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Top Long Island restaurants of 2015: Eat here now - Newsday

Boccone has a bit more inventive menu than the standard fare that I've found at Caffe Amici, Setauket Pasteria, Carnival, etc. I especially enjoy their penne melenzane, but I get it with farfalle. (They are real nice about switching pasta shapes)

New York Society Library area Recommendations?

We're going to see Meg Wolitzer and Delia Ephron at the NY Society Library on May 30 and need Chow-worthy recommendations in the area. [library is at 53 East 79th].

May 11, 2013
bliebman2 in Manhattan

Help 1st Long Island visit

From Medford you can go north on Rte 112 to Port Jefferson and find a large variety of restaurants (formal to informal). On Rte 112 in Medford (just north of Sunrise Hwy/Rte 27) is the Medford Pita House which has great kabobs and very reasonable prices.

Wendy's Red Head Coffee

Wendy's is now competing w/ McD & BK for my coffee dollars

Jun 19, 2012
bliebman2 in Chains

Kosher kitchen question from a non-kosher non-jew

Please explain the reason why the fruit must be from an orchard that is more than three years old.... Why must the tree be of a certain age? What about trees that bear fruit because of grafting?

Dec 13, 2011
bliebman2 in Kosher

New to Cast Iron Grill/Griddle -- Need Advice

Thanks for the video link. I will try out what Bobby said.

Dec 03, 2011
bliebman2 in Cookware

New to Cast Iron Grill/Griddle -- Need Advice

I just bought a Bobby Flay FN Cast Iron Grill/Griddle. I see everyone on FN cooking with them, but I've never used one. I have a gas burner stove, but know nothing about how to heat it, or even use it. Any and all suggestions and input would be appreciated.

Dec 01, 2011
bliebman2 in Cookware


I second the Shamrock Shake

Oct 19, 2011
bliebman2 in Chains

SUNY-Binghamton Reunion/Homecoming Weekend

This sounds like a wonderful suggestion. Thanks.

SUNY-Binghamton Reunion/Homecoming Weekend

I'm going back for my 30th reunion Sept 23-25, and don't know the area anymore. I did read the boards, and see that some old time places like #5 still exist, but I'd appreciate any suggestions.

TJ Peaberry Coffee

The canister says "Limited Edition" --- is this true? or is it regularly available?

Jul 04, 2011
bliebman2 in Chains

Weekend baby shower brunch/lunch/etc, in Long Island (near East Setauket)

The Fifth Season in Port Jefferson (opposite the Ferry) has an excellent brunch on Sundays. They can accommodate a private party in either their upstairs or downstairs room. We go with our family of aunts/uncles/cousins in their 70s/80s there annually and everyone finds something delicious to eat.

Fifth Season Restaurant
34 E Broadway, Port Jefferson, NY 11777

MacDonald's Shamrock Shakes returning to Canada

Ordered a Shamrock Shake last night (on Long Island, NY) --- size LARGE seemed smaller than in the past -- came in a clear cup, with domed lid and whip cream with maraschino cherry. Definitely a different presentation than last year. Still as yummy! It is a shame that it only comes round once a year... maybe McD's could offer a pumpkin shake for Halloween-Thanksgiving. (?)

Mar 05, 2011
bliebman2 in Chains

Cowboy Style Hibachi [??] -- Selden, NY

Display ad in today's Newsday: Coming Soon Nishiki Sushi Lounge (Independence Plaza, Selden) -- what is Cowboy Style Hibachi? I've never heard the term before. Anybody have any knowledge of this place?

Where to buy TAB soda in LA?

I have been a TAB [totally artificial beverage] fan since the 1960s. It's still the nutmeg taste that has me hooked. I'm on Long Island in NY, but seek out the product wherever I travel in the USA. Outside the US, TAB is not always a cola product.

Aug 22, 2010
bliebman2 in Los Angeles Area

Anything Chowish near MacArthur Airport Islip/Bohemia?

In the Islandia shopping center there is a tiny Thai restaurant that Joan Remnick of Newsday has given excellent reviews to -- I've been there, and the food is good. Since everything is made from scratch, the wait for the food can be long. I think it is called Thai Angel.
Same shopping center, there is an okay Italian restaurant with HUGE portions. Each entree comes with a descent salad.

Diner's near Islip McArthur Airport rec's

There are several diners "near" the airport. That is not a ringing endorsement for any of them. There are two on Rte 454 (Vet's Hwy), one of which is opposite the enterance into the airport, and another on the south service road called (I believe) the California Diner. There is also a Panera Bread not too far away, which is not table service, but serviceable if that will meet your needs.

5 Towns Restaurants Open Past 10 O'Clock

See ETA Burger Bar link on this Kosher board. I think it has both the hours and contact info that you seek

Jun 27, 2007
bliebman2 in Kosher

Punjabi Dhaba tasting

According to my local Indian restaurant that serves both North and South cuisines:
Chicken Tikka - Boneless chicken marinated in yogurt and freshly ground spices broiled in tandoor
Chicken Tikka Masala - Charcoal cooked chicken with special cream tomato sauce

Mar 16, 2007
bliebman2 in Greater Boston Area

Good Italian on long island is a myth!

How about Guilio Cesare?

Buckwheat (kasha) - any clue?

Ketchup was a staple to go with Kasha and bowties in my hous too

Feb 02, 2007
bliebman2 in Home Cooking

I have an emergency...

Clydes past tysons corners (outside the beltway) -- good bar, good food

Anyone tried making hash browns on a panini press?

I always make hash browns and eggs on my george foreman -- u-shape of potatoes, and land egg in the middle

Jan 29, 2007
bliebman2 in Home Cooking

I need to buy a pig (whole) -- triangle area -- recommend a source?

I understand that Compare Foods is now in the Raleigh/Durham area, and they offer whole hogs -- go to -- their advert says "we sell pigs all sizes"

Rockville Brazilian BBQ

Biggest mistake people make at Greenfields is eating too much of the salad bar, and not leaving enough room for the meats -- come as a carnivore, and you will enjoy.

Where to Eat in Anaheim area?

There is always Mr. Stox

Jan 17, 2007
bliebman2 in Los Angeles Area

Creative substitute for candied nuts in a salad

My dad was always adding dry cereal into salad. Maybe something like raisin bran or raisins and cheerios would add crunch and sweet.

Jan 16, 2007
bliebman2 in Home Cooking

Altoona / Roaring Springs, PA - Food recs?

Thank You grapevine. Had dinner at Finelli's last evening, and definitely a "super" chowhound recommendation. Everything prepared for each individual from scratch, so service was not "rapid", but it was a wonderful meal. I will definitely return the next time I am in Altoona.

Jan 11, 2007
bliebman2 in Pennsylvania

Altoona / Roaring Springs, PA - Food recs?

Business trip next week will have me going to Roaring Springs, while staying in Altoona.
Any food suggestions?

Jan 03, 2007
bliebman2 in Pennsylvania

Matzo Balls

The secret for the light matzo ball is to put in 1-2 tablespoons of plain seltzer, and then refrigerate in an airtight container for at least 20 minutes.

Nov 14, 2006
bliebman2 in Home Cooking