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Hong Kong Bistro and Homestyle Hong Kong

Homestyle Hong Kong is my newest favorite place in the ID. Excellent congee and pretty good Chinese donut. A clean place with great food, and reasonable prices... perfect for frequent congee meals just as the weather cools...

Local's Favs in Bellevue Washington?

Flo for sushi/Japanese... some of the best sashimi I've had lately.

Facing East (Taiwanese, mentioned above) is a wonderful find.

Flo Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar
1150 106th Ave NE, Bellevue, WA 98004

Facing East Taiwanese Restaurant %u6771%u4F86%u98DF%u5E9C
1075 Bellevue Way NE Ste B2, Bellevue, WA 98004

Itinerary suggestions - weekend in YVR

You are all so helpful! Thank you for the suggestions - looking forward to the trip tomorrow. We'll report back with trip notes soon.

Itinerary suggestions - weekend in YVR

Kind folks - I'm headed up to Vancouver (from Seattle) for the weekend with a friend, and am trying to put together a suggested eating itinerary. Couple questions; full itinerary below. Very open to suggestions!

- Is the Japadog stand operating outside Sutton Place?
- Any good suggestions for a Sunday early 6p-ish dinner? Considering Fuel, Gastropod, Raincity Grill...
- Decent/interesting Sunday brunch suggestions? I usually hit The Templeton but am looking to branch out. Someone mentioned Crave on this board a while back. Any good?

Tentative Itinerary:

Dim sum at Kirin or Shanghai River (Richmond)
Snacks at Japadog and/or Rodney's
Evening drinks at Chambar or Cascade Lounge, or Market at the Shangri La. Visited Salt and Boneta on the last visit (Salt is one of our favorites).
Dinner at Hapa Izakaya (Robson)

Brunch somewhere in Vancouver - need suggestions
Sunday dinner - probably an early dinner. Need help. See ideas above.

Thanks so much!

Eggnog (San Diego)

SD Hounds - I'm in SD visiting friends over the holidays... looking for the best eggnog in town. Any suggestions? Bars, restaurants, anywhere... and I'm looking for the potent kind, not the kids kind, though I can always turn the latter into the former, of course.

For reference, the last great eggnog I had was from the Waterfront Ale House in NYC.

Happy holidays!!!

Dec 26, 2008
lucky.goldstar in California

Vancouver eating trip - recs needed

After a day of epic eating, we could hardly walk, let alone drive anywhere. The group stuck around Vancouver for the night (thanks priceline!).

The next day, we hit Kirin (Richmond) for dim sum (everything good; I love their bbq pork in puff pastry, and their daan taat), and then Vij's Rangoli for dinner. Salt lassi, mango lassi... quite a lovely meal, nothing too heavy since we really didn't have that much of an appetite after Saturday.

Can't wait for the next trip! Thanks everyone for your planning help!

Vancouver eating trip - recs needed

Thanks for all the suggestions. We had a great time and visited these 8 stops:

Shanghai River - excellent XLB, beef in sesame pastry, green vegetables in tofu roll
Beard Papa - cream puff perfection in Aberdeen Centre
Japadog - excellent oroshi and terimayo dogs
Phnom Penh - butter beef carpaccio was as memorable as ever - what a dish that is. Salt and pepper fried chicken wings with Tsingtao... wonderful. I'd drive up again just for these two dishes.
Salt - highlights were the pate, cotechino, and foie gras
Boneta - bison beef carpaccio, beef tartare
Cobre - excellent duck tacos, wow! The only disappointment was the scallop ceviche; it was the worst dish of our trip, inedible to me.
Zakkushi - daikon salad (refreshing), grilled pork-wrapped asparagus, grilled squid

Thanks again for all the suggestions - can't wait to come up for another visit soon.

Vancouver eating trip - recs needed

Based on these suggestions and an hour or two combing through the excellent posts on this board, here's a tentative schedule:

Shanghai River
Beard Papa
La Cuisson for coffee
Japadog or Go Fish
Phnom Penh
Zakkushi or Kingyo or other izakaya
Cobre or Fuel
+1 very late night stop - suggestion needed, probable arrival before midnight

Questions: does anyone know opening hours for Phnom Penh on a Saturday? Last time I dropped by it was closed, iirc.

