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Cake Stands

Nice! I've also had great success with ebay for building my cake stand collection. They take up space, but it's easy to get creative with how to display them. The hobnail remains my favorite.

Aug 04, 2008
krockin in Features

Olive Oil Gelato Madness at Pizzaiolo

Funny, I was just there last night. Had the olive oil gelato and LOVED it. Mmm.

Mar 29, 2007
krockin in Features

cocktails in albany/el cerrito/kensington area?

Any suggestions about where to meet some friends for cocktails (and preferably at least a little bit of food) in that area? Berkeley is as far as my knowledge goes! Thanks.

Rosamunde Sausages downhill?

I could not agree more! I used to love, love, love Rosamunde sausages and a pint or 2 at the Toronado next door, but last time I went, I was soo disappointed by the new rolls. The old ones were perfect; these are mushy, soggy and messy. Sigh.

Luka's Oakland

I love Luka's. I've been to their brunch and it's excellent. It's sort of a Southern brunch. Also make a mean bloody mary and the grits are great.

Also, I've been there a million times and I've NEVER had rude service.

Farmer Joe's in Oakland

I agree on the service. While I was very excited about a lot of the items, the kid working at the meat counter were clueless. We asked for a pork butt and he looked at us blankly. We had to point out what cut it was. We also asked him about a couple of other things, and got more blank looks in return. But the checkout lady was very nice, and I have hopes!

Squash Blossoms With Squash Still Attached

I got some at the new Temescal Farmers' Market on Sunday. They lovely. $2.50 for a basket of them, I think