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Latin Dessert Recipe...

Hello, I was wondering if anyone know of an easy-to-make latin dessert recipe that they would like to share....please and thank you. Easy, yet delicious is key! Thanks for your help!

Sep 08, 2008
Foodilicious in Home Cooking

Creme Brulee

Thanks to everyone who replied!! I really appreciate all I gotta do is book a day off to go on a creme brulee spree (^_^)

Creme Brulee

Any suggestions on where to go for the best creme brulee in Toronto? Thanks for your help!

Birthday dinner...where to go in GTA?!

price range = $25-$50 per person
location = anywhere..looking for a place that is buzzing/happening..something trendy where friends can connect over good food.
group = 10 confirmed..may be more.

Thanks for your help!

Birthday dinner...where to go in GTA?!

I am trying to plan a birthday dinner for a good friend of mine. What's a good/trendy spot to host a bday dinner for a group of 25/26 yr olds? I was thinking of the new Spice Route restaurant, but i heard alot of mixed reviews about it...any suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated!

Favourite place to eat and why..

Hello, I would like to try some new restaurants within the GTA and was wondering if you can help suggest some of your all time favourite spots to eat...and it because a certain dish, the atmosphere..etc.? Thanks for your help!