This is just a draft, so we're totally open to changes. Nine stops is probably the max we can do (we only made 8 stops last time and finished after midnight).

Tojo looked great but we have awesome sushi in Seattle. Salam Bombay also looked delicious - might make a good afternoon stop. West and C look phenomenal but I wasn't sure if we could bring a large group in for a somewhat quick stop.

I also just found VanMag's 101 Things To Taste Before You Die... way too many choices now...

Thanks so much for the suggestions!

French Toast in or around Seattle

Geraldine's has the best french toast, hands down. I seem to remember having some good plates at Cafe Campagne, but I haven't been there in ages.

Vancouver eating trip - recs needed

A group of folks who love to eat are coming from Seattle to Vancouver this weekend - the goal of the trip is to sample the fine fare of your fine city. We're looking for interesting places to eat, with fantastic food, at all points on the fancy spectrum. We need some recommendations for Saturday.

Last year, we hit 8 places in one day, to give you an idea of what we're after:

Shanghai River
Beard Papa
Chill Winston
Hapa Izakaya
Mondo Gelato
Bin 941

Places should be somewhat accessible to a party of 8 (so reservations or not-insane wait, which probably rules out Vij's... still on my to-try list...). Anything you can get in Seattle would be less interesting (so no sushi, for example). We eat a plate or two (or three) at each place, and yes, it is a marathon. But what an adventure!

Restaurants old or new... fancy or cheap... big or small... small plates or large... whatever you would recommend to folks coming by for one long day of eating.

Many thanks in advance!

HELP: Beard Papa's in Seattle? What and where?

It was OK, not comparable to ones I've had in Richmond/YVR or other cities.

The crust was somewhat heavy, and not nearly as light as it should be. The filling also seemed heavy, giving the entire puff a somewhat hockey-puckish quality. I believe there was not any sugar sprinkled on top, either. They were definitely smaller than the large size I am accustomed to eating.

Of course I'll go back, as they are (hopefully) still working out the kinks and will improve soon.

Team Building for Everyone, Not Just Foodies

I had a similar experience at another team-building exercise at Blue Ribbon perhaps one year ago. We had a great time, bonded, and learned a bit about cooking too. Their staff was professional, friendly, and amazingly patient with a group of kitchen neophytes. Recommended.

We made chicken in puff pastry with pineapple and something else... maybe it was chili... there was a lot of wine after the event... I do remember that we won the contest, though.

Bend, OR restaurants

Not really in Bend, but my favorite place to eat in that area is Terrebonne Depot. Excellent fresh food. I recommend the skirt steak/couscous entree.

Terrebonne is about 20 mile N of Bend and worth the drive.

In Bend, I go to Deschutes Brewery Pub for excellent beer and decent pub fare.

(SEA) Who serves pork belly, or even more of the pig?

The last truly great dish I ate was at Facing East in Bellevue - they serve a "burger" which is a slab of pork belly in a steamed bun. Outrageously good and highly addictive at $3-4 per.

Favorite Wine Shop?

If you like Spanish/Portuguese/South American wine, the selection and service at The Spanish Table are excellent. Both Catherine (their buyer) and their staff (Juan in particular, iirc) have recommended some terrific bottles for me in the last few years, in a wide price spectrum (low and mid-to-high).

French in Seattle?

Cremant is excellent. Order the marrow bones, you'll not be disappointed.

Also, Cafe Presse just opened at 12th and Madison. I believe it's owned by the same people who run Le Pichet but they feel very different. Great casual bar/bistro, great steak frites. Open till 2am which is so needed in this city. Service is, well, serviceable, but if that's been your concern w/Le Pichet you might want to wait a while until it's sorted out.

Cafe Presse first bite report

Had dinner here this week and was impressed - sat in the back room and enjoyed plenty of good food. Tomato/tapenade salad was a standout; the hanger steak and steak tartare both perfect. I didn't feel the need to give my standard "when I order rare, I mean rare" speech either, and it (the hanger steak) came out perfectly rare. Yum fries. Had I bought a copy of Le Monde it would have been rather close to some fond memories in Paris.

