula in the lower level at one of the produce places. At first I was a little weary because it is sold in a plastic zip lock bag, but it is the best!

Getting chefs to do romantic dinners at your home.

Here is a link to the Canadian Personal Chef Association. I think there are lots of chefs out there that will do that. If you do a google seach for personal chef you will get lots of websites that you can search on.

Sushi Marche review (Lesliville)

Went to Sushi Marche the other night and I hate to say this may have surpassed Japango as my favourite sushi place in Toronto. It was so so good. I had the sushi marche dinner and a spicy tuna roll. All of it was great and so fresh. I don't think I can go anywhere else for sushi take out now.

Help. Is there decent food available in Barrie, Ontario?

I went to Oscar's in September. It was the first time I visited since the renovations and I was very disappointed. The food was cooked well and tasted good but I found it to be overpriced for the portion size. I didn't like the new decor either, seemed they were trying to be too pretentious. Previously I found it to be "good value" when compared to Toronto, now I would say it is the same. It used to be more cozy feeling as well.

Hip, Artsy restaurant in Toronto?

I think that when the Drake opened it was supposed to be a place for "Artists", and it probably has the "Hip" factor too, not sure about the price point though.

toronto trip, what delicacies should i bring back?

Someone told me that you can't get butter tarts in the US. If thats true you have to bring those back.

Where can I find mini hamburger buns?

I remember seeing mini round buns at Epi Breads at Bayview and Davisville (I think). The buns are not particularly soft though and come in different flavours like olive, rosemary, etc.