Will be going back frequently to sample the whole menu, especially for late night dining, where options in this town are so limited.

Hidden (literally) Seattle restaurant?

I believe this is the F&W article.

Two days, two nights in Vancouver

I second the rec for Salt in Gastown. A brief stop there on my last eating trip to Vancouver was a highlight. The proprietors know their goods, they love their work, and it shows.

How is the Smoking Dog Bistro in Vancouver?

I had a good experience at The Smoking Dog last fall - good food, reasonably priced, decent service. I'd go back. I seem to remember having a good steak frites and nice hearty glass of red.

Western Canada board not discoverable

... not discoverable by non-Canadians who don't know it exists, anyway.

When searching for Vancouver restaurants, I know they're not on the "Pacific NW" board, which is where I usually visit. Looking at the International boards, I read "Quebec", "Ontario", "Canada", "International", "Australia", etc... at which point I stopped reading, since it looks like the Canada boards are grouped together. But there are rather few Vancouver postings in the Canada board.

Digging for several more minutes yielded the fact there is a "Western Canada" board, which is listed between "South America" and "Italy". Not exactly where I would expect to find it.

Let me suggest that you group the international boards by geography. Maybe indent them so it's easy to figure out where you should be looking.

Here's my proposal:
Canada [group title, not a link]
- Quebec
- Ontario
- Western Canada (Vancouver/Whistler/BC, Alberta, etc)
- Canada (all other)
Asia/Pacific Rim
- Australia/NZ
- South Asia (countries x,y,z, etc)
- Japan
- China
- Greater Asia
- France
- Spain/Portugal
- Italy
- Turkey/Greece
- UK/Ireland
- [is there even an "other europe" board? where do Belgians post?]
Middle East and Africa (but what's the difference btwn "Africa" and "ME/Africa"?)
Other North American
- Caribbean
- Mexico
South America

[or maybe you have an "Other Americas" category]

Mar 16, 2007
lucky.goldstar in Site Talk

Best Burgers in Seattle

I'll second the Palace Kitchen burger - 'tis tasty indeed. My first choice, though, is the burger off the bar menu at Metropolitan Grill (in the bar, not the resto) - I believe it's Kobe beef, ground in house. I recommend a Leffe to go with, which they have on tap.

Bread Pudding in Seattle

I second the bread pudding at Boat Street. It's exceptional.

I also remember a rather good savory pudding at Crave, though I can't remember exactly what was in it. (Served with the duck, perhaps?)

Search - No sorting by date?

Please give us a way to sort search results by date. The current sort order seems unhelpful because I have no idea what you are sorting on. And if we only want to see recent posts on a particular topic or restaurant, there is no way to get that information.

You should probably add a whole bunch of sort options from your search results page. That would be helpful.

Feb 03, 2007
lucky.goldstar in Site Talk

[SEA] homesick for LA ramen!!!!

I just got home from dinner at Samurai Noodle - it's incredible. Nothing like a bowl of rich, hot broth filled with firm noodles and slices of heavenly soft pork. Highly recommended.

French Toast in Seattle

Geraldine's Counter (Columbia City) has the best French toast in Seattle. Yesterday I had a plate with peaches and maple syrup. I heard a rumour that they soak their bread overnight, which is why it's so delicious...

Beehouse teapots SEA

I've become a huge fan of the green tea at Koots, the new tea shop in Lincoln Square in Bellevue - without question the best green tea I've had in ages. Knowledgeable staff, to boot.


Breakfast in Capitol Hill - SEA

Glo's... a diner experience in all the right ways.

1621 E Olive Way at Summit

Best eggnog [sea]

Holiday season is in full swing and I'm looking for the best eggnog in Seattle. The potent kind, please, rather than the entirely different stuff you'd serve to kids.

Any restaurant or bar suggestions?

Tamarind Tree or Green Leaf?

I find the service at TT to be hit-or-miss... they have good food but I've never been personally blown away by anything there. GL has a smaller, darker, and more intimate feel to it, with some fantastic dishes: the green mango salad and banh xeo come to mind as standouts. GL is my new favorite, though I still go back to Saigon Bistro for their bun bo hue.